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  1. Well in truth that's why I'm asking. Some of the gameplay elements changing (which don't get me wrong a lot of good has come of the iterating) seem to pull in a few directions. Obviously things will continue to change, but I was hoping there was a refined and updated "vision" video or post somewhere to refer to. Ultimately, even if it's cosmetics, there needs to be something for people to chase. Though, given this is more RPG and less PUBG, I am personally hoping for a bit more than skins.
  2. So I've been irregularly following the dev process. With the recent changes to crafting and talents I realize I've missed a lot and now I'm puzzled. I get the core gameplay loop, but what are you doing once you have "the basics" down? Previously I had thought special crafting recipes and ingredients were going to be available to different guilds based on campaign involvement, which would create divergence over time and make comps and characters different as guilds and players would chase different rewards and would end up therefore in different places. Maybe one guild would have su
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