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    Played EverQuest (Tallon Zek PvP), Asheron's Call (Darktide), Shadowbane, Guild Wars 2 (Jade Quarry), Planetside 2 (Waterson/Emerald), League of Legends (Gold Season 2), and DayZ (Hardcore 1PP).
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    New Haven, Connecticut
  1. Any Crowfall players enthusiastic about getting into Albion Online?
  2. theomancer


    +1 for DayZ. No other game can get your heart pounding and adrenaline pumping to such intense levels, it's insane.
  3. theomancer


    This is not the definition of pay2win. There are almost literally zero games where there is an item in the game that grants power, that can *only* be achieved through a real-money-transaction (RMT). That would be stupid, and nobody would play it. The whole reason the free2play model works is because buying items with RMT doesn't usually feel too unbalanced for non-playing players. PC Gamer wrote a great article about this, contrasting good microtransaction games (League of Legends, Planetside 2, etc.) from the ones that functionally become pay2win (ArcheAge, etc.). Instead of asking, "Are there items that can EXCLUSIVELY be purchased with cash?" in order to define pay2win, instead we need to ask a more nuanced question: "Is the grind for free2play players reasonable, such that free players can still reasonably maintain competitiveness, without having to pay to keep up with the power advantage?" If a free player doesn't stand a chance in hell competing against paid players, then it's pay2win -- regardless of whether the free player can still "TECHNICALLY" achieve items without paying (if they grind for a year straight, etc.). These sentiments are where a game can start to flirt more with a functional definition of pay2win. If the grind in a game is so egregious, and the real-money-transactions are so important and necessary that you almost can't even imagine playing the game without having them, then it starts to become more pay2win. All this being said, I'm not saying MWO is pay2win -- because I've never played it, and I have no idea. But based on your statements, I can't say that I trust your assessment of the game being "not pay2win" given what your definition of "pay2win" is. It's not a question of whether you can buy power that's unachievable by other players, it's a question of what "achievable" really looks like. Just because a player can "technically" get something, doesn't mean they can functionally.
  4. theomancer


    Anyone play? I used to play it way, way, way back when it was still a browser-based game in closed Beta, before it came to Steam. It looks unbelievably streamlined now, completely and utterly overhauled -- and extremely nice looking. I'm thinking it might be fun to try to get into it again. Any Crowfall folks have or play Rust at all?
  5. theomancer


    I would love to play this game, but the pretty strong unanimous opinion seems to be that the microtransactions are pretty super pay2win feeling. Thoughts?
  6. I have to agree. Crowfall generated insane hype way before the Kickstarter even started, so when they FINALLY launched the kickstarter, the media campaign was in full frenzy mode, and everyone blew the lid off the funding goals. I also completely agree about the funding. I think they need to do $15 or $20 for the box, and then do microtransactions on skins, emotes, dances, etc. Shame, though. The game really is freaking fun as all get out. I found myself playing for hours and hours and hours. And then finding myself wanting to come back for more, afterward! >_<
  7. The kickstarter was only for speeding up the art assets, not the game development itself -- which is also why it was such a small financial goal. So it's not the end of the world, really! Just a speedbump on art now.
  8. Hehe, yup. My IRL brother and I made a tiny guild, "Zombie Ninja Pirates," and we've been on the leaderboard in 3rd/4th place all morning (for resources and "efficiency") -- but I had to go to work. >_< There's this dude named "Bint" who is insanely good, and last Sunday he was able to 1v3 us easy. This time around it looks like he's named himself "MoistBint" or something. Guild is "Kisses and Hugs." Keep an eye out for him. ;-P
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