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  1. Did a scrim, everything was fine on my end but I was bugged for everyone else. Had to full relog.
  2. this happens when you're maxed out on points in one of the trees. Clicked off it by accident and went to reselect and it gave a message about needing to pick another tree. Then ended up here. Can't exit off of it without killing client.
  3. You'd be amazed how many people can't read "The intelligence of the smartest bears often overlaps with the dumbest of humans."
  4. Or maybe just take it at face value that Guinecean = Guinecean and not Italian? It's just a name. It's also not nice to assume people's race based on their names either. If you could change it then, what culture would you rather their names come from? At least offer an alternative.
  5. The loud minority beats the silent majority yet again ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  6. Gimme my healer participation points!
  7. A few points to make regarding gameplay: TL;DR, siege mechanics are in a place where we can try different defense timers and mechanisms, especially on forts. Buildings need more health or less resources to make. Divine favor doesn't feel as motivating as holding points, and I added some suggestions for cards. Siege mechanics could use some tweaks, especially regarding forts. With forts and keeps should really use similar mechanics where defenders can defend in a period of time (doesn't have to be trees since there isn't a tree of life), or I'd say make keeps be full hour like forts.
  8. That's what the faction campaigns are for, which exists on the live servers and will run alongside dregs. Dregs isn't intended to be a kindergarten picnic and with current siege mechanics, is not little-man friendly.
  9. This game is really becoming a chorefest with all the grinding and waiting around being added.
  10. More of a suggestion, could you guys do something other than a full-on blue filter during winter? Some of us colorblind can't see anything, especially during the night cycle.
  11. "If you can't find your healers just point in the direction that your frames drop to 10." 🙃
  12. I really think druid is a class that suffers because they tried to split it into three subclasses. I don't think every class needs three.
  13. If only to make up for the fact it has 30m range. It's an easy range target for knight pulls and cycles between autos and bascially three powers. The bigger picture is this also affects the other two subclasses, and as a healer you need to be able to react fast to save people. Animation locking is a poor mechanic if it's intended to balance.
  14. As squishy as stormcaller is, I don't mind having more mobility. There's plenty of other ways to counter their dot and damage. My point still stands, if this is how they intend to "balance" it, then the class itself needs a rework.
  15. Asking to get rid of animation lock, which is also an issue for Stormcaller with aura emitter as the first animation takes up the entire cast time for the second chain, isn't really a buff. But the issue is the auto attack, you can't cast anything during that third basic to interrupt, and it does impact the playstyle of the class compared to last patch. This also applies to the other two subclasses too. I miss rescues because the third basic heal for Earthkeeper is animation locked, and takes a significant amount of time. If we're using cast animations to balance a class, then that's prob
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