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  1. Where'd the green go?

  2. Chances are, if the Gold-Farmers invade (and most likely they will)... it will be a heck of a lot cheaper than obtaining it via sub/sale in game. But again, who knows. Player-driven economy... inflation, recession. What do we do with these resources exactly in EK...still a lot of information missing.
  3. Hmmm? So, going off what you're saying for your definition of P2W: Paying for an advantage. Your example: I bought some uber sword with indirect irl cash before you, because I had the in-game resources/currency to buy it before you even had the time/skills to amass it. I win the fight. Now even before I won the fight, I paid for an advantage. Now, I won the fight also. Damn, I am really good at this game, I barely broke a sweat buying the uber sword/armor before going into a campaign (which allows me to). Of course, it will only be balance when everyone arrives naked in certain campaigns. AND not allowed to use indirect IRL cash to do anything in those campaigns. Grrr, fine line indeed. We are still missing information on this. Are we going to be able to get the advantage during a campaign, or is it just in EK?
  4. Microtransactions are vital nowadays, if you are planning on updating your game in a somewhat regular basis. I mean it took GW2, a few years for their first expansion, and they had microtransactions and a Buy2Play model. But that was a mix of PvE/PvP, more leaning on PvE imho. I hate to go to League, but while you can "gift" skins, the majority of their earnings are from cosmetics and not tradeable for in game currency or levels or ranks, or anything like that. And they are making a killing and it's F2P. Sure, do they have XP/IP boosters? XP until level 30 (max level). IP, gets you some free characters eventually. I know comparing League and Crowfall, apples to oranges in gameplay terms (somewhat), but monetarily... If League can make billions off of cosmetics that you can't trade/sell to other players, any game in the world can too.
  5. Oh, I know they need to make money, and micro transactions, sure fine. But everything should be player-bound. Not one thing tradeable. Problem solved. They still get their money and we still get our products. My fear, is that they know that players (mostly whales) will be intentionally buying large amounts of micro-transactions for the intent of selling them in-game to amass large amount of resources/currency, etc. They are playing on the fact that these whales and guys that want to get an edge, will buy them in bulk. That's pretty scary imho. I didn't forget player loot, it was in my original post before replying. And no, Pay2Win does not mean the only way to acquire items is via paying IRL cash.
  6. In SB you didn't get to buy VP services/cosmetics, etc from other players with in game gold. Or be able to sell it. Now think about your same scenario. Now include the current trading allowed in Crowfall. Multiply your price a month after launch by 10-100. Inflation may be perspective, but those on the up and up will be the Subs/whales. Trust me, I am going to be subbing, I am just playing devil's advocate here. At this moment, it's a very very tight line when it comes to the current model.
  7. Economy in games is usually a big thing, and when the game is focused around player-economy, it becomes a bigger deal. I actually have no issue with the passive training, eh, 15 bucks a month, you get to have all 3 toons on it. Everyone already gets one, and if it's their main character, that's all they'll want to play/train anyway. It's how, if at all, the economy will be affected by all the whales at launch, and then in the coming weeks after launch. Either huge inflation, or a huge recession. Or both. Adding the ability to trade cosmetics, let alone VP services, and whatever else they may include is very dangerous for an player-based economy.
  8. Yeah, but in essence, that's Pay2Win. We might be looking at it wrong though. And that still doesn't solve how new players are going to come into a world with inflated prices. Just because there is a hard cap on gear, doesn't mean those prices just won't keep going up, actually it's a certain guarantee.
  9. I'll just CP my post in the Official Thread: Biggest concern is inflation of prices for new players. If this game is going to be a "niche" game as it is, what's the incentive for new players to come in?
  10. Interesting Payment System. I am on the line though about it being Not Pay to Win and Pay to Win due to the ability to sell products/VP Services, etc. We'll see how it plays out though. Seeing how most of the game is full/partial loot, I am thinking that's the justification for most of it. Chances are, even if you do pay real money to sell items, to buy bigger weapons/armor, if you don't have the skills to keep it on you, well, you just lost out on some money... But then, what if you do have the skills, and you just keep using the real money transaction to make yourself bigger and bigger in the game. Hard sell for sure. Very tricky. Player driven economy, I like. But inflated prices getting crazier and crazier as the game progresses... How will that affect new players after a few weeks, let alone months?
  11. tr= troll fu= custard as= unpleasant person sh= poorly made socks sc= scrub no= noob pus= cute fluffy kitten cu= %+@!$#?&*^ who= sweet pea bit= gripe
  12. You stole that from Log Horizon and I love it.
  13. Hey, where's Jane at today? I thought me and ubermonkey may have caught a glimpse of her today.
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