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  1. It wasn't supposed to be Shadowbane 2.0. It was supposed to take inspiration from it and other games along with trying to improve up some of the shortcomings of those games. Despite the clear copying of some things, unfortunately much of it isn't as interesting as it was in Shadowbane. I assume this is due to numerous factors like a different team, different game design overall, tech, etc. As someone that only briefly played SB as I enjoyed DAoC at the time, I wasn't expecting SB 2.0 and that's not what I backed for. The current game isn't what I was expecting but that is because most of my expectations came from my imagination, not what was promised or shown. Obviously it is subjective but not sure how CF is like themepark games because they added in a started quest line that can be done in less than an hour or because mobs in the world drop gear. It's like them saying Crowfall is like EVE because there is a passive system. That is really reaching. I hope they expand/improve upon character building and progression as it is lacking IMO and not living up to the hype, much of which came from Shadowbane references. Dregs should have some degree of free building, but there seems to be enough grind in regards to building itself. I wouldn't mind them taking another year or even two to get things fleshed out but I doubt that will happen.
  2. I've had it for a month, at some point it started adding the hair to my bald high elf in-game. The guin looks like he isn't amused.
  3. Don't try to pull a fast one. Someone is clearly off screen flipping the light switch.
  4. Less options makes every choice even more meaningful? Believe this is the first game I've followed that actually has less options the further development progresses. My hope is they have been secreting working on a huge update like race/class split or leveling talents that will shut me up, but hope is a funny thing.
  5. As I said, I don't know nor have I paid attention to the exacts of funding and backer growth. Going by those numbers at least $20 million is from individuals and early backers that likely had similar hopes for the game. Toss in a few more million for the first year or two when there was still a fairly active community. A good chunk has come since, but again, wasn't like one day 100k WoW players appeared and started demanding things. There has been a VERY small active community in-game and on the forums for years. As someone that has spent way too much time here, I don't agree with your view. Wartribes/NPE were results of the development process, not to try to be a WoW clone or anything. They coded themselves into corners and have been applying bandaids to get the game done. If crafting wasn't locked behind passive training, EKs worked, there were systems that supported a player run economy, and whatever else, maybe Wartribe gear wouldn't have been needed, but is what it is. NPE is simply a QOL expectation for games in general, this one has a ways to go. I play Albion Online and it has a starter tutorial and PVE is a large part of the game, despite it actually being more harsh then Crowfall in regards to PVP. I wouldn't say it is trying to be like WoW at all. Games just need content and features or people can't/won't bother. I'm with you, I probably wouldn't have given them any money years ago and would of just waited to see it at launch if I knew the future. Same goes for all the games I've backed, but I don't regret it either. Still believe they have a strong foundation, but much needs improvement be it before or after launch, just not sure they'll ever get it to the level I'd like. They didn't promise Shadowbane 2 nor are they making a WoW clone in the least.
  6. The Guin/Satyr camps on the first map are perfect. Decent map coverage, multiple spawn areas and pretty fast respawns. No clue why that isn't the norm in this game. Move on to the next map which has a lot of empty space and little sprinklings of 3 mobs or whatever. Evident that ACE devs either don't play their own game or do so from a dev perspective and not an actual player. Wouldn't mind them walking new players through crafting their first weapon and piece of armor and then following quests provide the missing pieces. So that by the time a white vessel reaches 30 they'd at least have a set of cloth/leather gear, but worse then what drops of mobs or can be crafted with minimal training. No clue how they haven't figured out exp roll over or if they simply don't want it to. Makes no sense from playing any other game with levels. NPE should include a big warning when explaining sacrifice system. I like the xp buff idea for characters after the first is done. Also wouldn't mind some sort of sacrifice value for vessels, especially green or above.
  7. Farming shouldn't be a thing in GR period. Should serve the purpose of introducing new players to the game, leveling white vessels quickly, getting "okay" starter gear, some gold/dust/whatever to move on to Infected or other campaigns. Experienced players shouldn't be going back to GR IMO, beyond trying out new characters. Assuming there are permanent Infected campaigns for training purposes as well. I haven't had issues leveling either, but doesn't mean I've enjoyed it, haven't wasted time running around finding the few spawns, or that it couldn't use a lot more polish. Which doesn't require NPE/quests, but better world layout and mob distribution.
  8. Not much to be confused about. Your vision and that of any player is not the devs vision nor something they can create just because we want them to. Unfortunately, they went with a rather simplistic "conquest" system despite hyping this up to be a Throne War game. I'd much prefer your idea, some of my own, or one of plenty that have been suggested or that other games have done well. Not sure if it is lack of creativity (doubtful) or resources (likely) but this is what they've managed to do after years of development. I hope it continues to grow, but there will need to be more activities throughout the day, every day, to keep people coming back. Fighting over who can stand in circles, run caravans, and grind mobs might not be enough. I would really like to see outposts and other smaller POI across the map have more connections and influence not only on sieges but game play all the time. Maybe one day.
  9. Assuming you haven't been active for quite a while but WoW and its fans don't seem to have any sway on development. Wartribes and NPE have nothing to do with such games. Passive training makes crafting and progression fairly difficult for pretty much everyone, but especially for new players or those that don't come in with a lot of knowledge or friends to carry them. Wartribe gear is an entry gap closer so everyone can at least get something to be minimally viable. Not equivalent to running dungeons or PVE found in other games. Once training is there, dropped gear should have less purpose for experienced players. Drops for crafting, disciplines, and whatever else though still need a source and mobs fit that role. NPE is/was in need. There are so many moving parts that overall aren't that complex once you get an understanding, but new players can get lost on just the basics if they don't know what to focus on. A tutorial explaining mounts, bandages, basics of gathering/crafting, etc should be welcome to any game that wants to have a chance to succeed. Players that want to gain such knowledge on their own can obviously bypass such things if they are really hardcore. IMO, ACE had a decent concept taking a lot of inspiration from older games and riding the nostalgia crowdfunding wave but little actually created/planned out. The KS video made it seem like there was much more finished. No idea how they saw this launching in 2015/2016. Clearly didn't go as planned. I don't have exacts, but seems like the vast majority of money/backers came early on. Didn't seem like there was an influx or heavy growth over the years. Definitely wasn't a bunch of WoW players coming in demanding the next themepark hotness (there were a few). If Crowfall was anything like those other games in regards to polish/content, maybe people would actually play... Instead we have a bunch of half realized systems that sound great on paper, but the reality of making them all function is something else. Can make a procedural world building system but can't make guild banks. Sigh. I didn't want Shadowbane 2.0 but I also didn't want Shadowbane 0.5 either. A modern game should be more feature rich and build upon older game concepts, yet Crowfall is lacking in multiple ways compared to those older products. Is what it is. They'll have to launch at some point, but I hope by then it resembles Crowfall 1.0 and not Alpha 5.2018102 not quite there yet.
  10. No clue how it works but I imagine they can choose to have 5 wartribe camps or 50 on a map, a cluster of 3 mobs or 10. If they can't do such things then they wasted years on the world building systems. It might have some RNG, but they control what the procedural system has to work with.
  11. Zero details how or if this will ever happen as they seemed to have dumped the Tome concept. Until a system exists, the problem persists.
  12. Current size is too small for 2000 but too large for 200. They seem to have spent a considerable amount of time on the world building systems. Odd that they can't or won't make the worlds fit the population better be it Dregs, GR, Infected. With such a system, shouldn't have players complaining that they can't find others, too much running, empty worlds, not enough mobs of whatever type, disciplines don't exist, etc. Unless the goal is to spread players to avoid performance issues until they've been improved? If procedural world building is to blame, then it needs some work. When a new map is spun up, someone should do a once over to make sure it has enough XYZ be it looking at a asset list, doing a fly over, dev speed mode running around the map, anything.
  13. When you are late to the party but think you are the first to arrive.
  14. Assuming they keep more maps then needed due to how strongholds/parcels work or something. Where they can't cram too much into one map, especially with how performance is currently. Beyond that I don't see much reasoning behind it.
  15. More players = More PVP opportunity = Less ability to do PVE. The current experience likely won't carry over to a much larger population. Imagine if there was only 1 map instead of 10. Game play behaviors would be incredibly different. The current ability to solo or single group roam around a map or several should be a thing of the past. Unless giant alliances control 5/10 maps or something which is a separate issue. I would much prefer activities and cards that dealt with direct conflict that requires at least two sides, but I'm not holding my breath. I can only hope that more people will bring more PVP and make PVE much more difficult and in turn more rewarding for those able to do it and feed the scoreboard. I agree that off hours should not be easy farm time, however I don't want to remove the value of playing at then either. What is needed is a healthy dose of risk vs reward and with that adjusting quality and quantity depending on the time of day. Example: Caravan total pigs could be 20% after midnight, but the rewards could be 150% for turning them in. Higher risk/reward for transporters and easier gank potential for attackers. Neither should be discouraged or feel like they are wasting their time just because they can't play at primetime. Day could be broken into 6 hour periods or something with resource quantity and quality changing to reflex the population and risk/reward in the world. The DF system gives a lot of options for players and devs in how to approach the game. Lumping it all into large scale events just feeds the zerg way of life. I prefer lots of options but make the risk/reward meaningful. Picking 1000000 flowers =/= taking a stronghold. Just as swarming a castle with 5x1 numbers shouldn't be the same as a smaller guild putting in 5x1 hours into the game every day. Balance is needed.
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