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  1. Lightning bugs is nice, but it's only for stormcaller. Just move lightning bugs to be an all-subclass ability in replacement of the original sacrifice power. And yeah, the classes aren't intended for solo running, but the orbs only give 180 on a white vessel after the bonus, and rolling spirit on a int based class that relies on damage would be kinda a waste. Not too mention that they're bugged and you have to walk over them 20 times to get them to pick up.
  2. As for independent thought on stormcaller, when I think druid I don't think wild lightning mage. Something about the class just doesn't line up with the other two subclasses, but I can't quite put my finger on it. Maybe someone else feels the same?
  3. Staff and I have been testing stormcaller on test lately, and building on what Staff has suggested here's my take: Faerie Flames is a good power, but for use as a druid, it falls flat. Stormcaller and Archdruid don't use any form of physical damage, so reducing physical mitigations becomes rather moot. My suggestion would be to either add an upgrade option where the power can be changed to elemental mitigations or add another power for said mitigations. Granted, the latter option seems a bit op. Sacrifice just doesn't work in actual use. 20 for 20 at the lower levels typically results in death or a close call in PvE. Once it's upgraded to 8 for 20, then it's great. I say lower levels because you can upgrade it pretty quickly, but it just feels like a talent point wasted. Going back to Faerie Flames, I would give an alternate or upgraded flames the ritual sacrifice slot and just have druid start with ritual sacrifice, but change it to 10% damage for 20% essence. Lightning Burst and Wail both suffer from the same targeting issue which has already been addressed in another topic, nothing to really change on stats. The only complaint would be Lightning burst's animation. The first cast takes up about half of the time you get to make the second cast, and sometimes it bugs out and doesn't let you chain it. I would either shorten the animation or make the timer longer to account for that. Storm Avatar or any of the abilities that result in Avatar Fatigue should be reduced to 3 minutes instead of 5. Unless it's a siege, most battles don't even last 5 minutes. Nature's Grace and Electrogenesis go hand in hand in my opinion. Either Nature's Grace needs a reduced cooldown or Electrogenesis orbs need buffed and tweaked for pickup. Stormcaller feels like the real glass cannon of the game, but in a sense that once you lose that health it's a pain to get back without constantly bandaging. Leeching Seed is one that I actually don't have issues with, I usually don't use it until my enemy is a little closer to me and I've landed a few good hits anyways, but I can see where different tactics would want the distance buff. Really aside from what's been addressed, I don't see anything else wrong with the class. It's definitely viable and with a good team behind it, definitely, one to be wary of.
  4. I suppose I should've elaborated. With the "play to win" mindset, I mean there are people who give 0 f***s about testing the game and only wanna see themselves on the leaderboard and make it hard to enjoy and test the game. They're the ones not looking to test the game, they're here to be on top and come across as people who don't actually care about the state of the game. I'm well aware there are people who want to win but also contribute to getting things fixed, and anyone who's actually contributing to bringing things to Ace's attention instead of going around and being so competitive it hurts is aight in my book. Personally, I don't care either way; I like testing and I like competition. I like being on the emptier faction for more pvp and pvp testing. It's easy to play to win and test, I was mostly directing my posts towards the people who don't care for testing but then want to complain because all they have is god's reach. And no, people shouldn't be giving up. If you think it's tough now, live is only going to be an amplified version of this with way more people and competitive guilds.
  5. Nice idea and all, but I think you guys are really missing what pre-alpha testing is. The devs are pumping out content to see what works with basic gameplay mechanics, and as testers, it's our job to TEST. It's literally our job to go out and break the game any way we can find possible. This is what brings things to their attention that may have been overlooked or accidentally changed while updating or rewriting code. Asking Ace to hold our hands, yeah no. You can't expect Ace to know every single bug, they didn't place them there intentionally like a damn scavenger hunt. If you're expecting someone to guide you to bugs like a quest helper, then pre-alpha testing setting just isn't for you, which is great, but don't sit here and ask to be accommodated for. What I'm starting to see is a lot of people who are here basically looking for a live game in a testing phase. Ace shouldn't have to constantly pump out live campaigns for you all just to play while important bugs and mechanic issues don't get addressed because y'all would rather get badges than help the game get to a launch state. If you don't want to test, great. But don't complain when Ace basically begs us to test by not putting up a live campaign. TLDR; Ace ain't here to hold your hand, get on test and break the game so we can find what Ace needs to fix so we can get to launch phase sooner instead of being stuck in pre-alpha for the next 4 years while you nards fight over badges. 👍
  6. I feel you there. I think the biggest issue we have as a community is that we've got so many people with a "play to win" mindset already that they care more about winning the campaigns than getting this game out on live. It sucks but trying to reason with them is like talking to a brick wall. I personally think we should have more time between campaigns like this to get more people on test, since Ace can't actually force people to pick one way or the other. Also on the test launcher, there is a list of bug fixes to help keep track, and even then, sometimes those things aren't completely fixed yet. Essentially, if you encounter anything just document it and post it so Ace can see it. At this point, bugs are pretty much random and come up anywhere, so there's not much Ace can do to guide us towards specific things. 👍
  7. Woah there Ape, you're asking a lot of people here. /s But yeah. If you're bored on god's reach get your butts on test and make some legendary gear and go at it. Lots of powers need to be tested with the new update, and we've already found several that need serious tweaking. The more testing, the sooner we get those kinks worked out and the more likely we are to have a smoother campaign when the next one drops. :3
  8. Yeah... Passive training is essential to the game one way or another, so even with my earlier point, new players still won't be able to meet the top level that veterans are on, even if they have numbers. It's like the question of how many 10-year-olds could you take on armed with only a bat? Probably all of them. As for stuff to get new players to do, there isn't really much one can do in a pvp oriented game. Time is just something that's going to be the big barrier to passive training which will obviously weed out the impatient people. Really the big thing is leveling, getting disciplines and gold, crafting, and getting mats. Without passive training, crafting and mats aren't really going to be happening. Currently, with gold being nerfed and disciplines being so necessary, the farming would be the most beneficial until ACE gets more content, which we probably won't be seeing much of until Alpha and Beta. There's still a lot that needs to be worked on as far as gameplay mechanics go, so content for new players isn't really a big priority right now.
  9. We need to work on your guild promoting skills @Staff
  10. Nah, if we're gonna give any races another class, Centaur Rangers. Mongolians, anyone?
  11. It's not so much that new players are useless. A lot of them are really eager to pitch in and want good gear, which is great. Contribute to the guild and the guild contributes to you. What sucks is that in order for players to get up there with gathering or crafting is that they have to get through the basic passive training which usually turns into 2 whole skill sets before they can specialize. Without that specialization, it makes it really hard for newer players to get the mats needed on the scale to give enough. So yeah, it can be a resource drain if your seasoned gatherers and crafters are lazy. Slowing down the passive training really does put it in perspective [which is something that needs to be addressed and kept in mind by us veterans] and I think about a year into live new players might be a little discouraged about trying to get settled in, especially those who look into crafting. Of course, as a community, it should be our job to keep that in mind and at least encourage people to go into crafting and gathering as there will be an endless demand for both as the game grows. Ultimately, it's also a guild's decision whether or not to take on new people or if they choose to set passive training requirements for entry or whatever creative thing people come up with. As a community, however, it's our job to keep people playing in a mildly friendly environment, or at least as friendly as a pvp based environment can be.
  12. Probably a good idea to get test out on live for a smaller test run before throwing us into a 2-3 week campaign with pop up issues that need some serious tweaking. 👍
  13. Also, Staff and I have tested Gaea's Wail, the druid bear, and it's only working when you stand below your enemy somewhat or at the exact same level. If you're any higher like on a map bump or hill, the bear just goes right over 'em. Seems to be the same issue Myrm is having with the net pull. Along with that, my Earthkeeper keeps having this explosion of green light over her head when making orbs... every. single. orb. Haven't tested it on Archdruid yet and Stormcaller doesn't have the issue with the orbs that generate when attacking either. Group members also can't seem to see this either. Lastly, Staff managed to teleport himself into a rock like the champion he is. Congratulations.
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