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  1. As someone who was in the original Kickstarter for 2 packages (Amber and Gold) I have yet to 'unbundle' any of my packages. Due to RL and events unfolding in my life at this time I have not done this and wondering if these changes would affect anything within those packages? I can unbundle if need be but due to these events I've lost track of the game within the last year (unfortunately). Again, I can unbundle if there is a need but if I can go back to waiting and dealing with RL; it would be best. Many thanks again to the entire CF Team!
  2. Moo.. Just keep checking in.. Consuming info (what's out there) and playtesting when I can match times..
  3. Wow.. epic thread and I've only gone in about 20 pages but one of the first thing that came to my mind, other than this is a great system, is the cash store vessel options? Will there be vessels on cash shop? Going with the information we've had since early concept was that there should be no real difference between lootable/ingame items and market/cash shop items. If this is so, are we going to see **UBER Egyption Man 'o Gods** Vessels starting @ 1000 AC Coins or $19.99? Just asking cause I haven't seen it mentioned in this thread. Don't hate.
  4. Doh, saw no image and then read here, lol.. Other shoe? Please tell us it's a Christmas reveal?
  5. Honestly, would a death 'vitae' theory work here? By dying you lose some favor with your god and may have to repent (give up something of yourself or material value) to re-establish the good favor? Just thinking back about the hints and not many have 'death penalties' these days but in games like Asheron's Call and others, having corpse runs and working off that vitae penalty was some of the best gaming I can remember. Dropping all your gear with a limited time to get back and recover it before it decays or someone else loots your corpse. I can say without a doubt some very 'emergent play' was created with friends and guild trying to recover bodies, lol.. In fact, the best tactic's we had back then were used in corpse runs
  6. The only way to truly 'own' your enemy is to consume their soul..
  7. There we go! Finally she loaded enough I could select CF! Woot!
  8. Hmm.. I'll keep trying but you're right when I load it up it loads the majority of 'flavor' but seemingly keeps spinning for a minute or two and I don't see the proper voting 'apparatus' so I'll keep trying!
  9. I guess I'm not seeing where to vote My 43 years into this life and I fear my senses are dulling.. Please help an aging gamer?
  10. Active Deity system where boons are granted based on favor battling for your God? I mean, I was pretty sure that was talked about from the start but now can't remember Much like DAoC used to have those factional +exp, +whatever back in the day if your realm captured the artifacts..
  11. And they get destroyed at the end of the campaign so each world is different each time. As they develop the lore, the.MO s and the it's they can easily integrate the new bits into the back end arcitecture and the world's 'evolve' as the game ages. The campaign world's we first see won't be the ones we see at the end. It's also a great horizontal platform to scale up or down as needed which is great 8f you've ever gone through a server merge or consolidation.
  12. Thanks Gordon! Yeah I have been on KS Amber since early on and hadn't known the 2015 packages didn't include them. Good point to note as I work on guildmates who have yet to take the plunge! Cheers, ~Icky
  13. Had figured just wanted to be sure Having Amber myself then I'm set. Cheers, ~Icky
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