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  1. I had the same problem. Nvidia GTX 570. Occlusion culling is not working right.
  2. The League of Extraordinary Crafters!
  3. Mostly I am waiting for a game to test. These fake kickstarter tests with sporadic events won't work for my or most peoples schedule. I am not going to jump when emailed. Leave the servers up 12 hours a day. 3pm to 3am. So what if they crash or lag. We know it's alpha.
  4. The Vessel system eliminates the need for lore, Archetypes are just MOBA skins you wear like armor, The dying worlds end and your vessel body decays. You are a sexless spirit fighting a pointless and endless war for the pleasure of weakling "gods". There is no lore only PVP for PVP's sake. Crowfall is "League of Legends" crossed with EVE.
  5. Looks like a good vessel type to keep in my inventory. Might give it a whirl.
  6. Why does a vessel need a backstory? Since a vessel is just body I buy from a vendor or loot from a dying world, who cares about the backstory? My armor doesn't need a backstory.
  7. If I was an immortal spirit, I would fight an endless war for BEER!
  8. Why would heaven need to be supplied with anything? I find the concept of an immortal spirit serving a "more" immortal (Immortaler?) God to be weak sauce. If this is the way ACE wants to go with Crowfall, they need to hire a writer to create a COMPELLING reason for an immortal spirit to fight this endless war.
  9. Why would an immortal spirit want to participate in an endless war? Why would an immortal spirit want or need anything from a dying world? Why would an immortal spirit need a God? Why would an immortal spirit need or want anything? Why would an immortal spirit EVER fear death? Doesn't that make PVP and the game irrelevant?
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