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  1. @jtoddcoleman Hey there , first of all i want to say thank you for the good Team setup so many Names of awesome Games . I hope for a awesome Game in Future A little Story to think about: I was like ..oh wow ..old Bones from SWG and UO ..this will be the next awesome Game . I read a lot of stuff about passiv skills and was thinking ..ok it can be nice ( you know SWG skill System was more than Unique) lets try it out . And than ... wtf it is like 99% of all games ..choose 1 of 3 directions ..really ? You can do better! so lets start that Game ..give it a try
  2. 1Faction is dead .. Caldera and KDS joined Order ...and nearly all Balance went to Chaos to keep Campaign balanced ... sad Story ..would be more Fun with 3 Factions ... a little spare Iron and nearly no good (Guine or Elve) Graves ...but ..we try our best to enjoy
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