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  1. So again what's the point in equipping so many minor runes with all these passives if you cant even utilize them?
  2. Do you recieve more then 3 passive skill slots with an upgraded vessel? If not, what's the point in having so many discipline runes if you cant even utilize the passives they grant you?
  3. gotcha so 2 accounts might be worth while
  4. Can alt characters on the same account not go down a different line of passive training?
  5. Yeh I think I'm now a part of this category... Been trying to log in for 30 mins constantly closing and re-trying.
  6. Okay awesome thank you.
  7. So I logged into 5.9 for the first time and chose the wrong faction. Am I stuck with that until the next update?
  8. Hey just want confirmation before i trash my blacksmith and leather worker runes. Major Crafting Runes do nothing now as they are not needed for recipes?
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