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  1. My Honest suggestion would be to revert back to the 5.8.6 version on LIVE and have 5.9 on TEST, since the update there has been nothing but bugs after bugs after bugs. I understand this is pre alpha etc.. but isn't the whole point of TEST servers to test the version before releasing it onto LIVE? 1. Infinite Loading Zone... bug 2. Randomly disconnecting from the game and loading back in dead and miles away from where you originally (crashed) logged out. 3. Druid spells (not sure what its called) does not heal when your target walks over it 4. Durability on all your items gets dramatically loss when you revive at a statue. 5. And many many more bugs. I am not sure if these bugs were on TEST already but if they were I don't see the point of releasing it onto LIVE in the first place, but if it wasn't on TEST then something bugged to hell when 5.8.6 on LIVE was converted to 5.9 either way I hope these major game breaking bugs can be fixed relatively quickly, I still support the game 100% and there would be no point if I didn't care about it enough to even be writing this post. in the middle of editing my EK and then when I completed it I got the infinite Loading Zone... in my EK so I had to close application restart it, and then I come back it tells me your last location was not safe, warping you to a safe place. Put me where the dragon statue is and guess what, I can't resurrect my self because there is no damn Dragon Statue or anything. its my EK. Now all my items are just sitting there... Can't even resurrect... Also another bug is when you die and resurrect at a dragon statue your durability for your armor, weapons, jewelry, saddle, etc... gets dramatically loss
  2. Anyone else experiencing some issues today with the LIVE server? When I open my inv, press esc, look into mob inv the game lags for a second/stutters, and overall the server seems to be laggy in general. Not just for me but for my friend as well. Just curious if anyone else has been experiencing this as well.
  3. Was wondering if someone who is a very experienced Titan Myrm would be able to assist me on making one, been loving the play style and just needed a mentor to lead me in the right path
  4. <DISCLAIMER> These are my suggestions, if there is already suggestions with this topic I am sorry, I am not aware or if they are already been said they are being implemented. Would be nice if we could get an inventory sorter, when you transfer items from spirit bank and other types of transfers the items don't stack if there is already a stack in there instead they will just be how they originally were <example> - I have 1 knotwood in my inv when I transfer it over to my spirit bank with a stack of 35 or so it will just go to its own slot instead of just adding itself to the already made stack to make it 36 in total. Just something for inconvenience Also to be able to craft more than 1 item at a time <example> - instead of cooking 1 meat when I have a stack of 43 I could add my own amount like...10 and it will add to the crafting time.
  5. <The IronBorn> Living in your moms basement? Quit school at 15, or got layed off. Can you survive solely on hotpockets and monster drinks? The IronBorn is looking for you. We have our own Eternal Kingdom where the guild hall and all other things are stored, crafting stations, vendors, and much more!!! UNLIMITED KNOTWOOD, SLAG, AND COBBLESTONE! Motto: What Is Dead May Never Die Description: We are ironborn. We're not subjects, we're not slaves. We do not plow the field or toil in the mine. We take what is ours. IronBorn is a reference from Game of Thrones if anyone caught the Motto and Description To join simply navigate to Crowfall homepage, Community Tab, Guilds, Search The IronBorn Our faction is Balance
  6. Was wondering if someone could advise me on making a build for a Pit Fighter Champion, haven't seen much updated guides/builds and was wondering if someone could share their opinion on a build.
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