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  1. Dudes and dudettes, Blair said 'Quiver's are working as intended.' I made a very amateurish video of the difference in damage of a white crushing quiver and white arrows.I just don't understand why this quiver with higher stats does less damage then arrows. And I mean like 50%. I have about 2% more piercing/slashing final damage then crushing, but that doesn't explain it. Can anyone help me understand? I might be missing info. here's the vid: https://drive.google.com/open?id=16rv8qHvSJou-kj6tOWrGHhXcZkjCTYXB
  2. Hello Norlon, I did the same. I found Cleric a bit too boring for me though. But the brigand is pretty cool. Also archers have gotten a range increase recently and are becoming a little more viable depending on your build. Just a quick 'guide' for you. For the brigand I would go a wood elf. Put all points in Dexterity. Further more, go for attack power and crit. Maybe more crit hit damage when your crit chance reaches about 30-35% I don't know what would give the most damage. I didn't do any math, just a feeling. Axes are most used, but i use the swords because they look cooler imo. Gather resources for a green armor with lots of health and abuse that sweet ultimate of ours (Q), Else you will die way too fast. You can use different discipline builds, for example: Poisoner, has a few strong attacks and a poison DoT. But also should turn your melee damage into poison which is quite usefull against plate and mail wearers since they have much less mitigation against that. Sharpshooter it has a root, adds ricochet (don't pick that one from talent tree), range and piercing dmg bonus for range tray. Escape artist is nice since crit generate a dodge pip, a dispel from cc, immunity from cc etc. also nice to look at: Agent provacateur Black mask minor discs: Elven eyes. You see targets sooner then the enemy so more time to enter stealth without them knowing you are there Uniform leather 100 attack power bonus Glass canon could be good when ganking ppl who don't fight back much since it boosts dmg but lowers survivability Demon's pact 1 more slot for passives is nessesary I hope other rangers will share their thoughts aswell since i'm certainly not the most knowledgeable player around and also not the best. Good luck!
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