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  1. I think this game suffers from the idea that all classes need 3 subclasses. Some I think could do with just two specs. But that's my two cents.
  2. After starting into Archdruid, when you level up your essence shoots up to 100%, but doesn't activate essence burn (thankfully). Don't know if it does the same for Earthkeeper yet. Cleric illuminate adds essence, which can push you up into the 80% range and that will put you essence burn. Druid bear still doesn't want to go where you aim it, uneven terrain is still interfering. Terrain is also affecting rez. Swapping trays between life and death causes a white character effect. There's also a green, glowy one too, but not sure what causes it as it was on another player and they didn't see it. Fake orbs eVeRyWhErE. We could light up the map. Blight orbs also don't disappear.
  3. It's not just healing orbs, blight orbs also don't disappear after being set off. Really disappointed with how bad druid is this patch so far.
  4. Hit it with the Rubber Duck method, always works!
  5. God's reach needs to stay open as it's a place for in-between campaigns right now and it's how we farm before being able to join campaign. The only real complaint is r8 farming resources in an eternal spring, no pvp area. Passives have been discussed in many other threads and there's been ideas for catch up but nothing's been implemented yet. I guess I don't understand what you mean though, as passives aren't something you "grind" for, it's just on a server timer so you don't have to be constantly on. Double ult for assassin would be nice but it's not the same as it is on confessor. Fessor is a temporary stealth that stays in combat while assassin actually puts you in the stealth tray, where you can't use the ult again until you're back in combat. If all ults had double charge though, that'd be nice. Bulls/minos and deer/elken have cloven hooves that aren't made for horseshoes... so maybe don't put shoes on them? It would be nice if each race had their own personal item slot added though.
  6. There should be no concern over a badge keeping people from playing. That's just a sad joke. Besides, there's people already here who don't have all the badges, this shouldn't be a big deal. If we want to really address what's influencing population, that would be a look at current content, game phase, and game preference. Not some colorful 2% badge. I have never met a person who quit or didn't play a game because they missed out on a testing phase award.
  7. Perhaps not. But honestly adding these to a cash shop for new players doesn't sound like a bad idea. I wouldn't mind people paying a little bit to have something that they missed out on in Alpha testing. Just giving them something or taking away something doesn't seem like a good alternative for a few bummed out players. And to be fair we did throw backing money to be here.
  8. Is a 2% buff really THAT big of a deal? If that drives away players and makes the game so unfair then maybe we need some rebalancing. Anymore a lot of people can craft gear on top of armor training that makes the buffs useless. And with the plans for them to be obtainable in future updates pretty much ensures that everyone is going to get a fair chance. It's a throne war not a cuddle pile.
  9. Ah that works. So basically we're playing "read my mind" with the game to decide between attacking and harvesting.
  10. So how does this work with classes like druid that need to swap between life and death trays to maintain essence or avoid essence burn? Unless you guys are changing druid...
  11. immovable opinion meets unstoppable facts (◕‿◕✿)
  12. Can confirm after some further testing (with Kush) that yes, enemy blight will remove your own orbs if they are in the circle, and orbs were disappearing when non-grouped allies were walking on them. Considering electrogenesis orbs are also still invisible and sometimes after blight some orbs still appear but don't do anything, I think the druid orbs need some work. As for blight, feels like it is a bug, but confirmation would be appreciated. 😄
  13. So while doing fort fights on arch druid, I was roaming solo, but anytime someone else would run over my orbs they would just disappear. My combat log showed nothing in terms of healing them, but then the missed orbs wouldn't count for blight either, so it was like they got collected? It was weird. Also, if an arch druid from opposing faction blights where you have placed orbs while building your own, your orbs will disappear as well and you can't seem to place more until the blight circle disappears. New orbs just vanish until it's gone. Made stacking bombs nearly impossible in close up fights. ( @KushDoobiez? and @Bzra? I think you guys were the other bomb druids at the fort) Dunno if the same thing happened to you guys or if you had any issue, but I don't think I was able to even get a blight off because every time I got stacked up they were lost to the other faction's blight.
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