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  1. A few points to make regarding gameplay: TL;DR, siege mechanics are in a place where we can try different defense timers and mechanisms, especially on forts. Buildings need more health or less resources to make. Divine favor doesn't feel as motivating as holding points, and I added some suggestions for cards. Siege mechanics could use some tweaks, especially regarding forts. With forts and keeps should really use similar mechanics where defenders can defend in a period of time (doesn't have to be trees since there isn't a tree of life), or I'd say make keeps be full hour like forts. If we're leaning towards giving smaller guilds a way to compete, then you gotta let them defend their stuff from big guys too. Owning multiple forts or keeps also makes defending take longer, or we can move defense timers to 30 minutes in. Lots of room to play with those mechanics if we plan on truly sticking to siege timers instead of instigated sieges, however, I'd hope instigated sieges is something we consider because it helps influence guild politics, which if I remember correctly, player driven politics was a point of this game. Interior buildings like respawns etc. need more health. The amount of resources and time needed to upgrade them makes it super painful to watch someone launch only a few hits at them from over the wall and take them out. I'm all for being able to wreck each other's stuff, but make that stuff a little more beefy so defenders have time to react or save it. Let siege engineer help buff building health? Divine favor just doesn't feel motivating to me, and I think it's because there's no way to track it during the season and the per member on every single card feels unnecessary, at least with the cards being how they are. What's more motivating is being able to see the top 5 guilds in term of holding points at the top and watching it dynamically change, as opposed to only seeing where people stand at the end of the season. It would also be nice if scorecards reflected the three professsions in a way? So each season one looks at harvesting (donating rarer things like soulgems, soul essence, blood, bone),crafting (crafting gear, specific items, etc.) and one looks at fighting (landless/enemies killed/skulls whatever). This can also be mixed an matched, maybe do 2 harvesting 1 fighting or 2 crafting 1 harvesting. And for harvesting and crafting set some boundaries such as blue or higher. It's easy to rack up a large amount of white and green mats, especially late game, so it would let the guild weigh between going for divine favor or using the mats for crafting. I like the idea of having choices where you have to give a little in a significant way. And I know it's easier for a larger guild to pump out more with man-power, but it still gives smaller guilds a chance to participate in core aspects of the game towards that divine favor without the unnecessary grinding. Either way you either get new mats and gear out of it or divine favor points. It's still contributing to the core goals of the guilds and promotes all three passive professions.
  2. That's what the faction campaigns are for, which exists on the live servers and will run alongside dregs. Dregs isn't intended to be a kindergarten picnic and with current siege mechanics, is not little-man friendly.
  3. This game is really becoming a chorefest with all the grinding and waiting around being added.
  4. More of a suggestion, could you guys do something other than a full-on blue filter during winter? Some of us colorblind can't see anything, especially during the night cycle.
  5. I really think druid is a class that suffers because they tried to split it into three subclasses. I don't think every class needs three.
  6. If only to make up for the fact it has 30m range. It's an easy range target for knight pulls and cycles between autos and bascially three powers. The bigger picture is this also affects the other two subclasses, and as a healer you need to be able to react fast to save people. Animation locking is a poor mechanic if it's intended to balance.
  7. As squishy as stormcaller is, I don't mind having more mobility. There's plenty of other ways to counter their dot and damage. My point still stands, if this is how they intend to "balance" it, then the class itself needs a rework.
  8. Asking to get rid of animation lock, which is also an issue for Stormcaller with aura emitter as the first animation takes up the entire cast time for the second chain, isn't really a buff. But the issue is the auto attack, you can't cast anything during that third basic to interrupt, and it does impact the playstyle of the class compared to last patch. This also applies to the other two subclasses too. I miss rescues because the third basic heal for Earthkeeper is animation locked, and takes a significant amount of time. If we're using cast animations to balance a class, then that's probably a sign that it needs power rebalancing or a rework.
  9. Here are some of my thoughts on the Druid class with 5.110 changes. TL:DR, sacrifice shouldn't be a required talent on the tree, basic attacks and left click heals need to drop faster or be cast interruptable, life ult should push people away, earthkeeper plate, and buff the Archdruid. With the update to the talent trees for classes, I think Druid could use some switching around. With more points being needed for majors and minors, I feel that some talents are placed in necessary spots they donโ€™t need to be. Looking at the talent tree for Druid, Iโ€™d start at the first โ€œtriangleโ€ of the tree, where sacrifice, bark skin, and call storm sit. I feel that sacrifice should switch spots with bark skin or Call Storm, (ideally bark skin, as itโ€™s a crucial barrier), as Sacrifice isnโ€™t entirely crucial to all three subclasses as bark skin is (as all three specs have a choice to upgrade bark skin in their talent lines). Earthkeepers and Archdruids generate their own essence, so needing to trade health for it is moot. My other suggestion would be to get rid of sacrifice all-together and just keep ritual sacrifice, 20% health for 20% essence isn't worth anything in combat, and the only class that really utilizes sacrifice needs the upgrade. Again, crunching talent points. Going into the subclasses, Stormcaller needs the druid bear to target better and the basic attack to hit faster and not be animation locked. The animation lock with the slow third basic hurts you on casting your powers. This also applies to the basic orb heal, animation locking prevents you from casting other needed powers like rescue. My thoughts on Archdruid are comparative to Frostweaver, because both use the โ€œbombโ€ mechanic. Simply put, Archdruid needs to be buffed. Archdruid is intended to use the blight mechanic for bombs, but Frostweaver does bombing significantly better and pretty much renders the Archdruid useless. Why run in on a mail class that has to be out of group when you can run in on a much more survivable class that can benefit in group? On the flip side, there is no reason to even run Archdruid as a healer either, it doesnโ€™t put out near enough to be viable, even on a small scale. For Earthkeeper, Iโ€™d just put it in plate. Itโ€™s a good healer but has nothing in itโ€™s arsenal for attacking, and with crusader being moved to plate, I think itโ€™s a way to keep it relevant now that itโ€™s also competing with the Icecaller, who can sit on a permanent stack of aoe healing. Also healing rain needs a better indicator for where it is, especially one that isnโ€™t delayed either. My final point is on the life tray ultimate. I think it should go back to pushing away your enemies how it used to, especially since fall damage has been changed. I think having it heal aoe and push enemies away is a nice complement to the death ultimate that heals you and pulls enemies on you and does damage. The push would also help if you need to use it as a last resort, so you arenโ€™t just rooted in place and getting piled on. If you die after using the life ultimate your essence is also drained so your death orb wonโ€™t do much either.
  10. The best way for me to describe discs right now is that they just feel like they boost the class, I'm not seeing anything that "changes" any of the gameplay for any classes significantly. I would like to see more discs that allow for maybe something interesting like being able to equip different weapon types, or just something that significantly alters the builds but can still be viable, rather than just healers slot this and this and tanky melee slots this and this.
  11. I think this game suffers from the idea that all classes need 3 subclasses. Some I think could do with just two specs. But that's my two cents.
  12. After starting into Archdruid, when you level up your essence shoots up to 100%, but doesn't activate essence burn (thankfully). Don't know if it does the same for Earthkeeper yet. Cleric illuminate adds essence, which can push you up into the 80% range and that will put you essence burn. Druid bear still doesn't want to go where you aim it, uneven terrain is still interfering. Terrain is also affecting rez. Swapping trays between life and death causes a white character effect. There's also a green, glowy one too, but not sure what causes it as it was on another player and they didn't see it. Fake orbs eVeRyWhErE. We could light up the map. Blight orbs also don't disappear.
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