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  1. My EK is not loading today. Sticks on loading screen and then times out?
  2. So I quit a guild a few days ago. And then I changed Faction from Sun to Moon. I can still see the Guild Chat from my former guild? And it works. Also I can't see the Faction Chat tab anymore?
  3. My EK won't load. It is stuck on the loading screen. It was loaded and working earlier today. US East Virginia.
  4. Is it confirmed that you get minerals and gems from grave goods?
  5. SELL THEM. They sell for 100-1000 Gold. No way the resources are worth that.
  6. Problem is at the character select screen. It says to add ram. Yet I have more than requirements.
  7. Nope. Every server has the same graveyard locations.
  8. Large Guilds are farming as well. It doesn't matter. To support x players it takes each player to grind 75% of the time. The gold drop while PLAYING doesn't come close to the gold needed to advance Combat gear or crafting gear. Increase gold drops 20% and reduce gold sinks by 20% and maybe grinding will be less than a 50% time requirement for all players including Large Guilds. DEVS Question: Do You want all players grinding for gold 75% of the time?
  9. I had the same problem. Nvidia GTX 570. Occlusion culling is not working right.
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