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  1. Well said. Beyond replying to direct comments to myself, I'm done. I still see a lot of potential, but the team doesn't seem capable or willing to take advantage of it. You might not care or have had the pleasure of watching the progress for the last 6 years, but ACE has shown zero sign that it is changing how they do things. History keeps repeating and the goal posts have wheels. Every day that one less logs in, every news article questioning the game's health, every negative comment, and every game announced/launched/updated, is working against ACE and their likely low funds, shrinking team, and lack of time. I'm glad Crowfall launched and some enjoy it but it is very unfortunate that it didn't live up to the hype. They overconfidently sold themselves and this product. Looking at what happened in UO, SWG, and SB should of been enough red flags, but I hoped a decade or so of more experience would help. Assuming I'm not hooked on something else and they manage to go in a more successful direction, I'll have no problem giving it another shot, but that would take quite a lot. For now they've lost yet another. On the plus side, it's doing better then Camelot Unchained, but at least they offered refunds. 🙃
  2. I like a lot of these ideas but highly doubt ACE would practically re-do the entire game vision and even if they did, they probably lack resources (funding, time, dev talent) to do so. Going F2P and making VIP even more pay for advantage will likely happen sooner then later. Maybe with enough cash flow they could hire more devs (instead of laying them off) and do some big changes, but my guess is they won't deviate too far from the roadmap of basic features that should of already been in.
  3. "Our game has 1 billion build options, make sure to pick the 5 that are worth playing!" - ACE marketing, Retchet Edition
  4. ? I enjoy open world and lobby/instanced PVP of many flavors. Crowfall just doesn't do anything special for me. Not sure what makes Crowfall "old school" considering older games offered more challenging and higher quality content when it comes to PVP. "Old school" and "sandbox" seem to be catch all terms used to excuse a game for lacking quality and quantity. What makes Crowfall old school? What does that even mean?
  5. Yes the population being low for years and at launch is because an exploit was fixed recently. 😄 Which players? They've made design choices seemingly out of nowhere. They can "listen" all they want, but what they do is what matters. Hopefully you give them feedback that makes the game successful long term. Should they be trying to win campaign with god mode on? No, but I see no harm in them experiencing the game from time to time, especially when it comes to understanding how the different systems work or don't work together. Only way to understand is to experience it first hand. In other MMOs the dev team is an insignificant number, in this one, I guess they could have their own "zerg" of 50 folks that could actually make a difference, that wouldn't be so good.
  6. Great, I'm glad a few are. If there are defined rules then it's pretty easy to win/lose a game. Heck many games spell it out "Game Over" "Victory" "Here's a trophy." Of course you can make your own rules and play how you want, but that is possible in any game. There's nothing emergent or whatever buzzy word needed. I actually want to play the game as originally hyped, but it isn't the quality I expect. You wanting to screw around and have fun on your own terms is your deal, but IMO is irrelevant to the game as a whole. Guess it's run around solo doing whatever non-factor activities or throw numbers at everything because the skill level in this game is stuck on the ground floor.
  7. Issue is there are more customers not enjoying the game then enjoying it. Many waited 6+ years for them to release an unfinished product, which they apparently planned to do, yet continue to sell/market it as a launch worthy product. Going by game design choices and numerous dev comments in response to feedback, I honestly doubt they collectively or many individually actually "play" the game to experience what players do. JTC who seemed to have a lot of say in the design probably doesn't play much as he already peaced out.
  8. You can do that in pretty much any MMO. Many have some form of open world PVP as well. Doesn't seem much different then playing WoW or insert game that allows players to do their own thing when they want and be social when it's needed. Basically a solo player experience within a multiple player game. Buzzwords like emergent are silly to me when it doesn't mean anything special in gaming. Emergent, dynamic, sandbox, players are the content, big yawn. One day gaming marketing will think up some new ones just as pointless.
  9. All these discussions are pointless. No one is going to change anyone's mind or bring up something that hasn't been discussed numerous times over the years. The same objective/subjective issues and conversations have persisted. What is your goal? What does it mean?
  10. I accepted that people that defend this game or believe anything in it is OMG amazing have never played other games and or have fairly low standards. It's a game with stuff people can do. That seems to be the bar some have. Which is fine, I'm glad some love it, but the stand people take is just funny at this point.
  11. The commitment is pretty minimal and decreases the longer someone plays, be it a couple hours here and there or every day. Logging into a non-campaign world isn't continued engagement with the point of the game, it's screwing around for a bit in a non-factor world. Unless players can gain something of value which IMO should be little to nothing considering the who point of embargo and campaigns. Does anyone believe that you literally can't play solo? Or is it they believe you can't accomplish much of value to the greater game design goals? Fairly hard to win campaigns and DF rewards all by yourself. Siege is tricky solo. Rather hard to progress by yourself. You can of course farm/take something of value and trade/buy things from other players, but then you aren't really playing solo at that point, you're just not committing to a social group. Actively choosing to not play the game with others makes little sense to me as there are far better games to PVE, PVP, and do a lot more content by yourself or casually with randoms.
  12. Someone got called on a holiday.
  13. Makes sense but would require a good deal of others doing the same thing, which looking at the population and player focus, doesn't seem feasible. Doesn't the game already offer exactly what you are describing, but you don't like the feelz people have about the server/map names? There is nothing forcing people to play in campaigns instead of the starter, less relevant areas. It just makes sense from a game design and goal perspective. Maybe if they bring back Hunger Dome it would fit the need you have? I don't see why they don't just put up a permanent Dregs/Faction world on it's own. No import/export. No divine favor, no siege timers, just let people play how they want in that environment. That whole "sandbox" thing. Could draw in a few, but as they are combining servers/time zones, guessing there isn't enough to go around.
  14. I don't understand why people don't set people on ignore or continue to feed them and wonder why it continues.
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