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  1. Tome creation should be VIP only.

    Have they clearly stated exactly what the caps/mechanics will be? I only remember some generalized comments but don't believe I've seen it "official" or added anywhere on the site. Hard to believe that Day 1 users won't be able to take advantage of Tomes themselves. Could be account wide training total, basic category total (race/class/general), or more specific into Elves/Blacksmithing/Weapons or whatever. Where someone that has played from Day 1 has focused on Crafting could obtain Harvesting Tomes and apply them but only to the point that was potential for a Day 1 Harvesting main. With something like that, everyone could make use of Tomes and catching up if they want to focus on something new. Which would allow "Tome Farmer" accounts to obtain basic/early training Tomes which likely will be more abundant to then begin farming higher end Tomes for whatever value. Until they are able to create Tomes for whatever they wish. Obviously that would take some time and resources to do so. Will be interesting to see what timers, limits, diminishing returns, account requirements and restrictions are put in place to keep Tomes in line. Seems to be a potential money maker for ACE and even players through 3rd parties. Also don't see how new players will actually be able to obtain Tomes easily enough to "catch up," especially if older accounts can make use of them as well. VIP being attached to this would increase value but also be seen as a form of "P2W" as people would be paying for basically a form of currency in-game. Just one of many things that could use some easy to find official updated info...even if it isn't 100% accurate for launch.
  2. Hopefully all of these companies think things through and we as players/customers don't have to deal with it update after update trying to play patch the holes that could have been avoided (possibly). While seems most games are throwing "Action Combat" around, tab targeting doesn't seem to be going anywhere. AoC, CF, CU all appear to be using a hybrid in different ways. Not sure how fast/slow the end results will be but we aren't going back to EQ/SB days. Of the 3, unfortunately CF seems to have the least interesting/creative combat system on paper and from what has been shown. Doesn't seem like they plan to push it much further either, but hopefully still ends up fun for those playing.
  3. My Crowfall suggestions

    Probably but it is unfortunate that hours of typing and likely some good ideas are going to waste either way.
  4. My Crowfall suggestions

    Honestly can't tell if it is trolling or not. Assuming English is not native language, but Google translate and others do wonders these days. The grammar is just on another level. Unfortunate if they are actually trying to get some decent ideas across. Oh well.
  5. Plenty of MMOs and various engines can handle larger numbers, typically just comes with some lag and need to turn down settings to be playable for many gamers once it gets to a certain point. As of now, companies using UE4/Unity to build MMOs have to prove they can actually do what they hyped up and got people to throw money at. Camelot might be the only one that can do what they say, but of course what they are capable today in an early version likely doesn't represent a finalized product with everything packed in. Hopefully they all turn out well though. Realistically, I don't expect these games to hold massive battles that well or for populations to be that large that they will be frequent, but hopefully they can manage at least a semi large event without slide show visuals.
  6. Has improved I believe, but still considering the visuals and features, surprising how poorly it performed when X number of people weren't just in the same immediate area, but just zone. Not that zones were that big. When people can use lag to screw up competitive play (GvG) and basically make gameplay stop, something went wrong in design. Yet to see Unity with CF be a great deal better. Curious how far into alpha/beta until we get a sense of what the final optimization will look like. Hope it isn't alpha - "wait for beta" beta - "wait for release" release "oops we'll cap zone pop and do a bunch of things now."
  7. Have they given an update on Alpha, haven't watched the last few streams/vids and Summer has ended. Also wish people would stop using "true-real-full sandbox" as it doesn't really mean anything. Crowfall despite lacking a good chunk of content/features found in other games still has a decent amount of dev created content that we are to follow and work with to achieve things. Campaign win conditions, POI and systems that reward players for doing XYZ, building/crafting restrictions, passive training system that restricts some forms of play due to time gated choices, class/race restrictions, etc. Most of us stopped playing with sandboxes and our imaginations when we were kids, now someone else tells us what toys we can bring in and what we can do with them. We just pick who has the toys and rules we like more.
  8. While it is entirely possible UE4 and AoC won't be able to handle larger numbers, also have to factor in that those other games weren't exactly designed with the same purpose in mind either. Not to mention the teams/experience behind them or numerous other factors that impact performance. I played Tera near the start and while it had issues, it could handle larger numbers to some degree similar to other MMOs, believe it was UE3. Besides Albion, not sure what other MMO like games Unity has been used for. Regardless of personal views on the guy behind it and the non-issue "pyramid scheme," he isn't the one doing 100% of the coding and what not so irrelevant to me when it comes to performance. Not sure how AoC shown so far is a "re-skin" of something like PUBG. BR concept isn't exactly very complex and they've shown a decent amount of non-BR stuff prior. Taking the engine, assets, and any other previous work and making a functioning quality MMO doesn't seem like a bad thing for the players. Backed both of these so doesn't matter to me. I'll play whatever gives me the most entertainment or neither if they both fall flat. They plan a 200 player siege test starting december so I guess we'll see if it works then, but I'm sure even if it does there will be reasoning how it isn't realistic/rigged or whatever.
  9. Looking back at Crowfall's Hunger Down and what Ashes BR is doing after being kickstarted 2 years later, is impressive. Both have a ways to go though. Watching this video from PAX really makes me question what the point of going with Unity was with CF. Campaigns were probably the strongest features for me backing CF, but if the Nodes and other systems make servers moving forward in Ashes, might be the more interesting option.
  10. My Crowfall suggestions

    Ah totally understand, continue on. I'll reverse translate into Google.
  11. My Crowfall suggestions

    No offense, are you using Google translate or something? Rather difficult to fully understand what your exact points are.
  12. 2 Suggestions

    I agree, but they don't seem to be going for the most efficient route as is. Not surprising people expect XYZ to happen when ACE doesn't really give much to work with. Dropping a handful of random people into a test environment and saying "go forth, find bugs, report" isn't exactly efficient. I don't follow Discord so that might be where more communication happens, but from the Dev tracker and recent threads/updates/posts, don't see a lot of dev feedback or guidance to speed things up or help a potentially large testing force get things done. I'm sure a dedicated group are out there doing good work, but my guess is it is a minority within a already very small group. Instead of people posting the same topics over and over or reporting the same bugs over and over for months/years, there likely is a more efficient way to go about it. With each big update that adds new features, changes, fixes, and bugs, which leads to everyone dealing with an even greater total pool of variables. I don't see it becoming easier as they "finish" the game. If CF actually draws a crowd for beta/launch, the random chaos feedback will be so much greater.
  13. Free reset once a month, twice if you have VIP. Offer X optional reset chances in the store for $5-10 whatever. BUT the catch is you lose 20%+ of your training when respecing from whatever source. Risk/Reward, Cost/Benefit, Meaningful choices, insert buzzy sounding things. Time can only be spent in the same category (race/class/harvesting/crafting). I'd rather we have no training skills and everything be in-game gear based which requires time/effort/skill to obtain, but we have what they've given. With that, I see no issue with respecs even without a negative aspect but all the "hardcore" people will complain so slap at least some penalty on there for potentially flopping to the FOTM or meta to try and take advantage of whatever is broke at the time. I want to compete with people with their full potential, not who made an account earlier or picked the option that is currently broken by chance. As is, there are no bad choices in training beyond wasting time doing something we no longer want to. Assuming they balance things properly and no one race/class/trade is more valuable overall. Again assuming someone doesn't train a little in every craft getting no where or do other glaringly obvious dumb moves. You can't make a mistake within any given tree that I know of. People loose interest, want to try news things without losing the majority of their effort, and in general don't like to see massive amounts of time/energy being put away in storage. Sure we can just start training something else, but with such a heavy cost and time gating, not sure it will go over well long term. For catch up, I don't see how the presented Tome system will help the average player. Providing new players X time to spend or something that allows them to catch up in at least one area compared to the oldest accounts would likely be a start. Old will always be ahead of new regardless.
  14. A simpler passive training system

    I hope they go more in this direction but am not holding my breath. EVE, Albion Online, POE and others have great systems for those games but plenty of their concepts within those systems would be more enjoyable, challenging, interesting, fun, and overall make more sense for Crowfall. Trying to blend short term campaigns with less permanence with long term character gains that are "super shallow" along with trying to make it accessible sounds great, but the system doesn't accomplish much or improve the game as is, IMO. Looking at other games and systems out there, seems like they are trying to re-invent the wheel and it is ending up square. Sure it will sort of roll if you force it but it isn't going to be a smooth or enjoyable ride.
  15. New players catch-up and skill system

    While they hopefully build upon the tome concept and straight copy some of what EVE has done in this area, I find it hard to not see the entire system built with ACE's profits in mind and not to the benefit of players. Sell items in the store that can be traded for Tomes in-game = $ Alt Accounts training/storing/selling Tomes = $ VIP allowing us to train more, store more, trade more = $ Sell Tomes in the store = $ (not yet, but magic 8 ball says "outlook good" New players that don't have friends already established and or cash to spend will likely struggle to "catch up" in any particular area and by the time they do, others will have moved on to other areas allowing them more options in comparison. Maybe they'll figure out how to balance it so "new" accounts receive more benefit from Tomes than "old" accounts and limit how often Tomes/training can be applied, but that's wishful thinking at this point. To me this is just a waste of time/resources that a more horizontal system could have avoided completely or to some degree. Vertical/linear power gains, especially easymode passive training, is more trouble than it's worth to me. If it was about options instead of gated access to recipes/power, catching up wouldn't be such a big deal. Unfortunately the entire game is built with the same tired gotta get the purplez! cause more stats! design. But it's a Sandbox...