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  1. this is painful , I just realized this myself and am now spiritbanking everything . Have died twice and ticked down epics and legendaries by huge duration
  2. @vkromas @thomasblair Jack of some master of one type class. The melee is fast like any ranger and it scales good with stats(if you don't go hard and max nearly all gl keeping pace) . The bow skills are useful for runners and siege equipment. You get crushing and piercing pen but you can't wear a runic mace only a runic short sword. Alertness is good, constantly doesn't apply but still puts skill on cool down especially when switching trays . Forest step constantly lands you above target and are unable to cripple at times because of this. You can step to players and mobs but never guards for obvious reasons. You are unable to use camo from illusionist for some reason. Powerful supression although terrain interferes with its viability and takes practice to make sure it sticks , tank with the only downside of stake being placed and most don't engage when you are in it. Ranger q is also very powerful and almost chainable however the reduction of damage on players always makes lifesteal almost completely worthless. So PVE king and pvp niche with some strange keystone choices and some definite balance chances needed
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