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    Played EverQuest (Tallon Zek PvP), Asheron's Call (Darktide), Shadowbane, Guild Wars 2 (Jade Quarry), Planetside 2 (Waterson/Emerald), League of Legends (Gold Season 2), and DayZ (Hardcore 1PP).
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  1. Wow, Annads, I had no idea about this, thank you very much for sharing! Can you point me to where I can find more information? I didn't even know about PayPal options, for example. So if I back on PayPal, I can withdraw my kickstarter pledge -- they're unrelated? Has the kickstarter already charged everyone's card since the milestone was reached, or is it after the countdown timer? And they have identical tiers in the PayPal method, with identical reward structures, etc.? Thanks, again!
  2. The entire point of the early bird price tiers is to nudge people to go a tiny bit higher than they otherwise might have. I am not someone with a disposable income such that I'd go in at $175. However, I am someone that could go in around ~$125 or so, if it's appealing enough. And when there's that extra twenty dollar nudge to bump up to Gold tier for an early bird, and the benefits are appealing enough, then I'd make the bump whereas I otherwise wouldn't have. It's not like we need to have this multi-post conversation about it. I know the options. It just seems like you're being unnecessa
  3. Now that it's my only option available, I certainly could -- absolutely. But my point is, if you're tracking with me, that instead of getting the silver for $130, I would have easily jumped an additional $20 to get the early bird gold at $150. And that's what I would've done, that's all I'm saying.
  4. No, the early bird Golds are all gone -- only normal gold tiers remain. If someone changes their tier and opens a spot, I could grab it.
  5. Dang, had this information been published before, I definitely would've upped my backer level to the early bird gold, for that sweet Nightmare mount. Bummer.
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