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  1. Don't get your obsession with me Ble. I guess calling you out for your BS and ignorant opinions is being mouthy. Oh well got me to waste times on a random forum post over one of your stupid @'s. But just a tip since you still don't realise it, but not everyone's thought process is that of a whining loser as you seem to believe. We don't all have identical thought process's to you, so stop calling people out because you assume they think this way as well. Peace
  2. I don't believe thats a bug. Maybe unintended for archers to hit that hard, but that's a pretty common critical hit versus the unarmored guards vs the 3rd attack of the high tension compound bow although it is the high end damage even for it. Third hit tends to crit from 8000-9400 on my archer. the first two aimed shots have a way lower damage percentages which is why they are so much lower. 224 or 227% vs 400% damage.
  3. I guess that means no more master crafter race high elves then. Understandable change if that is the case, but I hope not
  4. Can no longer equip two necks on high elf after most recent patch. And your necks you had equipped give no stats until you unequip them and re-equip them.
  5. Just need to allow vendors to sell items for Dust or embers or valueless gold if you desire.
  6. I reported it but it wasn't added to the known bugs list so I have no idea.
  7. It doesn't just not show up in the UI, it straight up doesn't do anything at the moment. Yea, that is what is supposed to be affected.
  8. Ah I didn't really know anything about clams until last campaign. Reason we moved to order was same. We were looking for more fights and being on the lowest faction would give us more opportunities. Just didn't expect all of order to vanish shortly after joining. Lots of order had moved to chaos so we swapped from chaos to order.
  9. Your purely ego is the point, aka "know it all". It is impossible to talk to someone on even terms when they already have decided what their truth is prior to anything. It was foolish for me to join the conversation knowing the way you are on these forums in the first place. So sorry I chimed in and continue wasting my time responding further.
  10. Welp have a good one, was dumb of me to pipe in vs. the renowned know it all Jah. Have a good one.
  11. Seriously, they need to change the circle sitting to just clicking the flag to interact with it for 10 seconds or so after archers are dead or something. I'm unwilling to sit in a single one, doubt there aren't many others that feel the same way. Player vs. time ftw
  12. Because i've read your post saying that about five times already scrolling through this topic. Didn't clams migrate to you guys a few campaigns back as well (can't say for sure just heard they were order previously)? And yes a few players is massive when theirs probably only 20 active players on order or less. Hell my guild only has three players and we are the #3 guild on Order. The number two guild doesn't even have a single kill. Just saying even if its just 3/30 people, that is a massive amount percent wise. Doesn't really matter though considering our numbers regardless wit
  13. Considering how few players are playing now it doesn't take many to equal a massive percentage of drift. I don't know how big his guild is but I can easily point to the fact that Monk's guild went balance last campaign and is enough to qualify as that massive drift alone (considering all I see on order is FoE now) and dont see much chaos players. Don't really care, just tired of reading that statement over and over in this thread.
  14. Not much people around from the previous campaign making it rather boring (on order) haven't really seen anyone.
  15. As the title states, I cannot open crafting benches in my EK and a guildy is failing to do so in hers. I managed to open it when I tried instantly after starting up the EK first attempt but swapped to a different char to get some materials and can no longer open the crafting bench to craft my tools.
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