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  1. True. Still wish vessels decayed. For a game built around the idea of worlds ending, everything else should too. Did I miss the lore article on how ghosts magically transport their frankenstein bodies and tons of rocks to different planets? Between that and some God tier scoreboard in the sky with them caring how long someone stands in a circle, I just have to Vessels must have the same magic of the Walking Dead zombies. 10+ years in and they still walking around.
  2. Which makes me question why would anyone not use legendary then? Kind of makes a tiered system a waste. If that is possible now, how much easier will it be 6 months or 2 years in when people will have a lot lying around and prices will have dropped. Initial players will have to put in more effort and have more time gated, but in the future it might be trivial to obtain high tier everything. Along with catch up mechanics to bypass whatever time gated others had to deal with.
  3. Active progression could have caps in place to limit how much could be done in a day/week/month, could just take a good while even going 24/7, and could have diminishing returns as the initial idea behind passive training seemed to be. I like the idea of passive progression, but wish active/passive were both done different to play off one another better. All of this is built around making the game and stats so vertically heavy. Instead of adding in horizontal choices that require a bit more thought, it's just get whatever color is better and 5 > 1. Obviously can't change that now but it is unfortunate and funny they just copied the same model people trash about PVE games that are endless gear/stat treadmills. I don't want to see people in maxed gear day 1, but eventually the floor will rise and there likely will be little value in lower tiers of everything. A 6-12 month initial roadblock is nothing for a game that should live on for years. Maybe you know more about catch up mechanics, but seems pointless to implement a catch up that would make holding people back initially somewhat pointless.
  4. How many hours was that? What was obtained solo, traded, guild provided? I can log in and be handed legendary everything and say it took me 10 min to have a legendary character.
  5. Seems like you are presuming as well. Until it happens, it hasn't. Will be interesting to see how they begin the polishing and balancing process after the next update.
  6. Depending on how you want to interpret or define "Uncle Bob," a campaign starting with one side having larger numbers, better organization, better skilled players, more quality items/resources/vessels to import, and whatever previous benefits isn't too different then starting the year with a 7-0 record. X guild/faction winning a previous campaign doesn't mean they will win the next but it isn't hurting their chances. I enjoy both open world MMOs and competitive lobby games. ACE seemed to be pulling ideas from both but so far I don't see the blend working entirely. Cherry picking features loses their value if the rest of the model is missing. Leaderboards and MMR for example are a huge deal for competitive gaming. If I went up against pro gamers every match, a game ending doesn't change how crappy that feels. If I lose to relatively equal players, it still sucks, but I know my chances were more 50/50. This isn't exactly "Uncle Bob" but poses the same issue. Players need to believe they have a chance to win or they give up or the match just putters out until time runs out. Seems like this is the case for the majority of Crowfall campaigns. While the next update, Dregs, and a larger population might drastically change things, I don't have the data to support that yet. My hope is we see them expand pre-reqs to join a campaign along with power caps. Need to be X level, have X quality gear/vessel to enter, along with caps along the same lines. Like Blue Vessel/Gear is all one can enter/craft/earn while in the campaign. At least this would even out the stat differences and then it becomes who uses what they have better. Still, I see an issue with top tier players and those with larger forces dominating without anything in place. I don't agree with the OP wanting to reward Uncle Bob even more, but I do agree there needs to be Risk v Reward. It is very much missing across the board. All of this is hard to balance and while open world games have suffered. Crowfall is a change but maybe not quite enough. It definitely will be a niche within a niche.
  7. Except campaigns ending and limited exports don't really shake things up all that much. We have months/years of campaigns and trials as examples of this. Whatever led to a victory probably wasn't dumb luck. The idea that a winning force will some how not repeat what they did or not improve based on whatever they obtained from the previous campaign doesn't make much sense. Losing sides do have a chance to improve as well, but they are already starting at whatever disadvantage they had in the first place unless major changes happened in their favor between campaigns. This is why competitive games of whatever nature have leaderboards, ranking, mmr, etc. We aren't all starting at an equal place and advance differently. It can't be simplified or solved by just ending a campaign. That specific scenario is over, but the contributing factors will continue on to the next ones. This is likely why competitive games are massively more popular then MMOs, especially open world PVP MMOs like this one. People love to compete, but not when there is close to zero structure. The unfairness is why I like these types of games, but I don't pretend Uncle Bob won't enjoy his time here as well. If I can avoid leveling completely that would be one thing but I can't. So it is "pretty significant" to me. The higher the character quality the more significant it becomes. If they make it easier to do other non-PVE grindy activities to advance then it wouldn't be an issue. Time gating training is also significant with the added active progression systems. Unlike games where I am in control of my active progression, I also have to deal with the clock. To be fair they weren't extremely detailed with the original concept, but what it has become doesn't exactly match up and it has developed into something a bit different. As I mentioned above, campaigns ending doesn't seem to be that anti-bob. More of a speed bump. Compared to a lobby type game where everyone starts fresh, Crowfall's persistence and building of high vertical power over time definitely isn't hurting bobby. Not sure what games you've played, but MMOs are grindy by nature and Crowfall isn't cutting down on this at all. If anything it is more grindy depending on the comparison or system. Gank danger isn't danger unless you aren't smart about running with numbers and holding too much at a time. If there was full loot, that would be quite different but seems that is too harsh for those that want a harsh game. The early concepts of victor rewards seemed to aim at giving winners more exports with some examples being 100% and losers 0%, which I'd like to see in whatever forms. If winning is relatively unrewarding beyond cosmetics or bragging, might not compel people to try all too much (looks at past campaigns). If the game wasn't so grindy and there wasn't an active progression system on top of passive, I'd agree that it works, but it doesn't really help create a level playing field. It rewards those with older accounts without a decent catch up mechanic, which defeats the purpose of having time gated progression in the first place. Active systems put the power in the player hands while time gating removes it. If things weren't so vertical and didn't take so long this would be less of a problem. Grind out whatever relatively swiftly and be competitive in whatever role. Instead it can take a good chunk of time to get there. One rewards skill, effort, and playing the game and the other rewards date of purchase. Passive training only levels the field against everyone else passive training. It's a solution for the problem it creates. All the other aspects of play are about grinding and actively playing. There is nothing fair or standard across the board. Someone that logs in rarely might have training to craft, but won't have any idea what to do or the resources to do it. Actively playing like every other game is required to advance. Then again there will be all those alt accounts sitting around training as well...very fair.
  8. While I don't entirely agree with all the concerns or suggestions, I do with the overall intention. I've typed out Risk vs Reward more times then I can count. For a "Throne War Sim" promoting itself as something with a lot of strategy, PVP, meaningful choices, blah blah, I don't see a lot of Risk vs Reward. Grind the most, bring the most players, have older accounts, have more accounts, etc will likely go a long way to victory. Will have to see what the next update brings, but seems to be little reason to attempt to make things more challenges. As in, running a smaller unit of skilled members up against a larger force. If rewards don't reflect effort, why bother beyond personal pride? Bragging rights and pride have value, but the shiny loot or whatever more tangible reward is likely what many what to shove in the face of others. Maybe they can change embargo, loot options and other knobs to have extra risk campaigns, but would need rewards to counter balance.
  9. Fool me once. As someone that has backed several of these games, I'm patiently waiting to see which ends up with the best experience, not which releases first. While it helps, it isn't everything as clearly gamers have no issue hopping to the next shiny vessel as it passes by. Will be nice to have the launch feature set, but a polished, balanced, optimized product might be even more important. Take as much time as your resources allow.
  10. Most of the few debuffs seem to be broad stroke. Decreasing all healing/armor and knocking someone down so a group can melt them isn't very complex or allow much creativity on either side. Slot ABC, use ABC every time regardless of the enemy comp, repeat. I'm overly simplifying it, but maybe not that much.
  11. That's kind of my point if XYZ have been strong for a good while, why change it up? Especially if there is nothing equal or better to change to? Curious what class/discipline is being used to be a support/debuffer type role? I don't mean support = healing. Having plague lord doesn't achieve this, even if you slot all 4 options. Everyone in group having 1 debuff doesn't achieve this. Again, I don't believe it is bad, just as I mentioned earlier, some what shallow. Early on they said this game would have depth/complexity to character building and in turn group comp but I don't see it. Then again I don't play "the game" either. I just log in and check things out, try builds, putter around. Although I can read what class powers/disciplines offer to understand what is available. Would be interesting to get data on which classes, promos, disciplines, powers etc are most/least popular. Will be more interesting when there are thousands logging in.
  12. I agree there is group play, but just isn't as deep as I prefer. This is due to the lack of power types/options, limited bar size, class options, etc. Just the way it's designed which isn't bad, but other games have offered more. No real non-Dps/heal roles to fill for support/cc/debuffer/buffers, etc. Lots of flavors of DPS and CC tacked on along with the required healers which have a small pool to choose from. In the moment I can't choose from XYZ debuffs to play against a particular individual or team comp. With every choice, our options are limited so that it turns into whatever is meta, broke, OP floating to the top. This can be seen in plenty of games/genres. Game gets stale, devs intervene, new meta, repeat. Again, isn't bad but limits on-going creativity as it usually hits a wall until magically someone finds something no one has tried or devs change the game. Once XYZ comp is constructed it all comes down to the limitations it has. Can't step outside the box in the moment. Compared to games that have more tools available across the board and allow more experimenting and on-going choices. I only played Shadowbane briefly, but I believe this is part of what people enjoyed about it.
  13. I haven't been playing as I'm waiting for the next update to see if I should bother anymore, but could you be more specific to what debuffs people are using? Horsey armor break, plague lord, troub, and a couple others. Doesn't really seem as diverse as other games I've played. I'm not lumping CC and Debuffs together if that was unclear. Same as above.
  14. The Templar class has a Fury promotion "class" option but is nothing compared to the SB version. Unfortunately combat is rather shallow (IMO) without any real use of debuffs/buffs or things that aren't DPS or CC. More power is put into gear (grinding) then actual strategy during combat.
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