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  1. Where'd the green go?

  2. No, it just cheapens his "status" Maybe not, but you are causing likes to become worthless due to inflation. The problem is using the guild threads as spam and guild message board. The original intent of the boards is to recruit members and look for a guild. Imho, stop with both. Including the likes spamming.
  3. I was trying to figure out how seventhbeacon went from 500ish Likes to almost 1000 in a few days. He has his guildies/buddies like every single of his post... tsk tsk.
  4. Let me know if you see this~ Need to talk to you~

  5. Points can be removed at a moderator's discretion. The more positive you are on the forums, the better the chances. The more negative you are, the more likelihood of being permanently banned due to reports.
  6. Why would you think that moderators hold grudges? If they are constantly moderating someone, it stands to reason, that the offender is the one posting, not the one moderating.
  7. All I ask, is that the thread derailments stay in off-topic or shadowbane forums. Even then, be careful.
  8. Of course. It's quite alright. He is merely asking, not being abrasive, demanding or abusive at all. Even if some may see it as trolling, it's classy. Now, if someone hits the report button on a post. It gets sent to us. We review it, if there is justification of a point-based warning, based on the severity, points will be issued, along with an explanation as to why it was. However, if it seems like an innocent mistake, or something that is borderline, we will issue an "Other" warning, which is basically a Verbal Warning (slap on the hand), no points are issued. I will not d
  9. My mistake. You are right, you were issued a warning for spamming another thread. It was non-constructive and someone reported you on it. Normally I would not call you out, but you posted the warning for all to see in public so I have responded in kind. Your warning was from another post you made and was reported on. And then moderated.
  10. No one has moderated you at all in this thread.
  11. The posts are hidden where they can be viewed by other mods. Nothing is getting out of hand and I would implore you to give us the benefit of the doubt that what we are doing is for the benefit of the community as a whole rather than the opposite.
  12. Last few pages have been off topic or random. Moved to Off Topic while reviewing the whole thread. *Reviewed, moving it in Shadowbane sub-forum.
  13. Still Excited!

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