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  1. In the tool belt there would be 5 slots for tools. Each slot would have an icon that represents the action. If you wanted to skin with a hammer you would simply place the hammer in the skinning slot. There's your "Choice" As far as which tool to use if you have 2, it would be which ever one you have slotted in the tool belt. The other would be in your inventory.
  2. https://crowfall.com/en-US/store?category=Guilds I'm pretty sure they are working on it...
  3. What about guild banks? Vendor sales? Mining mastery should just be additional inventory slots, not stack size.
  4. You must never played vanilla Everquest lvls 45-50. The xp grind in this game is nothing... So it takes you 2-3 days of R10 spiders, big deal.
  5. I agree, vessels should have decay (age) on them as well. After everyone has legendary vessels (mains & alts), necromancers will eventually run out of work. Adding an age/decay system to the vessels themselves would keep the Necromancy craft busy. I like the campaign idea... Each vessel gets x campaigns (age), ie whites get 4, greens get 6, blues get 8, purples get 10, oranges get 12. In the character screen we can see how many "lives" the vessel has. Joining a campaign consumes a life.
  6. I have to laugh at those who rage quit because of this. Do they not realize they agreed to become a tester and knowing that they could lose everything due to operator error or game bug and especially upcoming wipes ? Their loss really...
  7. 1) It would be nice to incorporate into the game the ability to have your character swap to the proper tool required for the node when harvesting automatically. As long as the tool is in your inventory (or tool belt, see #2) it would be nice for the game to identify which tool is needed and swap to it for you instead of us having to swap to the tool in our toolbar ourselves. 2) I would like to see a tool belt added to our equipment slots for us to equip to contain our tools. Restrict it to one slot for each tool type only (Pick, Hammer, Axe, Knife, Shovel, Scythe). Additional too
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