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    Muffakin got a reaction from Snorbot in 5.8.6 LIVE Feedback and Bug Reports for 4/16/19   
    I've been farming a ton of wartribes and have had somewhere around 25 total combines. I've had 1 purple, 1 blue, 3 or 4 greens, and 20ish common/poor. I agree that the system is not where it should be. Even if you save up only purples or blues there is a strong chance it will combine at a lower quality which, as you stated, is not of much worth. The XP values on them are fantastic, if you could ever really take advantage of them.
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    Muffakin reacted to Andius in Log in immunity should be removed if they attack   
    Reading comprehension is fine, I just don't trust Balance to ever give anyone the truth, and here is why:


    I log out after being damaged by some spiders then log back in to the same character. I switch to my healing bar and drop a healing circle. The heals go off successfully. So does the knockdown effect I get from being an arbiter. Invulnerably persist until it times out. The damage numbers that would be there if I was taking damage say "Invulnerable" each time the spiders attack me.

    To be fair, I did multiple tests, and the one in which I did damage to an enemy actually broke my invulnerability. This video definitively disproves the claim that switching bars and using skills breaks invulnerability though.


    While initial testing seems to suggest only dealing damage breaks an invulnerability, It would take a 2nd person and an earthkeeper account to test if beaming someone does or doesn't break invulnerability. We also don't know if doing things to an allied player would break it either. So Ble may or may not be correct in saying he broke invulnerability the moment he used a beam.

    However this test does prove it exceptionally likely that some of his life tray abilities might not have broken his status, making veeshan's story very plausible given we now know the bug he described is real / he almost definitely observed it somewhere, and Ble was in his healing tray. 
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    Muffakin reacted to Gwanelle in Acheter/vendre   
    Je viens chercher ma réponse dans le forum français car mon anglais est surement trop limité pour comprendre pourquoi le jeu met tant de barrière sur le commerce .
    j'expose ma compréhension ( pas forcément correcte ) : 
    il n'y a pas de vessel "bon à tout faire" , certains sont bons en exploration/récolte , d'autre en fabrication , d'autres au combat .
    On peut s'attendre à ce que les récolteur vendent aux fabricants , que les fabricants vendent aux combattants.
    Pour que ça fonctionne il faut :
    1/ que les combattants aient une visibilité ( comme dans EVE par exemple, où d'un système donné il voient globalement l'ensemble des offres dans un rayon donné ) qui leurs permettent d'avoir le temps de faire leur activité préférée ( c'est à dire combattre ) plutot que de passer un temps non négligeable et lassant pour quelqu'un dont le but est surtout le pvp  à parcourir un à un des EK , et dans chaque EK consulter un à un des marchands ....
    2/ que combattre fasse gagner suffisamment d'or pour alimenter le commerce !  or depuis la 5.8.6 il me semble que si ni le pve , et encore moins le pvp d'ailleurs , ne permettent de gagner suffisamment d'or ( par rapport à l'usure de l'équipement conséquente des combats ) pour permettre aux combattant de se stuffer ou restuffer . Sauf à demander aux fabricants de vendre à bas prix : mais celà rendrais l'activité de pure fabricant non viable  .
    3/ Encourager la circulation d'or , car plus l'or change de main pour des achats , plus il y a l'activité artisanale est encouragée , or les limitations d'import/export encouragent les joueurs à déplacer l'or le moins souvent possible .
    En conclusion , et j'espère vraiment me tromper !! j'estime que les limitations actuelles encouragent l'auto-suffisance, elles nous encouragent :
    pour ceux qui veulent être combattants
    - soit à toucher à tout ( avoir un vessel pour le craft , un autre pour le combat ) pour s'auto fournir en équipement.
    - soit à compter sur la générosité des autres ( plus anciens de la guilde par exemple  ) 
    et pour ceux qui veulent être artisans :
    - A vendre à prix déraisonnablement bas ( ce qui rend l'activité pure d'artisans non viable à long terme ) 
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    Muffakin reacted to Arkade in Will jewellers eventually get their own crafting necklaces?   
    Yeah, I'm not understanding why some professions get bonuses and some don't. And it's not just regarding jewelry. Why are no races good at Runemaking, for example? Or Alchemy?
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    Muffakin reacted to Nebuchad in Will jewellers eventually get their own crafting necklaces?   
    I'm tired of making every other crafter more effective than me ;).  It seems ridiculous that jewellers don't get an experimentation points necklace like most other professions.  Does anyone know if we'll eventually get some love?  
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    Muffakin reacted to Arkade in AFK timer   
    Some of use actually test on test. The fact that people can't keep their EKs open is a bigger issue.
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    Muffakin reacted to GrumpyOldBulldog in There should NOT be an innate 2% chance to fail on crafting   
    Seems like I fail 1 out of every 10 crafts with that 98% success rate. 
    Changing it to a 100% Success rate for would be great and maybe then I'd only fail 1 out of every 20 times. 
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    Muffakin reacted to veeshan in Zone locking/Freezing based on population logging in   
    I think it be a good idea to temporary free/lock/disable zones based on the population logged in the game at the time.

    So for example during off peak times you may lock 2 adventure zones and 1 Seige zone (One zone for each faction) these zone will rotate each day so one faction doest get screwed over by loosing there keep in consecutive nights. During this time those zones wont generate score for camps and wont be accessible to players. Anyone in those zones as they go into the lock phase will be booted back to the temple or there a little event/timer before it happens where everything starts freezeing over and you start to slowly take dmg so everyone evacuates the zones think this is a good option for lore and what not.

    The reason for this is it balances the game a little more between peak and off peak times and it will be easier to find PvP during off peak atm there way to much ground to cover and not enough players in there to find its like literaly looking for a needle in a haystack if you want to pvp and you happen to play during off peaks times.
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    Muffakin reacted to APE in 5.8.4 LIVE Feedback and Bug Reports for 2/26/19   
    You can absolutely play solo, but the universe itself is a shared environment. Many of the game systems are designed to entice you to interact with other players.
    It isn't a solo game but I see no reason why solo or smaller guilds can't have a good time. Will they be single handedly winning campaigns? Not a chance, but winning campaigns might not be the only goal. Having fun is sort of important for some people. Not everyone wants to 2nd job a video game, play/do things they don't want but the guild needs, and be told how to play.
    The way ACE has described the economy and EKs, it seems they want players crafting/selling/trading/offering goods n services to others. If all guilds are all-inclusive, will be a pretty dead economy.
    They've said that never leaving the EKs and being a merchant could be a way to play this thing. Don't need 500 guild mates backing you up in the EK.
    Obviously Dregs will be GvG focused but doesn't mean solo or small groups couldn't have a bit of fun as well. Factions will most likely be more accessible to a wider audience and having a pre-built team comes in handy for those that don't want to be part of guild of any size.
    If there is only one way to play this game, ACE will have failed at their mission IMO.
    My concern is I've yet to see much risk v reward where being solo would ever be rewarded compared to just out gearing/numbering others. Hopefully they think up mechanics that reward taking chances and being at a disadvantage. The Bloodstone Campaign mentioned back at the start was a lot more interesting then stand in a circle.
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    Muffakin reacted to Sorrows in 5.8.4 LIVE Feedback and Bug Reports for 2/26/19   
    Yes I farmed over 100+ Embers and I'm a mix of blue and purple gear that is quite good including a recent epic Vessel. It was crafted by quite a few different people/players from different guilds such as Winterblades who to my knowledge have some of the best crafters in game. I didn't farm all the mats, I bought most of them which is how I will obtain the gear later on as well, once the full economy loop comes online.
    Sorry you seem to have a problem with my play-style, but I honestly could careless what you think or how you feel. Please don't pollute the boards with your poor attempt to flame. Also just b/c I don't want this to dissolve any further since it's a feedback thread I'm removing myself from anything that is non-feedback on this thread.
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    Muffakin reacted to Navystylz in 5.8.4 LIVE Feedback and Bug Reports for 2/26/19   
    Why do you insist it's so hard for him to find people with the skill to craft what he needs? Or be willing to charge him for creation and mats? Or tell him the mat requirements if he wants to farm it himself? If you think end game gear is purpled out, then most people aren't. If  you take it as gear to be competitive, that's not as high a bar to reach. He plays quite a bit and has been bartering from the start. 
    He has hit my guild up for some, and we are quite capable of crafting quality items. Items, I will add, we don't half-ass and try to pawn off on people that don't know better. He has a regular artisan for other needs.
    Not sure why him doing it alone has rubbed you the wrong way.
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    Muffakin reacted to Sorrows in 5.8.4 LIVE Feedback and Bug Reports for 2/26/19   
    Not to get to off topic, but your point is pretty silly to be honest. I have end game gear currently that I got solo via trading, bartering, and buying. I can still contribute to siege fights by showing up and helping to defend the walls or charge in with rest when the walls come down. The DREGS are very much designed to be a GUILD campaigns and I don't plan to play there. I do plan to be part of a FACTION which entails gives me a side that I can contribute to. I've been a solo player for pure PvP reasons in DAoC, Albion Online, and quite a few other team based PvP games and have never had issues obtaining end game gear and having a good time.
    I do get you feel the need to be part of something b/c that is how you enjoy the game and that is great, but please don't dictate to other's how the game should be played based off your single-mindedness. Granted it's harder on solo players, but I enjoy the challenge and I get it's not for everyone and that is why I don't push my personal agenda on other's. However please keep in mind that there are other play-styles and CF is very aware of this otherwise it would just be a ton of Keeps and open space for large fights with nothing else going on.
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    Muffakin reacted to Dawnstrider in REMOVE TIME TRAINING.   
    I would really like the idea of play-based skills as well. This could work within the current system too. If you harvest ore you would gain points in mining, if you use the blacksmith discipline you get points for it, etc.
    Though the current system does have a lot of benefits as well. Even people who do not have a lot of time can advance even when they are not able to play. The main issue is not being able to catch up with people that have been playing longer. I think there was post about this though. Something about them putting a system to do just that in later.
    Ultimately, I think a combination of the two would probably work out for the best. You would gain points when you play based on what you actually do in the game, then you gain passive points as well to spend on whatever you want.
    I do not really like the idea of limiting players by using the VIP function, it should be a boost, not a must have addition to the game. Which it would be if you locked out whole skill trees behind a pay-wall. It is a very dangerous game for to play especially with this whole micro-transaction controversy. 
    As for wanting to the quit the whole game over it, I would definitely wait it out. Go play on the TEST server to test out classes and look at new features. Some of the stuff they have is pretty amazing. If you need help with certain aspects of the game there are tons of people willing to help. Like me
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    Muffakin reacted to Staff in The /who command needs to go.   
    dont need to worry about spies when you play order
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    Muffakin reacted to Staff in General chat must come back   
    General chat was a blessing, talking to your friends and enemies in one place was great, no one uses lobby chat, keep faction chat but also add back general chat, there's no reason for it to have disappeared 
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    Muffakin reacted to Stubbie in Good News for Shard Hunters - Official discussion thread   
    This is how I imagine this post came about:
    Pann: Hey Blair, the players are upset about the horrid hungershard drops.
    Blair: Don't worry Pann. The players are just blithering idiots. Clearly, the real problem is that in their extreme stupidity they didn't notice the changes I made to the skill trees. They obviously didn't already train them before running around for hours fruitlessly beating down hunger crystals.
    Once trained they will realize the joy of spending hours hunting down the mythical r10 Hunger Crystals in the hopes of getting a halfway decent weapon additive. Imagine their absolute bliss when instead of getting that hungershard they have lost sleep hunting, they get a legendary sacrifice shard that is worth an astounding 1/3 of the xp you would get from the gold drop off a single r1 mob.
    All I need to do is write an article explaining to the players how utterly stupid they are and finish by telling them they should be rejoicing about this situation.
    Pann: Wow Blair, you truly are a genius.
    Blair: It is a burden I bear Pann. But I bear it for the players.
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    Muffakin reacted to Staff in Commander visibility   
    Because i'm the tankiest in my group, and i wanna bash in the skulls of my enemies with a giant banner that has a heart on it
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    Muffakin reacted to PaleOne in 5.8.4 LIVE Feedback and Bug Reports for 2/26/19   
    When in other EK’s I get a constant loading screen/ I’m in! Walk Three paces / loading screen/ walk three paces / loading screen etc
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    Muffakin reacted to Staff in War Stories - Official Discussion Thread   
    question, what is a myrmidon champion and how do i unlock that subclass
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    Muffakin reacted to PopeUrban in Tweak Drop Rates   
    Safety of node placement
    Not knowing any good crafters that can actually use blue stuff effectively.
    Tool avaliability making higher rank nodes inefficient.
    There are reasons. I don't think its so weird that you get more blue than green from an R10 node. I think its weird you get more white than green. Fully half that white ore should be green coming off an R10 IMO. If you have the ability to consistantly access and farm the highest rank nodes in the game I'd expect your "sell tier" mats to be better than the "sell tier" mats of someone that does the same with r5s.
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    Muffakin reacted to Medicaid in 5.8.5 Snap Test Feedback and Bug reports for 3/15/19   
    that has nothing to do with it
    im being serious here, quit tryin to get ur post count up
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    Muffakin reacted to Noric in Tree fight = slide show   
    Todays bane tree was a complete slide show for me. As soon as it went down *Poof* my FPS shot back up. I lag a bit in large fights but trees... forget about it, I'm lucky if my CD timers update and I dont DC. I think its in part due to the mass debuff, buff, name, guild, faction and HP icons constantly moving around. 
        Could really use a client-side option to limit the clutter. Ideally a short-cut that hides/shows selected items for large scale battles. Example - Hide non-grouped allies, faction/guild/name/buffs. Bonus points if I can select what buffs/debuffs are shown. Still hoping for a reverse HP bar too. Meaning no bar is shown at full HP, filling in as damage is done. Much easier to see a target low on HP (near full bar) vs finding a bar mostly black in a sea of red and blue. Guess the bar would need to be transparent for that to work or it would just be a mass of black bars.  
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    Muffakin got a reaction from Allinavi in Hunger Shards 5.8.4   
    I started playing Crowfall about 3 campaigns ago. I've never seen Hunger Shards as anything but an obstruction, I thought this was the intention of Hunger Shards as I've never known anything else. During those first two campaigns, I only destroyed hunger shards so I could farm the frozen resources around it. I have almost always immediately destroyed the sacrifice shards they drop, because they are worthless. I 100% agree with you Ble(:
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    Muffakin reacted to miraluna in Seasoned characters vs New Players (FAQ discussion)   
    Agree with these comments, I bought into the idea of a "flattened power curve" because I feel like it's a critical design element to grow a playerbase and maintain on-going success of an open-world PvP-focused game. Competition, character building, and custom crafted gear are not at odds with this concept if balanced correctly.
    I am not really interested in playing a  PvP game where powerful gear is based on how much money you put in (paytowin) OR how much time you put in (grindtowin). I was hoping for a game about pvp skill and map strategy, with a strong crafting economy to support - waiting to see if upcoming changes/additions will get us there.
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    Muffakin reacted to Andius in Seasoned characters vs New Players (FAQ discussion)   
    Some kind of trash armor available at level 1 would be helpful. Prominently featuring player vendors at the beachhead/in your faction's temple would help a lot too. Afterall the whole point of vendors only offering garbage armor is to put emphasis on player crafting. Why not just make player crafted armor more accessible to newbs in a manner that rewards the crafters?
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