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  1. I get that, I wish it would have said that on the Crowfall website prior to me paying $60 lol
  2. Hi all. I really want to like this game. I paid $60 buck to test and to get early access. I'm in a guild but I young kids and I can't hop on and chat at night. Prior to this last wipe that wasn't a problem. I could level on mobs, get gold, pick the disciplines for crafting and make ok armor. Now I can't even solo. Gold is a rare commodity, most things can't be sacrificed for xp anymore. I was ok with the idea of going solo and trying to survive in the wild, but this is last patch felt like we went in the wrong direction. I could get if we were in full swing and there were thousands of players on at a time to pair up with. Any plans to make this game a little easier to solo in?
  3. Thanks all. This wasn't clear, but thank you for the help. Does anyone know if this will be the same at launch?
  4. I thought I created a kingdom correctly but every time I attempt to enter it I get "no scenarios found" error?
  5. Hello all. I have a bunch of items (EK build items ) from my founders pack taking up space in my spirit bank. Is there any way to delete or move them. I have not been able to successfully launch an EK where I could use the items. Thank you in advance for your help.
  6. @Hyriol thanks, was confusing it with my range power!
  7. In terms of development, do you guys have a backlog or record of bugs that we could have some view to? This could help in terms of seeing the priority of work and for the testers, seeing that an issue has already or hasn't been recorded. Could be password protected, etc.
  8. This would be cool, but they have to fix the problem with guards being able to see stealth units. What the point of being able to tunnel under keep walls if you get nailed by the guards?
  9. Was there a nerf or did the info on the ability card not get updated. I have 5 full pips and I'm only getting five shot for rapid fire. The ability says it should be 20, which I could have sworn it was a few days ago. *shrug
  10. Hi all! Just started playing Crowfall a week ago. Long time MMO player. This reminds me a bit of Shadowbane and DAOC. Happy to be part of the beta.
  11. Ok i see that the camera behavior is based on mode. Interesting.
  12. I there an auto camera option? Not used to not being able to control my camera with my mouse. #noobCrowfallPlayer lol
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