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  1. I used to and sometimes still play TLoPO, and they do a boss raid and treasure fleets with notifications telling us what server or areas they're gonna be in. While it wasn't pvp, it did consolidate people in one area, and loot wasn't even distributed, so it was still a competition amongst players for the rare gear. Plus it did require several people to take down so grouping was mandatory. I love raid bosses, and it's something I'd love to see in CF, but with lack of mob variety currently it'd be moot. Maybe an alpha or beta thing. I think if the reward was great enough though, it'd be something to totally fight over and help drive some conflict.
  2. I know that we're still in alpha and more is still to come, but I'd like to see some more variants of siege equipment. Stuff like ladders or ropes used for wall scaling, along with defenders being able to destroy them. Basically a scaling mechanic to put more pressure on defenders but also allow for different strategies. Granted this one would probably be harder to implement. A big idea id like to see though is more damage equipment. Stuff like Greek fire, that can maybe add a burning aoe/dot effect to enemies, cannons (last I checked gun powder is lore friendly), or battering rams which currently sit as decoration. Real life seiges usually required a lot of equipment, and I feel CF is lacking in that department still. Ultimately i think it'd add a little more to what we have now. It'd also be great if this would apply to forts as well. Historically, forts were placed strategically and needed to be defended so as to not lose necessary ground. As of now, forts all just manpower and wall teardowns, so they last an hour and get little action depending on turnout (last camp soldiers was pretty good though). Ultimately thought, it wouldn't make sense to only use manpower to defend a strategic fort in real life. I'm not saying it should be a copy paste of keep, but maybe use different tools in forts. Right now siege is pretty bland as far as tools and objectives, so adding some more might allow for different fights and add some interesting dynamic without having to change the base objectives. I think I really really really just want Greek fire tho. Watch the world burn :3c
  3. ACE hates druids don't ya know :3c I miss the push, that was really the big thing for the death ult if you had people on you. Now its like, only useful for stormcaller. Granted that's all they have.
  4. Kinda would be the same as blind though... Really for me, I hate that there was no warning or anything about visual effects in this game, so re-implementing it without any sort of heads up kinda seemed like a hooligan move. There really needs to be some sort of heads up or warning if they choose to keep these kinds of effects. Me and another were discussing how this could end up triggering something like epilepsy, which is why videos and movies are required to have warnings for graphical effects like this. Fortunately I just get a little nauseated, nothing serious.
  5. Whoever invented brownies wrapped in cookie dough you are a god and I worship the ground you walk on.

  6. *Screams in druid* Man we gotta find a way to get healers up on the boards. Sometimes when I play Earthkeeper I don't even get to pull out my death tray and hit anyone, so where's my assist for making sure everyone's eatin' my balls? Classes are niche here, and I really don't wanna learn a dps class just for a shiny. Need some healing and rez points on that leaderboard O: Or set assists to consider group participation, like how leadership buffs use a set range to activate.
  7. The dizzy distortion really needs to go. I get the idea behind the effect, but it really triggers bad motion sickness for me and I've never been bothered by visual effects before, and I'm sure it bothers other people too, considering the feedback on it during testing. I think it needs to either go, have a toggle setting, or be replaced with something like stars floating around your head or something like that. If you guys choose not to change it, then there needs to be some sort of heads up for players to understand this game has visual effects that might bother people.
  8. Druid balls are finally appearing as far as I've tested but still lack animation, they just kinda pop into existence, however archdruid blight balls still not appearing but are doing damage. Also the spark ability appears to be attacking where you're pointing finally, but there is still an extra animation that shoots off to the right side. 👍
  9. I kinda like the markers in the temple on god's reach, with the red arrow-like thingy. Only, maybe not for every building in the camp? just put one in the center. This is super unclear. 😕
  10. After the wipe, druid balls are still not appearing, but archdruid blight is doing damage properly and the balls are healing. Also the basic attack for druid is hitting, but the animation or lightning bolt is shooting off somewhere else. It also seems like you guys have also gone and added more effects to dizzy? Or maybe it's just me. Regardless, if you guys choose to keep that effect I really won't be able to play, it triggers motion sickness for me. I hate to think what it'd do to someone with epilepsy.
  11. Retesting druids and either the balls aren't showing up, aren't properly animated, or just vanish randomly. [The staff/casting animations are fine and it looks like the random light explosion above the caster is finally gone.] When orbs are cast, they just pop into existence with the orb animations missing and occasionally no sound. The only place I was able to get the balls to even appear where I was pointing was on/near a runegate parcel. [I forget what it's properly called.] If they don't appear, they're either somewhere far away or just gone. Fighting some war camps in the r-8 zone by the gate and the balls ended up in the middle of the forest nearby? Wasn't even pointing that way. For archdruid, if blight is used the balls just vanish with no explosion or blight ball animation. Couldn't quite tell if they did damage as even getting them to appear was next to impossible, much less near a target. Essence burn kills about 3 or 4x as fast as it does on live. Pretty much looks like animations and placement aren't working properly, and burn needs tweaked. EDIT: I also forgot, when using Arcane Archer on assassin, the fae wings kinda just pause when drawing a bow and it looks kinda awkward. Probably just an unfinished animation.
  12. I was really looking forward to post-siege naked fist fighting too. Now I gotta change my plans I:<
  13. Most everyone has pointed out the bugs I've seen so far so I won't repeat, but dizzy is something I'd like to stress that you either remove the effect of or change. It makes me sick every time it activates, and with as many time as dizzy can be inflicted during a pvp fight or how easy it is to get when falling, all I got for you is eugh. Please change it.
  14. Lightning bugs is nice, but it's only for stormcaller. Just move lightning bugs to be an all-subclass ability in replacement of the original sacrifice power. And yeah, the classes aren't intended for solo running, but the orbs only give 180 on a white vessel after the bonus, and rolling spirit on a int based class that relies on damage would be kinda a waste. Not too mention that they're bugged and you have to walk over them 20 times to get them to pick up.
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