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  1. ACE needs to rethink this and make more siege windows. I feel terrible for the players outside of the US that won't be able to enjoy the main features of the game under the current plan.
  2. I may be blind and just can't find them, but I've been wondering why there are no campaign-specific forums on this site? Especially for the Dregs campaigns. During Shadowbane, the server forums were a blast and a lot of politicking/rivalry discussions/server news posts happened there. It added to the sense of community. Maybe I'm old school (I know Discord is the big thing now), but I'd like to see that again with Crowfall. If I did just miss them, please let me know where they are. Good luck in the next round of campaigns, all! #playtocrush
  3. Joined KGV and had a lot of fun in the first Dregs campaign. Very knowledgeable bunch and welcoming to new players!
  4. A lot of things can be said of Crowfall. "It looks like a WoW clone" is not one of those things.
  5. +1 for FvFvF. Seems like a big missing feature at the moment. Not everyone wants to go straight to Dregs.
  6. Bump for this topic. Played around with my EK for the first time today and this seems like a really big oversight on the devs' part. Very annoying, but hopefully fixable.
  7. Looking for a guild who's willing to put up with a Crowfall noob. Region: NA Time Zone: EST Atmosphere: Looking for a noob-friendly guild that is willing to assist me with learning the ins and outs of the game. Socially I like things to be laid back, hopefully with an active Discord. Definitely looking for a group with a competitive edge too, when the time calls for it. Casual/Hardcore: Potentially semi-hardcore (depends on how much interest I develop in the game in its current state) Focus: PvP (small group/sieges), light RP-PVP, Crafting (haven't specialized in anything yet) once I figure out the system a bit more Play-Style: Generally some kind of damage-dealer, but flexible. Right now I have a Champion and Templar, trying to feel out which one I enjoy more. Faction: No idea what it'll be come launch, but for the current campaign (Zaleena) I chose Order. Trial by fire 🔥 Game Experience: Everquest, Anarchy Online, Dark Age of Camelot, Star Wars Galaxies, Star Wars The Old Republic, Lineage II, Aion, Shadowbane, World of Warcraft (current) Voice-Chat services: Discord, Teamspeak Languages: English Early access availability: Recently bought the Adventurer Starter Pack, whichever level that grants. Recruited by a guild. Thank you to all that showed interest.
  8. Zion, that is one person I think I do remember. Though I think he was mostly isolationist or just rising to power as I was on my way out. He was an Aracoix and the leader of one of the IA guilds IIRC.
  9. Welcome! From one Crowfall noob to another.
  10. @Thallis Your name sounds so familiar to me. Were you part of Dominion leadership? Wish some logs or screenshots still existed of those times.
  11. Just wanted to pop in and say hi to everyone. New Crowfall backer here, prior Shadowbane Chaos server vet. Hoping Crowfall can match or exceed the fun times I had in that game! Play to crush!
  12. Ahhh Warrior Nation. I was a member of their Shadowbane section leadership during launch and for some time after. My character's name was Cirran. Lots of good memories politicking/warring on the forums and in-game. Cleaned up a lot of messes for people in that guild and put out a lot of PR fires on the forums. Eventually, some of my closer friends, including a guy named Twilight, broke off and formed the Ice Alliance guilds. I made a promise to him I would never fight against him, and when it was clear that the rest of the leadership wanted a war with IA, I decided to step down and leave WN. Sounds like I missed a hell of a fight! But man, that had to be one of my best experiences in any MMORPG. There were some great people on that server, and I hope Crowfall will hold a candle to it! Cheers to all the Chaos vets.
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