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  1. why nerf starting gold... if people want to relog 25 times for a pig go for it. Golds already been nerfed silly no need to ground it into the ground.
  2. Surprised no ones outraged people farm during off hours or craft in EKs. Maybe we should only allow crafting/harvesting in keeps during siege time. Add dust and ember drops to siege only too please. Better yet embers/dust only drop from killing players during sieges with at least 75 players in zone. Cause crafting is not grindy enough. So many broken, none implemented things and people want the devs to spend time "fixing" PvP free green resources... Yea you can get blues, but it would take forever to get a full set.
  3. Would like to see other campaign modes myself. Maybe some small ones to just test out various things. A map with lots of war tribes to see how they work, turn off imports/exports for it and see what affect it will have early game. Turn on imports later or on another map to see late game. Race wars, class wars, FFA (team) or even a siege map with near constant up time. Bonus points if you can manage to keep teams semi equal. Heck a zone with NPCs attacking or defending a fort/keep just to see if its plausible. Has there been a map with no import/exports? Faction wars are not really adding much imo. Already down to 2 factions with both sides getting stuck in a routine. Balance 50ish mans two zones, chaos puts 75+ in one. Chaos sends people to attack, balance tries to zone cap where we left. Balance attacks, chaos moves to zone cap another keep. Both sides have tried to delay banes going down, then pile in once they defend a keep. In short the only way large siege fight are going to happen is if one side risks losing a keep. Dont think raising the zone limit would change it much. It would still be defend/destroy bane then pile into open zones. Just a matter of how many can pile in.
  4. Just a short soundless clip of ~20 chaos vs an unknown number of balance. Think they had 50 in zone but no idea how many showed for this. Regardless this shows how much FPS lag the GUI is causing me in larger fights. Heck this was at most 70 people and not all packed into one spot. The 2nd time it has a large impact..... just can't see health or CDs
  5. Todays bane tree was a complete slide show for me. As soon as it went down *Poof* my FPS shot back up. I lag a bit in large fights but trees... forget about it, I'm lucky if my CD timers update and I dont DC. I think its in part due to the mass debuff, buff, name, guild, faction and HP icons constantly moving around. Could really use a client-side option to limit the clutter. Ideally a short-cut that hides/shows selected items for large scale battles. Example - Hide non-grouped allies, faction/guild/name/buffs. Bonus points if I can select what buffs/debuffs are shown. Still hoping for a reverse HP bar too. Meaning no bar is shown at full HP, filling in as damage is done. Much easier to see a target low on HP (near full bar) vs finding a bar mostly black in a sea of red and blue. Guess the bar would need to be transparent for that to work or it would just be a mass of black bars.
  6. We dont know what the ruleset for dregs is. Unless you have insider info. Dregs wont have the same issue with non-friendly faction members. That issue cant really be fixed in faction play, short of forcing spies, crafting alts, low geared players or allowing the best geared/skilled players priority. Raising the limit just delays when said cap is hit. 200 limit? What happens when we have 400 people online. Look up unity and player limits. Short answer - its not going to be fixed by changing a ruleset option. Better option would be more/larger maps so people can spread out.
  7. Way to much effort in arguing about a map mode a lot of us wont even play when dregs comes out.... I would rather the Devs spend time adding content and fixing known bugs. Who cares about balancing a pre-alpha map when sooo much content is missing.
  8. The problem with a faction cap is say 10-20 non-friendly faction members hop into a siege zone. It wont fix the problem it will just change it to a new one.
  9. Going by the numbers seen last night by spies. Chaos numbered 98 in one zone and balance had 60 in one plus 35 in another. Not sure how equal numbers makes it nearly impossible. Last map Chaos had 60 in 1 zone with balance having around 30-40 in 2 zones. The only change is order split up to join balance and chaos.
  10. Noric


    Agree. so much fun trying to find guild/team members in a sea of blue and red. Double plus ungood if you happen to be a healer trying to find 1 person that needs heals.... Can we get an arrow above team leaders? Option to hide parts of the icons over people. Reverse Hp bars would at least make it easier on heals. Can add raid groups to that list as well =D
  11. Noric

    Item bloat

    Discords been tossing around the idea of using alchemy transmutation to upgrade resources. Say 100 = 10 of the next tier. Would probably need to cap it or have a lower ratio the closer to legendary. Another option would be for the harvest/craft skill to refine lower tier in the same manner. Would still need to do something about spider parts, leafs etc...
  12. Its what Black desert online uses. You have a family name(account) and player name. You can see both in game. Personally I dont want to come up with a unique name once thousands of names have been made. "Hello bob7865_smith$5" I dont like that my log in name is my display name... Giving everyone your log in name just means they need to get the password, Its like the first rule of IT
  13. The siege weapons of crowfall are being used more and more as anti-personnel weapons. I can hear the typing now, of course siege weapons kill people. Well the affect on the game is a lot of people end up using elementalist or naiad to avoid taking thousands of damage per hit. Which is going to limit the diverse disciplines available. O sry confessors your damage type is the same as siege... It also becomes a game of who can drop one with LOS on the tree "cubby hole" room. They can be a bit wonky to aim but once you hit, you hit everyone. PS I dont need wiki links to medieval weapons tests. This is a game that forces choke points, the AOE is larger than said points and capable of DPS higher than any one vessel should be doing. I'm fine with them hitting people but, lower the AOE and/or damage to players. Other ideas, make siege damage it's own type. IE walls take +X% siege damage, players take normal. Require the siege discipline to even use them.(wont do much atm but when you cant change them...) Stop letting vessels grab a spirit bank item, dropping it and nuking everyone around the tree for full damage in death shroud. Heck you can leave it if you turn friendly fire on for siege weapons. Wait nvm, I have seen non-friendly faction members hoping into siege weapons before.
  14. Chaos "horde" was the same size it normally is. ~60 minus spys/alts. A grand total of 43 chaos moved off the gate for the siege. Last I heard the other side had ruffly ~40 in zone - minus whatever spys and alts. Given the number of non-combatants we seem to get and that enemy factions like to fill at least 2 zones with 50ish vessels, we showed up early.
  15. Noric

    Item bloat

    Sacrifice pit is not dealing with all the extra white resources/trash. Ideas to deal with it. A way for factions to "sacrifice" to the tribes, sending a strong force into zones mostly controlled by another faction. Sac to a god to buff faction controlled points (or even a low grade buff to players) for X time. Guard group to patrol a local zone? Those options should not be cheap and easy, just a way for everyone to pool all the extra stuff together for something.(leader board entry?) I don't mean for this to be player A sacs 1000 points of items for X. More like faction A sacs 100,000 points of items, God/Tribe takes/uses all or part of it to do something. Dont even need a complicated menu to chose what you are sacrificing for, at most you would just need a pit style item for tribes or gods. Effects would be semi-random or in the case of patrols they show up after a random amount of time. Dont need them being called in 5 min before a siege....
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