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  1. Trust and believe I want the best for the game just as much as the next guy. I just want the game as it was stated. (PVP) Right now theres not even a 100% chance to get that at sieges. Changing the forts and or outposts to actually have meaning is a way to help that chance of having pvp at said spots other than just randomly roaming the world standing in circles.
  2. I might be a first time poster but thats because I try to limit myself from childish drama and banter that most forums tend to bring.
  3. Its not a matter of playing to win, when the outcome comes out to be who can stand in more circles. The game is supposed to be built around PVP so make the game about pvp and not who has the most free time in thier lives to waste on something as redundant as standing in a circle, moving to the next just to have someone come along 5 mins later and retake it. There is no point to any of the capture systems in forts, outposts right now other than points gained. Thats not PVP nor is it remotely fun other than the very slight chance you actually get some pvp out of it.
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