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  1. I do Runecrafting primarily and the two reasons I could come up with that Runecrafting and Alchemy don't have a race associated: -Runecrafting (and Alchemy) lack complexity compared to the other professions. -ACE doesn't like Runecrafters (or Alchemists) >:[ But I would love a Runecrafting race(: *cough* *cough* Elken, please. *cough* *cough* I hope for your sake for my sake that they do. I would love for you to be able to make me even better jewelry
  2. I like everything about what you said, except maybe this part. By memory do you mean how many times a character has redone their talent tree? I'm not exactly sure if that's what you mean here(: If that's what you mean, you would need to make the cost of the potion higher than the cost of 2 or 3 resets otherwise people would never pay for the second reset and would just use the potion to only have to spend 1k, instead of 10k and 10 embers. Unless you mean that you do one or the other. Either have the cost to reset OR the potion to reset, not both in the game at the same time. I definitely like both ideas though!
  3. I started playing Crowfall about 3 campaigns ago. I've never seen Hunger Shards as anything but an obstruction, I thought this was the intention of Hunger Shards as I've never known anything else. During those first two campaigns, I only destroyed hunger shards so I could farm the frozen resources around it. I have almost always immediately destroyed the sacrifice shards they drop, because they are worthless. I 100% agree with you Ble(:
  4. This is the ore I received from 3 Rune Picks worth of mining on r10 nodes with Plentiful Harvest at 5 pips. My concern is the drop rate of uncommon ore. I would expect that I would get more uncommon than rare ore. I wasn't out to get uncommon ore (else I would have gone elsewhere), but the drop curve doesn't really make sense to me. The collection average for this group is roughly 3 : 13 : 61 : 9 : 140 (legendary:epic:rare:etc...). I would expect something closer too: 3 : 10 : 30 : 70 : 110. I'm not hard set that it needs to change, but in terms of quality curve it doesn't make a lot of sense to me. The drop rate of the soul gems makes more sense. No Common or poor soul gems.
  5. I personally am always looking for: High Rolled Runecrafting Jewlery, Plate Armor that is uncommon or higher, and a Strong Confessor Book. I don't play my leather characters right now, but eventually I'd like some good leather armor. I know leather is considered "bad" right now, but I have characters that can only wear it and there aren't many good options out there. I'm not personally looking right now, but when I started I would always look for vessels, even just some cheap uncommon ones to get a little boost. I check out all the Balance Temple Vendors, the Free City Vendors, Aerynth Trader Vendors, and the Cursed City Vendors. I'm always open to check out other EK vendors if I know which EK to visit and they are open.
  6. The more I read replies and think about it, I agree, there shouldn't be a limited number of vendors per person. I like the tax/upkeep idea though(:
  7. I agree about the information part, it took me about a week to figure out how to get and setup a vendor. The information might be out there, but I can't find it. Players in game have so far have been the best source and I've started just asking first before going out online to search.
  8. Awesome, excited to buy some more jewelery(: 3/4 of my pieces are Veeshan and looking to add another necklace eventually. You are right though, people will visit below. My vendor was down there last campaign. I also check out all the vendors Everytime. But I know some players will just buy the first decent deal without looking further and managing my vendors my favorite part of the game right now. Feels upsetting to lose sales due to location. But I get that there is no way to really see that my location is the cause of that or if my prices are(:
  9. This post is being written about 20 minutes into the new campaign. Every vendor spot on the top section is taken and a lot of the bottom sections of the are taken as well (in the Free City). It's hard to tell exactly who is setting up the vendors, but roughly 7 stores have the same setup, one rune tool in the middle priced at 9k gold. This to me looks like one player has taken all those spots, this is severely unfair for anybody who can't join the game immediately. I was only about 20 minutes late to the free city and I had to take a spot at the bottom. Players should be limited to 1 vendor in the free city and 1 vendor in the temple (which only has 6 spots?). Limiting players would allow for people who can't join right away to also get a chance to sell. The Free City and Temple need more vendor slots and a lot better organization. For a city built around trade, there is no rhyme or reason for the design, Aerynth Trades (a player EK) is much more enjoyable to shop at (despite the awful connectivity issues I have on EKs) because of how easy it is to go from shop to shop and see everything in such a short time. The free city is too spread out. I play the game primarily for crafting and if I don't have a vendor it is extremely difficult to sell wares. tldr; Limit vendors per person. Reorganize the Free City.
  10. This is the description for every EK at the moment.Foreshadowing for the next campaign? If so, I am excited! I know a lot of players are tired of how much of a powerhouse Balance is, this looks like a fresh way to mix up not only the game play, but the mood of each faction.
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