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  1. Can the wood elf hip slot be adjusted? All of the hip items clip through the chest because they're too high and look really awkward compared to other races. I always assumed it was a bug.
  2. Elken and Wood Elf are not getting friendly territory speed buffs (can't speak for centaur), and trailmaster/blazer are not activating until you swap from combat at least once. Also, import tags are not removing from harvesting discs outside of campaign so I'm stuck with one that won't stack in inventory or crafting.
  3. Can we get tiered skulls from decapitations based on the player's vessel? So if you decap someone in an epic vessel you get an epic tiered skull in return and so on? Would help with sacrificing them for xp. On that note, we also need some skull decorations for our EKs. Skulls for the skull throne!
  4. What's good: I'm glad to see new people trying the game and learning. Despite the lag, powers still function and hit. Healing feels like it's in a really good spot. All of the healers put out good numbers. Hotzones for crafting resources are the best. I love the bonus for harvesters. The water parcels (esp. the waterfalls) are now my favorite. Can we get them for EK's? What needs work: Druid needs an overhaul bad. There needs to be a solid base kit before the promotions. Slideshow sieges are still an issue. Axe the heralds in skypoint. Low pop servers end up with several in warcamps and they become unfarmable because of the damage. Leave those for dregs. Culling is still bad. Can't see terrain, npcs, or players until they are right on top of you sometimes. Inventory and vault ui needs better sort functions and search functions. Spirit bank is on the right track but needs more categories. Bugs: Cutthroat bloodthirsty passive is spelled bloodthristy when it appears as a buff in the left corner. Dodge does not always move the character. It's definitely more noticeable on 20m dodge races. I have been stunned out of the Healing Druid Ult and the Frostweaver Refridgerate Ult. It also consumes the charge as well. Terrain features on the edge of the world can be fallen through. Very annoying when you don't want to fall but need to go wide. 30 minute dined buffs and 30 minute pots are not lasting the same amount of time. I took both at the same time and ended up with the pot having 2 minutes left and the dined being 10. My One Question: Do we know when we might start seeing armor and weapon skins in game?
  5. As a long time druid main we can only hope they improve the class. It's severely lacking compared to the other healers. ;_;
  6. These are just some suggestions for if and when we get some class touch ups (I assume post-launch we will see some changes). This covers all classes as a whole in terms of talents and roles. One of the things that got me interested in Crowfall is the idea that we can make unique builds for our characters and fill different roles. After all the time I've spent playing (3 years), I have yet to see anything unique or groundbreaking for builds. And meta is meta, that's fine, but the meta shouldn't be so locked down that you can literally guess the exact builds your opponents are running just by knowing what class they're on. I see an Arbiter I can 98% of the time safely assume they're running stake build. That's not unique. That's "this is what works best because the alternatives stink and this subclass only fits this role" and most of the classes feel stuck in this loop. When the classes get another round of changes (you cannot look at what we have currently and call that finished) I would like to see the core class look like an archetype with some variants that we can choose, and then see subclasses that build that archetype into a more refined build that can then be taken a step further with discs. I feel like the builds are heavily reliant on you have to pick this subclass and choose from like 3 disciplines to have a viable build to fill a role. That's not diverse, that's just the illusion of free choice with extra steps. There's maybe a few classes that can viably pick between 2 of their domains at the end, but that's kind of it. Again, meta is meta but the meta shouldn't be so restricting. And I don't mean the current DPS - CC - Tank trios. Instead I'd rather see promotions that utilize the whole base kit and change how some of it works while also picking a specialization such as mobility, holding ground, healing, range, etc., just adding something other than circle standing or armor changes. For example, I'll use druid. Druid splits into a DPS - Hybrid - Healing spec. For this class I think the trio is ok, but it's poorly executed. If you want to be a viable Earthkeeper you HAVE to take the bottom of the main tree. You can't sacrifice a little for some damage utility. If you want to be Stormcaller on the other hand you have no business taking the bottom. That's not a meaningful choice that's a class that's unable to utilize a base kit because the base kit and mechanics (blight orbs, emitter, and healing) got separated and the promotions are sensitive to what powers you are running. There's no foundation on this class with which to build on. So in this case I would make an archetype that has damaging orbs, emitter, and healing, but then have the promotions build on that kit to where Stormcaller maybe becomes a dps with some self healing utility or big damage spread, Archdruid can utilize all three for a reasonable tradeoff, and then Earthkeeper can focus healing with some damage or cc utility. And then the player can utilize domains and disciplines to further add some edge to the build without being forced to pick between the same discs and domains to maintain viability. Discs should not break the class. Discs should be like performance enhancers, they give a little edge to what's already there. But if there's nothing there to enhance, then the discs become a requirement to finish the build and that's where the diversity becomes limited. And this applies to all of the classes, I want to see some more breathing room with these builds. The system is there and I think with a little more push it can go in the right direction and make Crowfall's character building a strong point in this game.
  7. What irks me is that this is where some of the classes die off. Before we could get away with a tank, 2 dps, 2 healers, or throw in some hard cc, but the 5 man groups hurt that diversity. So now I think this is more of a meta issue than a "5 man groups are just bad blah". I prefer 6 personally but if we can't turn knobs without totally throwing things on its' head then I think this becomes more of a meta issue than a knob issue. I personally think the classes and especially the healers need some desperate love. So I'm hoping shortly after launch we see that.
  8. Druid can be stunned out of it's healing ult which burns the ult but does no healing.
  9. Don't get one class nerfed because one person plays it well. You know good and well the other people we've seen playing it are not on that level. I think the bigger issue here is that they did this cc and retaliate change and didn't balance any classes for it. All of the classes need a retouch with the retaliate changes, hard cc needs to be removed from non cc classes, and non cc classes should have no more than one or two non hard cc abilities. It's not fun when 50% of the fight is spent on your back. So I can see why it's frustrating that a kite class can spit out multiple ice bombs that root and knock down.
  10. I think the world is too big and plentiful for the population we have so it's easier to skirt around than it is to contest, and most people take the easier option for a multitude of reasons. Not saying there aren't times where skirting by is a good option, but full groups can just avoid each other completely. Someone gets hit, the rally call goes out, and boom, no enemies. You'd think they cried wolf. I think this opens the bigger picture of, what is there to fight over? Resources are not scarce, outposts are everywhere, wartribes are not scarce, etc. You get ganked in one spot well you just go find another. Divine favor cards offer some, which is great when the wartribe sac gets lucky and there's only one camp of that type and then the god statue flips about 20 times a day, but that's not enough. I hate to bring HD into this but it's kinda nice to watch 12 groups of 5 fight over 4 gryphons. It's scarce, limited, and drops something useful and there is guaranteed fights, either to fight over it, knock someone out, 3rd party, whatever. We just don't see that in dregs. There's too many keeps, no one really has to go landless, that's more of a measure of how much effort they want to put in or where their alliance is at. The castle is cool and all but there's only one but it controls an empty zone and offers really nothing more in terms of function over the other keeps unless you care about points, but in reality for gathering resources it's better to have a foothold in a zone with more. TL;DR, too many keeps, too many resources, too much room. Take that away and force people to fight for scraps and they will.
  11. Humans are having their extra power slot wiped on death again in the HD setting and most of the castle doors are still not letting people in. Also, the game appears to be trying to log your last class played, it's doing a terrible job and also force selecting classes so you spend extra time having to make sure the game isn't picking for you. It selects one, shows you picked one, and then picks another when you hit confirm. We need a better way to deal with setting up bars between hunger matches, having to reset multiple tray bars is also tedious.
  12. I'd rather deal with R macros than this new retaliate system. Who would be entertained by a fight where the combatants spend 50% of the time sitting on the ground? If CC is going to be the hot new meta, take it off non CC classes and let the CC classes shine. Like the video above shows, it's still not meaningful, it's now just a race to reduce your opponents' stamina first and then go ham on them when they get caught in the 10 second CC where all they get to do is watch themselves die. Also I would like to point out that paladin should be reduced to mail like all the other healers. I've messed solely with supports and seen it all, paladin has waaaay more survivability than any other healer and also gets to block without the stamina drain, which this update also hurt stamina blocking really bad (see paragraph above). Every other healer feels balanced in mail, you're not super squishy but you have to pay attention, and paladin feels like it lacks that danger. We ran those same comps with crusaders and tried earthkeeper as well in place, and they just got dumpstered.
  13. Is there any way we can see a tooltip in game for either what the Archdruid blight orbs are calculated off of (like it used to be) or a total of what blight orbs are supposed to be doing? Can pretty much confirm it's mostly weapon damage and not stats as of 6.51, but all the current tooltips just say "does damage to enemies" like on force of nature and the blight promotion change. Kind of hard to make sure it's working right if we have no estimate or idea of where the numbers should be.
  14. There's been a couple of posts on this, but territory control is something I strongly support. Outposts are your scouts, they give a foothold and act as an alert to enemies. Forts are your more permanent "ok we have a hold here" and where the resources start to generate. Keeps and Castles are your base of operations and if you aren't manning your borders you're gonna get poked or conquered. The components are there, but need more. I honestly miss when forts and keeps had resources around them because: 1 Forts were more than just a resource generator. We should want to put up the walls and want to rally the troops to defend territory. Put some resources back around them again so it can be a constant resource generator instead of a "check in now and then for a chest". People may complain that it's "safe farming" but it should only be safe if you're willing to make it safe. Plus we're tinkering with loot protection as it is. (I'm aware of 6.51 changes) The point should be pvp and content. Holding resource ground should matter more than popping one or two harvesters like pinatas. 2 Keeps I feel have the same issue. It's a point battle, when really it'd be nice to see a resource battle. I'd rather compete over resources and see guilds get pressured to maintain their hold because their zone has a better resource spot for a particular resource. (not saying totally limit resources, but we know some parcels generate better than others). Some keeps are just out of the way location-wise and a group might find themselves totally uncontested some campaigns because who wants to waste time if it's just a number? That's not what we want. 3 The little guys can have some room. There's unclaimable places like wartribes, ravines, and forests that while they may not offer as much protection, they'd ideally be less contested by larger guilds who go for the buildings to get points and have the manpower to maintain them. I just don't feel as motivated by points. I don't care for the leaderboard or logistics, that's someone else's job. I want to get on and say, "oh hey, our harvesting spot is going to be conquerable in an hour and I'd like us to not lose it so let's go get a fight" rather than "oh there's another ingot fort in this zone so we can take the L on this one until it's up again tomorrow." To tie back into Dame's point as well, where's the RPG? I don't feel like a warrior trying to defend a guild's hold on territory, I don't feel like I'm exploring something new or learning more about the world around me. Where's the reward? I participate but most of the rewards I see get fed into the guild as a whole, which isn't bad, it helps, but where's something a little more personal? I almost miss the badge trials. It left me with something I could show to say "Yeah I was there, and it was awesome". Now it feels like a lot of campaigns are water under the bridge. And where's the war? We're fighting for points, woo, there's tons of other games that keep score. Score should just be icing on the cake. I want to fight to keep the war machines fed, not the scoreboard. I can go play other games if I want to have a high score.
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