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  1. Don't feel like relogging (AKA Mayhem_) I wish I could claim newb mistake...... but playing consistently over 2 years. And again, I knew it could happen and do accept the fact that I F'd it up..... but as many have pointed out..... there are way too many EZ fixes for this potentially disastrous (For some) issue. If I was new - this may have made me quit. Heck might as well go all the way - 5.8 has REALLY Kicked my "MY" @$$ First loss - I finally get 13 Epic vessels done and ..... Wipe (No Idea why they wiped vessels) Restart vessels - Build up all the frames..... Nerf - Restart - build up all the soil - Nerf Then add my dumb @$$ 3x wipes...... And..... then "Factions" - Please get the Dregs out soon. Sooo many people that need killing in my own faction It has been hard to play through the losses on a pre-alpha. But I got commits to Son and Guild and keep on keeping on
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