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  1. You know it would kinda be cool if they did seasonal boosts as well. Obviously good drops in spring and summer, but if they boosted something in fall and winter like the hunger shards (make them higher ranked and add way more) in winter and perhaps a forage buff in fall since that's when a lot of people harvest crops or a skinning buff since a lot of animals usually go out in fall to get ready for winter. Just some sort of seasonal buff to keep people busy. Point stacking is nice and all but for crafter/gatherers there isn't much to do towards the end of a campaign and seeing as they plan on making them longer, it's going to kill a good fraction of the playerbase at the end of campaigns.
  2. Wheeeelp if there is a wipe then rip my 1500 blue iron and hard work ;-; It would've been nice to have a heads up because I would've spent more time pvping than gathering at this point. I don't mind the wipes in general but when trying to gear out other guild members it'd be nice to know ahead of time instead of wasting hours. And yes I know this is pre alpha and everything I can re-gather mats and yeah everything's gonna get wiped by the time live comes blah blah, but I can't get back time spent so... Yeah.
  3. I personally enjoyed talking to people in other factions, a lot of interesting conversations came from thatv and it was easy to organize fights with other factions. What really sucks right now is that order is so dead that staff, alpha, and I feel isolated from everyone else, it's making this campaign almost unbearable.
  4. Doesn't that derail the point of a "throne war"?
  5. Browsing around, from what I can tell, a lot of you are: 1. Upset cause you're on the losing end. 2. Defending being on the winning end. and a lot of you are just 3. Whiny toddlers. Anytime the word guild is even mentioned in a game, they forge alliances and make enemies. It's just how it goes. Next campaign some of 'em are probably gonna stab each other in the back anyway when there's no reward to work for so the factions will most likely even back out after a few short campaigns. Several of you have legit ideas and arguments which is great, but most of you are just ticked that you're either on the losing end or a guild you figured would help your faction win left for the guild alliances. All over an imaginary golden reward or whatever. Y'all are acting like you're being cheated out of $1,000,000. It's sad. The problem here really seems to be the guild alliances. Wanna get rid of them? Give the guilds a reason to fight each other. Player individual rewards are great, but top guild rewards would probably take care of that even faster. Granted, we are in pre alpha and there isn't a lot of big, coordinated guilds yet, but you have to look beyond that. Where are we gonna be at launch? New players come in, new guilds, new skillsets, ect.. Get a good number of guilds and competitive players and boom. Faction tier rewards, Guild tier, then player tier. Rewards for teamwork and rewards for solo. The top player isn't necessarily going to be in the top guild, and the top guild may not necessarily be in the top faction. Everyone gets a fair shot. But seriously, if we're gonna be this insulted over a gold badge, then we need to rethink our life priorities and we're probably just not ready for rewards yet.
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