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  1. Thank you all for the great answers and info. It helped me to understand things much better then how I seen it before. I will definitely look at the weapons and armor upgrades more now. I like guilds to but some of the other mmo's in the past left a bad taste. I'm hoping the guilds in game are as helpful as the forums here. Thanks again all for the help and info.
  2. THAT was a fantastic explanation and information. Thank you for that. It looks like it requires a lot of crafter help, and thats all fine but it becomes a problem IF it effects balance in PvP. This is where anyone that doesnt have a large guild that is actually helpful OR have lots of real life friends that play and have no life other then game time to commit to. Having an edge in battle is fine by me for people that have this amount of time and resources. I will never agree with it if gives a person an overwhelming amount of power. Someone posted a link with a white vessel stat
  3. So there isn't any way to obtain an upgrade vessel from white and so on , other then friends helping you or a guild or purchase one from a crafter correct? I seen one on a vendor for sale but the price was so high it was rediculous. Socializing with people in am MMO is what its all about but The way Vessels work in game right now, i surely do not like. Hoping some other ways to obtain them will be put in game before release. I can see special items being difficult to get or needing guild help or friends but not vessels. Not liking that part at all.
  4. New player and have been trying in game chat to get an answer to this but, no help there at all so I'm trying here. In the keymapping settings I see my E key says its Combo ., But I cannot figure out how to utilize this key or make a combo or whatever. I looked through my skills and don't see anything there that any particular skill is used in a combo. Any help would be appreciated. Still learning but sometimes the small things can be frustrating after awhile.
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