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  1. first i´m not a native speaker so pls keep this in minde I´m looking for a new Mmo and Crowfall look´s rly nice so i start to play this game download oky start oky get a Char oky and after this ..... jea what´s next ? i have no idea 😕 spawrn at a new Map have no idea what to do aftr 30 M i get the teleport to a City (look´s like the forgott to skin the City) so now i´m at the City annndddd now ähmmmm no red line no quest no story nothing so i teleport random to a other map sart mining after 10 min close the game i try to finde a guild at fraktion´s Chat but everyone ignore me so jea Sorry but i think it is better to add a little text or cutszene to say new player "Hellow Crow welchome to Crowfall u have to do this this and this" ther is nothing just spawrn random at a map i think this is rly important cuzz maby many new player get the same way like me colse the game after 1 h
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