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  1. Most games have that design. What is different is they usually have a good NPE with clear cut teaching and the actual PVE isn't so bland. IMO, GR should consist of quests to make all tools, basic armor/weapons, couple mobs kill quests, sacrifice some things, make a bandage, train a couple talents and select passive training paths. Along with sigh, one caravan escort quest. All of which should provide enough EXP to be 30 or at least quite a bit a ways along. Maybe 20-25 with the remaining 5-10 levels sped up for GR freebie vessels. There could even be a small stronghold with some siege weapons to give a whirl, be it in GR or Infected. Players could choose to skip some or all of it I guess and just mindlessly grind on mobs, but my hope is the NPE would be engaging and worth doing at least once. Beyond that, leave it do "research" and asking people what to do, but initially there needs to be an abundance of engaging play disguising teaching. Until there is something in place beyond "Devs said they'll do NPE eventually," it will be judged by what is available. If these types of things aren't in by beta, yikes.
  2. Which is fine and the floated idea of blueprints might allow something like that, but for now we have click click click click click system that locks people into staring at a UI window. For those that enjoy crafting and don't see it as a chore of fire n forget task, it would be nice to make it a bit more interesting visually if not the actual interaction itself. Like how harvesting has/had pips and buffs, hot spots to target and things that elevate it from hold a key and watch netflix.
  3. He gave his honest opinion based off the experience had with what was available in-game. I've never heard of a MMO where someone needed to do "research" or had to join a guild to understand the basics. He showed off everything that GR has to offer (combat, leveling/talents, harvesting, crafting, map, etc). It's not like he logged in, had 1 lag spike and logged out. He's also tried CF in the past and as he said, the overall experience and bugs haven't changed a great deal. 5.110 Would have shown some much needed progress but some of the big picture issues he has are still very real (GR is a boring PVE grind barrier to the "real game, combat has issues, UI system is not great, QOL like auto loot, world looks and feels empty because it is). Title of the video "Is It Worth Playing Yet?" It shouldn't take hours, research, and slogging through GR to figure that out. Games need to hook people asap. Clearly Crowfall isn't a full game yet, but he didn't say it was at all. He did question why it is still this far from finished after 5 years compared to other games. Looking at his video of Ashes and their Alpha progress, I have to ask the same question. Really, all we have to do is look at the activity of the community to get his answer. Overall, no it isn't worth playing yet for the vast majority of players. Maybe months from now, beta, or launch? I have no idea. As a KS backer, I have barely logged in over the last couple months because I agree with his view.
  4. We all have our own tastes. I like some variety but considering how popular other games are with one map (League of Legends) or ever growing handmade worlds (every other MMO), it doesn't seem to be a huge problem to a game's health. I can only hope they'll add more biomes, POI, land formations, whatever over time, but with how long it has taken to get this far I don't know if that is another couple years down the road and if the game will even make it that long. If resources were random and not static I'd agree about exploring, but doesn't seem to be the case unless that has changed. Haven't run any harvesting loops for a while. POI placement and land control can definitely be interesting but again it seems like the maps are not that exciting to make it so. Things are random, but there isn't enough tings to randomize, nor interesting space to place them in.
  5. Now it is known to his ~500k followers or at least the 67k that watched the video Expecting things to be intuitive isn't crazy. Seeing little to no improvement in that department after 5 years can be surprising. ACE said they could get this thing out faster, cheaper, easier then larger games so expecting them to do so doesn't seem unreasonable.
  6. Considering the lack of content overall, caravans seem like a "core" mechanic at this point. Kickstarter didn't has much core playable features anyway. ACE makes them sound like a big deal so I assume they should be in the day to day experience. Even if they aren't something everyone does all the time, they shouldn't look/function so poorly. Only hope time will help.
  7. Yes that's why I asked. UI is better looking and less laggy but still needs work. Receive experience from harvesting/crafting now. Map has improved but like the UI overall, needs more love. Beyond that I'm not sure what specific items he mentioned weren't correct or why his reported experience is "worthless." He clearly isn't a big fan of Crowfall itself, but as he mentioned, he should fall into the target audience for it. Have seen similar comments made from people that backed during KS and return every once in a while and new players. Hopefully he does more videos in the future as he has a large following, but hopefully the game is in a better state then as well. 5.110 is welcome but it isn't night n day difference IMO. He just did a Ashes of Creation video as they showed of their Alpha preview a couple days ago. Can tell he is excited for Ashes so his overall opinion is more positive, but as someone that has backed both, I am in a similar position. Ashes is 2 years behind Crowfall and so far looks like it has a lot more potential. Will have to see once I get my hands on Alpha and not just devs showing what they want, but I'm impressed. On paper, Crowfall is a much simpler game design. Unfortunate if another game with a similar situation out does them in quantity of features but quality as well.
  8. ACE markets it like it is playable. Maybe I'm jaded, but I find little about crowfall to be "new." Obviously most of it is technically new as they created it, but likely have seen it done similar if not better in another game. The few semi-unique features aren't miles a head of what has been around for 20 years. I'd rather take one very well designed world map then "unique" maps that look 95% same and are dead/empty looking. Guess I don't get excited if a clump of trees is 50 ft to the left or right. For a game supposed to be about strategy and PVP, sad to see no map design to encourage it. Choke points?
  9. They mentioned 2020 release recently. So it is getting close but as they've been way off before, I'm not holding my breath. They have ~66k paid accounts and ~354k overall. If they can only pull ~200 for the current version, I really hope they hit at least 1k once free invites go out. Still there are games that have done quite a bit more while in development.
  10. You mean leveling experience? I meant for applying to Passive Combat Training (Weapons/Armor) like Crafting n Harvesting.
  11. Plenty of alpha/betas/early access version of games have had no issue retaining and gaining numbers. If a game is fun, people will play it. Yes a core crowd is still around but compared to years ago, it is much smaller. There is a wave for updates and then things drop as expected. ACE goes quiet and more drop. To me it seems like there should be a slow n steady increase over time if the game is improving and becoming an actual game. Plenty are likely waiting for launch or at least beta, but the current base seems like it is much lower then it could/should be at this point. Once an update makes it to Live it is pretty playable, it isn't like this is a pre-pre-pre Alpha as Lazypeon mentioned where the game is unplayable. With Dregs it is almost feature complete going off of what ACE has said. Still I believe his video was fairly accurate, despite the overly critical view he had. Can look at it half full or empty, but both are correct.
  12. They did a reveal for every other class added and FW seems a step or two more complicated then most. If it wasn't standard before, I wouldn't expect it. Doesn't need to be a 30 min "how to" video. The page Tinnis linked is even a bit excessive. Considering it took 5 years to get the FW out the door, seems like they could of tasked someone to spend a couple hours one day typing up a description and clipping some screen shots. If you look at the past reveals it really isn't anything extensive. It isn't the end of the world like 100% game related things, but if they want people excited, playing, testing, then there should be some degree of accessibility and information up front. Although they seem fine having the same ~200 people playtesting so maybe growth is not their goal now (or ever). They've held back updates for months because "marketing" said so. Seems odd overall.
  13. To me it is weird they haven't take the time to flesh it out. Was one of the plausible systems from Kickstarter that hasn't made it in (sorry Voxels and VR). They've shown at least two art versions so someone was put on it at some point, unless those are 100% art and have no functionality. The potential for the system could be much more interesting then leveling talents or passive training. They already have most of the resources they need in some form already. Just need to put the pieces together. https://crowfall.com/en-US/news/articles/first-look-character-creation-overhaul/ - June 2017
  14. I highly doubt FF will ever be a factor in designing anything in the game. For FF to work well they would need to rework almost every aspect of combat, classes, stronghold design, etc. They can easily switch it on I assume, but it's going to result in 100 v 100 turning into 100 1v1 duels or everyone playing range. The lack of precise aim, collision, physics along with the heavy use of AOEs, cone, raycasts, tight quarter fights etc just don't go well with FF as is. Imagine FF in fort/tree fight.
  15. Honestly haven't paid much attention to the specific math for quite some time. The FAQ still states it works as you describe with the initial training going fast for a node then slowing down. If all training is flat that is unfortunate. Assuming this changed a long time ago when the layout changed to whatever shape along with the stats gained per node/pip. I'd prefer everyone having access to all training fast, but then progress slow over time. People need things to do in this game and I don't see any harm in everyone having access to shovels or other harvesting/crafting options. Actually being good at it stat wise is what should require training. The newer linear radial layout is brain dead when it comes to training. No branching, no choice, no thought. Find an end point and follow the straight (curved) road.
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