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  1. During the last stream it sounded like they believe Champs are okay at the moment. Not sure if they play their own game, plan on helping out many other class/promos, or were just being funny.
  2. APE

    Duelist 5.8 Feedback

    Which is okay in a ganking or 1v1 situation as the target likely is at a disadvantage anyway and the ganker could be most classes. Beyond that, good luck exposing someone in a mass of bodies and keeping focus on them, especially with the camera angle. Would be interesting to have an AOE expose like a flare that would allow multiple targets to receive addition damage/effects from classes that benefit from exposed state.
  3. With Alpha supposedly happening last Summer and them alluding to "launch" happening this year, I question how much will make it in by launch. Making a news post about Adv/Disadv in 2017 and seeing nothing about it since is odd and I wonder what kind of in-house timeline they have to be so off in their projections. As far as armor, they could do something like +30% DMG to leather or whatever in a no frills way to balance things. Although that probably wouldn't change much. Rather they kept it where we could wear anything we want but each type or piece of armor came with pros/cons. As is, there is no con to taking stronger armor. Why be a Slayer instead of a Dirge, why be an Inquisitor over a Sanctifier. Looking at the current "meta," it isn't shocking that a few builds are ideal. I assume with high enough quality gear and organization some of the issues go away, but the top few percentile shouldn't be what they base the game around.
  4. This would be great, not just for leather but for the game. Seemed like originally we would have more choices (wear/use any armor/weapon) but they've gone away with that. I made another topic asking what happened to Advantages & Disadvantages. Which could offer similar boosts like run speed and fall damage reduction. I'm not sure if ACE has the resources or care to make the game that interesting currently.
  5. APE

    Duelist 5.8 Feedback

    The camera angle has really turned me away from the race/class. Which should be a rather simple adjustment to make more enjoyable. Beyond that, the class needs some love as do many, be it the base or promos. Was really hoping for more GW2 Thief where using dual pistols, only melee, or one of each would make a different play style, unlock different powers, or at least adjust the base ones to compliment the role. As is, they crammed everything into one bar and too much is situational or requires XYZ while not providing much in return. If Duelist are supposed to gank new players, I guess they'll do that okay.
  6. I would rather have WoW or GW2 like systems then the current talent system. But things like the Adv/Dis idea would be a help.
  7. I don't disagree but we aren't playing "The Game," but rather a poor version of hopefully what is to come. Deciding to give out launch rewards while still in what they call "Pre-Alpha" is silly IMO. There is so much missing and broken that should be fixed now if not by Alpha, Beta, and then Launch. Stat/gear gaps that don't reflect the "super shallow power curve," bugged and broken things across the board, lacking NPE, lack of deeper scoring/rewarding, etc. They released an update during the Trial that seemed to have broken as much if not more than fixed. Should have at least did a full wipe prior to all this (characters/bank/training). Playing with what is available and using every advantage to win is how things should be, but currently the "Game" is a mess and trying to pass it off as something more than it is while enticing players to game the system is a recipe for exactly what is happening. What did they learn from this? People will stack whatever advantages to win. Really? Who would of known. What I learned from this post from ACE is they might not have the answer to make the game they envisioned and that I imagine many of us are looking for. For future trials, I hope rewards are cosmetic only. Although I believe it should be more about rewarding people for testing/playing such a unfinished product instead of who is full on try harding months/years prior to launch. As is, everyone can get the same reward, minus the cosmetic differences, so whatever. Still it highlights what is to come if ACE doesn't figure out how to make a game for a large audience. Unless they can keep the lights on with 1 campaign and 500 customers.
  8. Has there been any word as to where this system is at? Scrapped, pushed to post-launch, or in progress? @jtoddcoleman, @thomasblair There was an article June 2017 by Billy Garretsen that showed some shots of it but can't find any mention since. Appears he left June of last year. https://crowfall.com/en-US/news/articles/first-look-character-creation-overhaul/ Along with this, there have been various screen shots of different character creation screens with class powers, racial benefits, and base stats/attributes to allow players to get an idea of what a particular combo provides prior to creation. Is there any plan to go this route at some point? https://crowfall.com/en-US/media/conceptarts/character-create-runes https://mmopulse.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/03/Crowfall-Screenshot-Lob.jpg
  9. Albion Online which also uses Unity had zone caps of 500 I believe. Guilds would zerg to lock smaller groups out and or just use lag to their advantage. Wondering if ACE can even get up to that cap with how graphically more demanding I assume the game is in comparison or if Unity is just not good enough.
  10. Wouldn't mind then sneaking mounts back in, maybe it was intentional. Still they need to get the hacks handled before they catch on.
  11. Speed, jump, teleport hacks are possible. Hopefully ACE takes care of it quickly.
  12. Risk vs Reward. The game is far from finished and doesn't exist. We have one campaign type with one rough draft version of a ruleset. Beyond them having a lot hidden away in the studio, I don't see much need to redo anything. They actually need to make it and do it well. Albion Online is fairly similar in many ways and I wouldn't mind them taking some inspiration from them, however, it also had/has major issues that likely still persist (haven't played in a while). They too have ways to "win" be it small or large scale matches that impact land control which influences resources and all that comes with it. Simply having Campaigns go poof doesn't remove Uncle Bob. Snowballing seems a live and well. A player driven economy and vertical power system is hard to balance but hopefully they manage to make the power curve shallow while still rewarding players for harvesting/crafting and putting in effort supplying themselves. Reaching X tier shouldn't heavily sway things too much where active combat skill is a non factor, especially if vessels/gear can't be looted. When it comes to zergs, cross faction play, or whatever number advantage, I see no counter. If it's just swarm or be swarmed (if the servers don't melt), that's what people will do. Until only the strong survive and find themselves occupying one server holding each others hands in a circle singing. Or likely off to play the next thing like usual. Dregs and low/no import is a solution but we've yet to see how they plan to do that and again the faction issues apply there just without the pre-made teams. Win trading incoming. People already gave up day 1 of a pre-alpha over a gold badge. If that happens at launch, the game is over. There are things they could do such as not rewarding players taking unguarded POIs. Give the team with the most camps captured a +10% harvest bonus in that zone. Let siege and actual PVP or two+ sided events run the scoreboard. Albion has leaderboards for crafting, harvesting, solo/small/large scale PVP, etc. All of which ACE could do and reward players for the time/effort across multiple ways of playing. They are far from release and this thing is far from finished. My hope is what we have is the get something out the door to keep people occupied and not what they envision the game being like.
  13. Having played Albion in beta and at launch, it wasn't surprising to see things go the way they did. The first couple days with guilds basically zerging/buying their way to own everything and continue to dominate was silly (was part of one such guild). Devs tried to please PVE and smaller groups/soloers but it wasn't a cohesive package that worked, but a bunch of bandaids on top of a good concept. I don't see Crowfall going in a much different direction unfortunately. Some fans believe it will work itself out over time, but beyond wishful thinking, there is no evidence of that. I hope ACE has some ideas that they can actually implement properly prior to launch, but I have no clue what they are doing. They mentioned Alpha (feature complete to some degree) happening end of last Summer... Don't believe they should be too focused on individual or large group experiences currently. They need to finish the major systems. Wasting time balancing and fine tuning little things to make a couple hundred testers happy is a waste. However, I don't believe they should offer launch rewards with the current state of things either. If they don't see soloing as a realistic way to play even in factions, that should be spelled out on the site so people don't waste their time. IMO, soloing shouldn't be a focus. This should be a social game and experience. Doesn't mean people can't play a lone or in small groups, but they should need to be part of a larger entity to progress and do anything worthwhile. Joe 1 hour a day or 4 hours a week shouldn't be the target audience, doesn't mean he can't still have a good time within his limitations.
  14. ACE shouldn't artificially control campaigns or police us in that way. Guilds can do whatever they want within the rules provided. If getting a particular color border on a small item on a character is that important to people, wait and join the winning side. Not sure why people are upset about losing or taking pride in "winning" a pre-alpha campaign in the broken unfinished mess that it is. They are giving out participation trophies to show how meaningful this is 🤣 What this shows is how simplistic the campaign design is and how far they have to go. If they don't get more creative down the line, all people will have are their memories of winning/losing pre-alpha campaigns.
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