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  1. With the reveal of splitting Races and Classes from the old Archetypes, are we still going to see the old concepts for the Female Knight and Male Templar made available in-game for Human choices or have those been retired in favor of the current Human male and female models (Male Knight and Female Templar)?
  2. Really love the UI right now. Simple, easy, and optimal. Keep up the great work! I think the animators did a good job with the Knight, but I that movement of him putting his shield behind his head on his primary attack does irk me a little. I can understand going for cool over practical but still. Makes me think he should've just been a dual-sword wielding warrior if you're going that route. I'd like to suggest maybe a frontal shield block with a fast, flashy wrist-twirl/wind-up of the sword as seen at 4:06 of this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GjZ6qWSenqI So the knight looks a little more competent, however, I understand that animations ain't cheap, and maybe it's not as appealing, but it's a suggestion all the same. Okay, I'm done being overly nit-picky. Overall, I am very satisfied with this update and I Hunger for your next update. (See what I did there? ...I let myself before the Champion shows up...)
  3. I believe that for right now, they're just focused on getting the basics of Combat and user interface locked down for the Pre-alpha milestone. The weight system I believe will be applied later, maybe in late-Alpha/early-Beta. I'm confident that this will be tweaked later, but for this milestone to test combat, what you see is mildly what you'll get. As for swords passing straight through other objects, again, in the greater vision of things, that's not something that will stay with the game. Later on, they will add that system so that objects have weight to them. Right now, they're just focused on making combat function well.
  4. I like the idea of the Druid's one-liner being "I, too, will be cold" It's the most remember able quote from her Backstory to me. I could see the Champion's being "An Eye for Strength" Fit's well with the backstory. The Ranger's could be "To Protect the Flame" or "Only for the Flame" Words that relate to the Ranger's desire to be this cold vigilante.
  5. That is true. But what if the EK's still experienced seasons but Winter doesn't mean an end for them? Just a period (or set) time of the PvE realms being a little more difficult like in the Campaigns. The devs have also mentioned that monsters will drop some rare materials that you'll need for crafting (just nowhere near a substantial or consistent level). I could actually see this as an opportunity to play around with mobs having heighten stats and drop rates (still low mind you) for those certain players who want some PvE challenge. It could be during times of an EK's winter where a player can take advantage of the stronger enemies to test more powerful combos and get a slightly higher access to PvE only materials. And if the devs wanted to, the Winters of EK could last much shorter than Campaign Winters, thus still leaving focus to go do Campaigns.
  6. It's amazing to me with how long these Archetypes have been out, they've yet to receive their one-liners like the other 10 Archetypes. Are there any plans to add them in the near future?
  7. So, this is a question I haven't seen asked around much, but I wanted to know if the EK's will periodically go through the stages of Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter like the Campaigns, but more for cosmetic/consistence purposes or are they all locked to one season set by the devs? If they are locked to one season, can we have the option to pick the season we want our EK to be in?
  8. Ok, with the recent prank of the Slayer Archetype, I wanted to talk about two points of thought about Archetypes. Point #1: How many Archetypes were thought up? During the Kickstarter, the Minotaur Myrmidon Archetype was announced. ACE told us that the Minotaur was planned for the game, but due to budget constraints, it was cut from the initial line up. The same is said about the Slayer here: https://twitter.com/...677180917391361. J. Todd Coleman says that the Slayer didn't make the final cut. Assuming that's he was serious in an actual Archetype for the game, it leads to me wonder. How many Archetypes were conceptualized? Because from the Kickstarter and the Slayer prank, it would seem there's a whole line up of Archetypes that couldn't make it to launch, but might be released through Updates and Expansion Packs. Based off of J. Todd Coleman's work in MMORPG's and this information, how many Archetypes do you think are probably "unreleased"? Point #2: The Slayer -What No One Brought While the Slayer was an April Fool's joke, it did give a wide array of things to consider when we look at Archetypes. 1. You can solve an issue of forcing players into one Archetype. I felt that the Slayer answered a lot of problems for people who didn't want to be a female Fae, but wanted to be an Assassin (or some variant). The Slayer was, essential, that male Assassin. The Slayer shows us that we could have 2 Archetypes that are similar in roles, but are unique enough to not be clones of one another. Point is, if someone doesn't want to be X Archetype, ACE can create Y Archetype that's similar but very different. 2. We see how Archetypes of the same race differ from one another when given a different class. While some probably saw this with the Human Archetypes, I didn't recognize this until the Slayer (and because I find Humans to be very boring). The Slayer and the Duelist get to show different narratives of the same race, giving that race more depth as we see different pasts in their Backstories. Beyond narratives, you could actually see that the Slayer had a little less Intellect than the Duelist (I believe that had the same power level everywhere else). 3. While unintentional, we get to see how ACE could handle releasing an Archetype that may not be ready for launch/awhile, but still be open to the public. Had the Slayer been a planned Archetype and was released now, we would get to see a possible Archetype for the future even though it would not be in Launch. That would give players conscious to focus on playing another Archetype and leave space up for that "previewed" Archetype they really want to play. (I know I would do that). I believe the Slayer's fate is up for debate. It may stay a cruel joke. It may be an eventual Archetype. It may just become a Promotion or Discipline for the Duelist. Whether you loved or hated the Slayer or want it to be real or not, you can't deny that there's food for thought on its not-so-release.
  9. Ok, I have a question about the Additional Character Slots. When the Kickstarter was still up, some rewards would give you additional character slots. As the Kickstarter came to a close, I believe somewhere Gordon said that ACE would only allow buyers to purchase a max of 3 additional character slots for their account (for 6 total). So I'm a little confused when it comes to those who got those rewards that gave you more character slots. Okay, so I got the Gold Patron package which gives me a total of 5 character slots. If I were to down-the-road get more character slots, could I only purchase 1 more slot for my account thus having 6 total or am I still allotted 3 additional character slots and I could have 8 slots? And if someone got a package that gave them 6 character slots total, can they still get another 3 slots (9 slots total) or are they at the max they can get? Thanks!
  10. Could the Assassin class have 2 races both of which are gender-locked to male or female? I'm fine with the Fae being gender-locked to female, but that doesn't mean an Assassin has to be, right? What if Faes are always female, which stays true to their narrative, but the Assassin Archetype can be played as either a Female Fae or a Male "X" (anything not Fae)? I know that their are a lot of players who believe that the Fae should stay true to it's narrative. I don't disagree. So what if we look at what the backstory didn't say. The Fae states that men have no place in the Riverlands. Fine. So are they "okay" anywhere else? Can't Assassins survive anywhere else? She says that men are captured to serve a purpose then swiftly killed. Sufficient males to the Fae are claimed for reproduction then killed off. Any male Faes are killed at birth (making it extremely difficult for a male Fae to exist beyond infantry, but not impossible). However, my statement is not trying to support the 1/1000 chance of a male Fae surviving. The Assassin Archetype could have a male counterpart to the female Fae, the male just can't be a Fae. That wouldn't alter the Fae's narrative, adds a desired male aspect to the Assassin and brings diversity in an Archetype that hasn't been done before. It also opens up a door for a much deeper back story then what we know now. For example, what if the Assassin backstories reveal two rivaling races of Assassins each believing that the opposite sex creates a negative effect for the world. Now, the male Assassin's race is actually very important because you can't just throw in anything. The races have to be similar enough to be consistent. What if the male Assassin was say a Sprite, Imp, or Pixie? (I know they don't sound impressive, but ACE made Faeries look awesome and we have Guinea Pigs as a race so just roll with me.) Pixies and Sprites are very similar to Fae/Faeries, but have their differences that would distinguish them. Pixies and Imps are more mischievous, and roguish. Imps, however, aren't attractive and are rather masculine while Pixies can be masculine or feminine and ugly or pretty. Sprites refer to an attractive, older-than-faerie, spirit-like creature. With this in mind, I don't think a male Assassin is impossible as long as he embodies something that suits Assassins and isn't a Fae and I believe that can be achieved if the male Assassin is a Sprite, Imp, Pixie or any other variant. I would also suggest over the coming months that each gender (if not gender-locked) of each Archetype get his/her own backstory so that the single point of view we read can better align with the visual given. It's not necessary but to implement an idea like this would help smoothen things out and keep things consistent.
  11. What if there was a Spy Archetype? A class that specializes in tactfully infiltrating information from your opponent's kingdoms and sending them back to you; a master saboteur in ruining any plans your enemies chances of winning; or just someone who works for everyone and no one, slowing pitting everyone against each other until only the Spy is left standing. Imagine being a ruler of a guild and coming up with this brilliant siege on your enemy guild only to find out one of your most loyal subordinates has been feeding all your plans to the enemy and they take you out in an instant. The Spy just screams betrayal. The Assassin is probably closest to this Archetype of the initial 12, but the Assassin wants to take out the biggest threat as fast as possible with minimal damage to them. The Spy wants to find out as many secrets from their opponents as possible and use that for others to do something about or, frankly, just screw with them using their own ploys. At best, a Spy promotion class is probable for the Assassin. I'm curious to see how many people would be interested in see an Archetype like this all it's own or, at the least, as a Discipline. I think a Spy Archetype would bring a lot to the table and be pretty fun to play.
  12. Hey, so I was wondering about the variation in geography in Crowfall. I know that each Campaign will be different from the last or even two or more existing Campaigns, but what I want to know if we are going to see different landscapes from dying world to dying world. The current videos we've seen (and yes I do realize it's all in Alpha and things will change) show us Campaigns based in really rugged, mountainous, forest places. That's cool, but are we going to see worlds where it's just a giant desert with ruins here and there, or worlds where plots of land are just floating mysteriously in the sky, or even worlds submerged underwater. None of these have to be present by launch, but I'd just like to know that not every Campaign will be based in a forest. While they all may never look the same, I wouldn't like to drop into a forest after forest even if they're different from each other (not a deal breaker though). Also what are some landscapes players maybe want to run around and explore in? Here's some suggestions for places that would be cool to try out: -worlds with fiery landscapes with erupting volcanoes and scorched ruins and castles -worlds that have vast plains and grasslands and abandoned villages -worlds completely sunken underwater (not sure how this would work with winter and the hunger, but let's pretend that doesn't exist ) -worlds broken up into multiple floating islands connected only by crumbling bridges and surrounded by fog. Watchtowers are prevalent here -worlds with great dunes and harsh sands "eternally" blighted by harsh suns and no nights until winter (where perhaps the world turns to night and stays cold) -worlds that are just one big swamp/marsh/mangrove These are just a couple of ideas, but I'm trying to say that having multiple different landscapes bases would lead to a much deeper diversity in the worlds we see (on top of them already being randomly engineered).
  13. I'd LOVE Nagas or Gorgons to be apart of the game. I really like the concept of Gorgons since they're in a really cool niche to temporarily freeze or paralyze your opponent. I feel like the Gorgons would be gender locked to females though, which I don't have a problem with. Nagas are just cool all around. If we wanted to get really exotic, how does anyone feel about Rakshasas (Cat Demons), Djinn, or Efreets? I think Rakshasas would make a cool Necromancer class and they break away from the common look of Demons. I guess Djinn could be like Bladedancers (if that's not already a Discipline). I could see Efreets being an alternate race for the Confessor archetype since Efreets typically use fire and two classes uses the same element seems redundant. Just something to think about. If it's a few things I do really want to see is a Drake/Wyvern race and Avian race. On the family tree of Dragons, Drakes and Wyverns (which aren't true Dragons) are at the bottom of the tree. Dragons typically are depicted as big, powerful winged lizards, so turning them into a playable race has it's own issues. However, Drakes and/or Wyverns aren't nearly as powerful so to seem something like a Drake Warrior or a Wyvern Wizard as an archetype would catch my eye. An Avian race would be AWESOME though. I was kinda bummed ACE didn't get just a little narcissistic and throw in a Crow race for fun. Besides that, I just think some Bird-like creature would be cool to see. I picture Vulture-like creatures in my head the most, but it's their game.
  14. Yeah, I agree with Staffs (staves?), Athames, Boomerangs, Spear, Tomahawks and Sickles. What about floating, glowing stone Runes that shot out green magic? Or if their "weapon" was to conjure a plant/animal beast to fight along side them during combat? I'm thinking of plant hounds right now or something of the like. We don't have much of a beastmaster class (or maybe that's an archetype by itself?).
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