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  1. Most every game just has different humanoids. Having a Centaur alone is a HUGE improvement over just about any other MMO.
  2. I don't think it will happen as much as people think or wish it will. Being on the winning side is valuable in it's own right. What use is it to get paid to be on the losing side and unable to export anything?
  3. Well that's the thing, you can't claim your game is about player skill, then have huge power difference between characters. If you want people to have fun right away, feel useful, and make skill matter - then the power gap between characters needs to be relatively small.
  4. This is the interaction that should exist between Campaigns and the Eternal Kingdoms...
  5. Hah. I had same thing happen. I closed it out of frustration, but it only lowered to the system tray and kept downloading. Then I got to play it the next day!
  6. TERA has better combat, But the questing in Wildstar is far more tolerable and less grindy.
  7. I'm not completely sure how they can implement expansions in a reasonable way. With most MMO, an expansion has hundreds of new quests, new zones/lore to explore, but most important - new and more difficult PvE content to conquer. As Crowfall is not a traditional MMO, I'm almost afraid it would have the effect that new Expansion/DLC maps have on FPS games - it fractures the community. I think they may be better off sticking with a MOBA-style model, where the goal is to just to continually add content to keep people playing, which in turn will create a bigger pool of people that will purchase from the cash shop.
  8. Doesn't mean you'll have the 'best' gear. You ignore that you're competing against other players for the best gear. You also ignore that balance will likely change through patches, etc.
  9. How can you make this claim? How do you have any clue how 'fast' it's going to be to get your ideal disciplines and full armor?
  10. I think a more 'natural' anti-zerg mechanic would be to create an actual food/hunger mechanic that requires controlling spending and controlling resources, so keep a big army away from their home base would be much more difficult to sustain for long periods. My personal opinion is that there should be personal rewards tied to the Transfer Bank that are separate from what you can export from team earned accomplishments.
  11. I think there needs to just be one consistent and focused combat design. There's not room for multiple different systems without making it convoluted.
  12. I'm not sure how much knowledge of historical battles will help. I think the real strength is going to be in knowing and 'exploiting' the game mechanics (not cheating, just using the mechanics to your advantage as much as possible).
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