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  1. Well the guard, you claim can't move also has 3 times the damage and attack speed and a higher range which makes is a valuable asset the way it is, if you think its useless.....no helping that. Besides all I said in the first part of my response is the gold requirement and if you claim it to be irrelevant I am not gonna bother explaining. Besides all I am saying is that if there is a wall/structure to be used as a cover against arrow fires, doubt it counts as an abuse. Well what the developers come out with the decision is up to them. But right now the way it is, I would call that to be a smarter way of playing rather than an abuse. Just like how balance had all their people jump over the keep walls before siege started in the trial of Valkyn, its not an abuse.......its just smart play.
  2. I thought the rangers were given the benefit of long range sniping for a reason, never knew people would complain when getting hit by them. 1k gold is not a bad buy when you get an R10 guard from it.......What if you had to go through 10 phases with 1k each for R1 -> R10? But yea, those are some good snipping skills @The_Scarlett_Blade. Use of blind spots is also part of the deal, like even if you are a ranger and you cant bring the target to the line of sight you can't hit them. So why not use it well? Its a great opportunity to show off some skills. No point crying about it saying its an abuse. I have seen bugs and abuse that have been exploited and won't go pointing fingers.....WE ALL KNOW WHO DID IT!
  3. 12 hours re-spawn time for a minor (Scroll Case) that is limited to 3 in number on a NPC vendor, that is a joke of an upgrade. So you can have 1 person just time it and come buy the 3 of em all the time and sell it for a horrifyingly higher price. Wait a go ACE, more of a down grade than an up grade. Secondly now minors drop from chiefs that spawns every hour and you can't even unequip them. You have to destroy them?? Considering the spawn time and the drop rate of the minors, that's an even bad of an update. The new mobs and stuff are good, but you guys really need to work on how you implement stuff if you want to retain players @thomasblair@jtoddcoleman. I mean there are 3 scroll case disciplines that is being bought by one person currently, I am guessing the price to be 160 gold and it is sold off for 30000 gold. There is no competition. Like the price is set by the seller, there is no control factor. Besides 3 of them can be hard to suffice for people from both NA and EU servers. Why cant you people just make that discipline a normal one like artisan crafting? It would make the game more enjoyable.......at least for the people who don't have the whole day to stare at an NPC store trying to find the timer on it.
  4. When is this patch set to go live? Is there going to be a wipe for this?
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