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  1. I would love to assist however i can Kraahk. I've been suggesting new players try on a smaller scale within my online friend groups. What would you suggest i do to get the word out on a broader scale? Is there anyone I can speak to about helping out Sydney side ❤️?
  2. So I realise that this has probably been asked a huge number of times but for the life of me I can’t find an answer. I absolutely adore what is being being done with this game and am thoroughly enjoying what the devs are working so hard to create. But I would really love to know whether Oceanic servers will be implemented? If they are not planned, I’d prefer to take a step away from the game now so it doesn’t make the breakup/heartbreak worse 😂. It is such a great game so far but the latency issues for an Australian are near unplayable sometimes. We will never be competitive on an NA server. thank you in advance for any response ♥️.
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