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  1. @jtoddcoleman Hey there , first of all i want to say thank you for the good Team setup so many Names of awesome Games . I hope for a awesome Game in Future A little Story to think about: I was like ..oh wow ..old Bones from SWG and UO ..this will be the next awesome Game . I read a lot of stuff about passiv skills and was thinking ..ok it can be nice ( you know SWG skill System was more than Unique) lets try it out . And than ... wtf it is like 99% of all games ..choose 1 of 3 directions ..really ? You can do better! so lets start that Game ..give it a try .. lets PvP a bit .. to get lvl isnt that hard .. starter zone a few questions later arround lvl 10 i find myself "FARMING" stuff arround the Temple .. ok no problem i need Gear .. so Intermediate Gear ready ..playtime arround 2 hours .. lets go PvP .. Hard to find someone .. after i finally found a Red guess what ..i died in seconds .. i thought ..ye i lvl 10 .lets go get lvl 30 .. after asking ppl i end up at R10 Zombis ( it was pretty nice and fast lvl ..also good Gold ) but got killed a few times (a few Hours at the Weekend) i finally lvl30 Ok lets go PvP ..again long Time seeking and again dead .. ok what is the problem ... ppl tell me "FARM MATS" to get Advanced Gear .. and my Fun died .. I farmed that stuff and got my Advanced Gear .. oh well .. lets PvP and get Fun .. i dont have to say what happend next .. Dead in a few more seconds lol .. ok i speak with some ppl ..we trained a bit and what was the End .. you doing good .. get better Gear .. REALLY? FARM AGAIN ? Throne FARM Simulator ? You can do better! End of Story ... I know , it is Pre Alpha and Skills running since Month, ppl have High Skill and me and every other Noob not ...i also know you need ppl to Test Stuff but how you want to Manage pull them here ? This Game is 99% Farming , it feels like a Asia MMO ..Farm your Ass i thought ok ..ppl have High Skill buy stuff .. i just found Shops with farming Tools and a KDS Shop with white Gear with Bonus stats that make me lol Hard ..shame on this ! No good Eco to this Point . As starter you feel lost .. Bringing Rewards in that Early Stage where Noobs are nothing and there are Mega Alliances and like EU Alliances Forced Balance to be a Dead Faction to have a little Chance ... really ? You can do better! Close Live .. let ppl TEST what have to be Tested ..Rewards kill this .. i am Order on EU and i lost Fun (mostly of Farming my Ass of ) how Chaos feels ? Awesome Team and a Game that has a UBA LOT of POTENTIAL .. use it plz ! YOU CAN DO BETTER! Thank you for the look inside the Game , as i said Awesome Team and high Potential Game . My Friends and myself say goodbye for the Moment but will have a Eye the Balance Problem . Every Game has that problem ,but you are special Guys and i know you find a solution ..because.. You can do better!
  2. 1Faction is dead .. Caldera and KDS joined Order ...and nearly all Balance went to Chaos to keep Campaign balanced ... sad Story ..would be more Fun with 3 Factions ... a little spare Iron and nearly no good (Guine or Elve) Graves ...but ..we try our best to enjoy
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