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  1. that better not be the passive skill wipe :P
  2. Hi Guys The Link : Leave your opinion Below and should i continue to do this or no.
  3. We will be staying on balance for most of the time and if you're interested to join us, feel free to do so
  4. i guess that makes us cousin...i have had this name like forever lol
  5. well unless ur deeply passive trained
  6. does anyone else feels the same as i do or its just me ? THE TITLE
  7. i wish they consider it, this will be so good specially for upcoming players to catch up and current players would be able to experiment in different fields too
  8. Well if you spend a very long time to reach the end of a tree and you don't want to play anymore in that skilled criteria it would be good to change it. I don't mean to reset it anytime but at the end of every campaign it will be good
  9. I mean Respec sorry for that to have all points but to reset the skill so we can reallocate the points in anything we want and not being stuck on one build
  10. hey moneda!!, i mean reset it from the node and not the tree..i hope you understand what am saying here?
  11. So for now what we have is we loose all inventory and storage stuff over the end of a campaign that sounds good but how about resetting the passive skill points (still retain the points but just reset the skill tree) so we are not forced to be stuck with same build or characters but rather have our own custom build for the next campaign ?
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