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  1. Racial Balance. Disclaimer some values are obviously subject to change depending on testing, it's the idea to consider more so, don't give me that garbo that everythings FIRE i mean FINE. Will Edit depending on feedback. Thanks General: >Add 1 more skill and passive slot to each race and class. Can stack with the minors/human, humans can not stack with minors as well. So yes 5 passives max. Its either the above or make less things passive and truely defualt passive such as surging minor. The 1 more to skills is 100% suggested. >If a class ability wou
  2. Nope I totally didn't have like everyone in my guild say half gaint is bad atm because they wern't immune to stuns or anything.... Baka. Not even remotely! I went half gaint anyways and now I never have the idea that I am behind or weaker in any way! The games races are 100% balance no joke or irony here! Who needs force mage anyway.
  3. Fun and exciting balanced gameplay. Nothing is entirely broken or abused here. Roll cowman today! ITS only just META!
  4. Problem with myrimdon is its almost entirely situational. Berserk = good fps/pref not 1v1 some counter with juggernaut Vengence = bad gvg good all around especially in tanky gear. If your going auto attack try illusionist Surging support power minor Demon's pact is basically manditory in meta.
  5. I am personally looking into this one too. Its better to know what classes are bad tbh Ranger/myrimdon Atm for pvp. Basically every champion spec is meta. OP? Depends on who you ask. The meta on every spec should give a strong clue though. INB4 not berserk... Do some theory crafting on that spec or try it out. Its legit. Everything else has a decent role to play, some better than others.
  6. Ah, yeah I like the devs work too, There doing rather well for a start up. So I was on to something. The idea sounds nice and I aswell think we could use some sort of group sneak ability. Your a tad modest haha for a shark, Iam a bit surprised .
  7. I love this especially the rare spawn idea. Perhaps the chance to get legendary hands from a rare zombie is high. Not sure they will do it though, because they are focusing on this pvp throne war idea of theirs. I was hoping they would add boss monsters for skinners as a mothernode. We really need some meaningful pve to fill in the spaces when we are bored of pvp which is easy to do espcially when the community ruins faction balance.
  8. So you want fog of war? Your post reads as a thanks devs for a good game keep it up. Tad confused. Also,
  9. Not my sig I posted it here to give my guild the tumbs up!
  10. Ah! This is truely a half gaint guild. A guild full honor and spirit!
  11. 😭 Can we have a moment of silence for the brave men and women of order and choas on NA. They will never be forgotten. 👻
  12. They are a bunch of nerds. 🤭 I mean We are muhahahaha.
  13. Nice, Never thought about using vengence, maybe with gear I can really heal through damage. How do you think this type of myrmidon compares to an alpha warrior - champion and a berserker - champion in terms of 1v1 and large scale dps roles?
  14. Nice vid. I was at a toss up weather to go frenzy for the more damage or to just do berserker. I might roll both and see if I can't get some extra dps when i am not focused. I'am sure i'll quickly learn that berserker only is a much safer bet.
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