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  1. I believe everything should revolve around Risk v Reward and as a whole Crowfall's design lacks this basic concept.
  2. How would it be a waste of time? Be it making it FFA or just a another faction map that happens to have different dials turned, seems like a relatively straight forward thing to add to the existing campaign model. If Dregs is coming soon, sure no biggie, but if it is months off then this wouldn't hurt. Could still have this idea be applied to GR and Factions anyway as it would help players and devs either way. I really hope Dregs isn't just a copy/paste of the Faction point model with guilds instead of factions controlling strongholds they build or not. Such a lackluster design. If that is all it is, very confused why it took 4+ years to add it.
  3. And that is why pre-alpha will continue for quite a while most likely. If campaigns were treated like a test of a far from finished product instead of pretending to be a game, things might be easier to experience, test, report, fix. This is actually a great suggestion and if people did spend more time dueling in "distraction" zones then that says something about the "game" and content available. I've played several games where open world pvp dried up once arenas/bgs or "distraction" options became available. Typically because playing running simulator and hide n seek or playing tag/koth gets old on a larger scale. This is especially true when the population to world size is not proportioned correctly. PVP content in Crowfall: Siege on timers, ganking PVE folks, random fights that are essentially dueling but likely require a lot of wasted time. None of which are very good for testing specifics for a game in development. Adding a combat test zone/map, with or w/o test friendly options (no loot/decay/fast respawn), would likely be a good addition. Easing players into PVP, learning how to play for both PVP and PVE, and better testing data as an added bonus. Win/win/win. It would likely ruin the heated competition of 3 factions neck to neck until the very end...
  4. All good suggestions. Side note: More use of collision and physics could also aid in keeping friendly and enemy players more spread out to decrease the clutter be it health bars, bodies, or FX going off, along with adding to strategy.
  5. @Deioth Tanks don't exist in this game. At least not what I imagine some of us want or view as a Tank. Some classes and promos increase sustainability and trade some dps, that's about it. WAR is one of the few games that did it well along with decent collision which I'm surprised ACE hasn't done better. Really wasn't crazy ideas they went with, have a burly character that can protect friendlies and persuade enemies to go after them. Unfortunately seems like many/most never played it or anything similar so the concept of someone playing a Tank in PVP somewhat like PVE is not possible to them. Crowfall's limited powers available to each class and the bar slots are part of the situation, but I can play and feel like a clearly defined Tank in Overwatch or Albion with fewer things to push. Giving most some form of CC and making it spammy doesn't help things. This game falls in line like many others that are focused on being offensive. Almost every power has DPS and plenty with CC. Little to no buffs/debuffs or strategic group defense powers that aren't more of fire and forget. Considering how they talked up their use of physics and what not, it's unfortunate how little they actually have. As I like to play Tanks and Support, I find the full on DPS game models to lose their appeal. CU and AOC both seem to be going for the more clear cut roles so there's always that. Not sure about Shadowbane, but I don't believe it had what I consider a Tank either and unsurprisingly Crowfall seems similar in the mash together combat type.
  6. I've been holding off until Caravans and more features are put in as Alpha and such things will be out end of Summer 2018. However, I have participated in sieges and fort fights in the past and are part of my gripe with their design or lack of it. Forgetting the timer aspect (that is improving), the event itself is lackluster to me due to having played games that do more during or leading up to these events. Doesn't seem like they've added or improved upon Shadowbane's system from so many years ago. Blow a hole in the wall, kill a tree and or stand in a circle. Surprised they can't come up with anything more exciting or challenging. If combat and builds were top notch where fighting and what not were amazing I wouldn't be so let down, but neither is that good. Just seems like a rather repetitive experience without much complexity or strategy involved. In the moment it is still fun, but I'd rather have more fun in my fun. Maybe I'm greedy or have too high expectations, but where are the front doors being knocked down? Battering rams? Boiling oil? Ladders to scale the walls? Multi-layered inner walls/doors? Guards that can be placed or roam or are useful? World conquest or steps required to be able to attack a particular fort/keep (need to control x% to capture a stronghold)? Land design with choke points and ways to cut off enemies approaching/fleeing?
  7. This seems pretty simple to implement assuming "taunt" is something the devs could create and code. Make it work on 3rd attack, make it part of a combo chain (taunt or do something useful in PVP), make it a stand a lone power either basic or promo, add a "Meat Shiel" Discipline. If PVE is expected to be a major time sink in this game, they need to build characters to function properly with it.
  8. Would really like to see some WAR like "tank" mechanics make their way into Crowfall or any game really. Along with a lot of other things that are on paper so simple yet so good. Really wish they would take advantage of the "combo" system a lot more as pretty much anything could be added into a power chain be it basic or promo options. Other upcoming games already looking like they might be going in a better direction when it comes to non faceroll dps roles.
  9. With a high population this shouldn't be such an issue. Actually making features and reasons to PVP one another would be a big plus as well. For me, PVP requires two willing participants, someone banging on a rock that gets ganked isn't PVP. It is a step above (or below) from PVE as some players don't even fight back like mobs. If they created more PVP hotspots that were built upon PVP itself and not more PVE would be more of what I'd like to see. Makes me that EQ was able to do things that few to no games have managed since. Maybe because it was so new and rough, but don't believe I've experienced another game since where I felt like I was "in the game" the same way. The things you describe seem so simple for today's games but made such a difference to the experience. Hoped EQN might rekindle it somewhat, too bad.
  10. Agree but people that want more then the bare minimum PVP experience might want to look elsewhere as well. Ganking harvesters and those killing mobs, standing in circles, and siege worse then what DAoC did 15+ years ago isn't going to cut it for me. Funny enough, most MMOs considered themeparks or PVE games have more PVP stuff to do, yet Crowfall is called a PVP game. I wonder what they requirements are for the label. Ashes and Camelot both have more planned for PVP. Those that want less PVE likely will eye Camelot while those wanting more PVE will check out Ashes. The whole sheep/mouse vs wolf/cat dynamic is part of these games but they shouldn't forget that some wolves like to fight other wolves in more elaborate setups. If the core PVP experience is running from mob camp to resource spot looking for someone to gank, they will really have missed the mark for me. Unfortunately it looks like those coming to these games don't expect much and that's what we get.
  11. I totally agree that there is more going on that influences outcomes. Wouldn't change that some guilds/players are simply better at harvesting, crafting, fighting, understanding, organization, communication, numbers, practice, teamwork, and using the meta and broken things. It would remove one excuse and would allow everyone an equal opportunity to harvest/craft and in turn fight on a basic level. What they do with it is up to them. I highly doubt maxing or changing the current setup would result in fewer players and fewer fights. Beyond maybe those that think passive training somehow translates into player skill, who wouldn't like this? Despite everyone's love of how unbalanced MMOs and games of this nature can be, deep down I believe many prefer as much "fairness" as possible. IMO we currently have what is basically a large MMO arena and it should be treated as such. Remove skill-less advantages like passive training so it is relatively fair. When it is more feature complete, less buggy, balanced passed, and more importantly has an actual MMO population, then flip on passive training at whatever speed and re-watch/test how differing training start dates works. Then the unfairness and crying can commence. I can predict the future: People will say it is unfair, use it as an excuse, gimme gimme catch up mechanic, etc. Devs: "But it works in EVE." In the meantime they get more players/testers logging in, get them doing more, get more feedback and data to work with. Who knows, maybe one of the smaller/newer guilds with maxed training would come out of the shadows (or God's Reach) and challenge some of the old/victorious teams. Wouldn't be a first.
  12. So you have more positive comments to make.
  13. More enjoyable experience during development of a game far from release. New players seem to want it. Those wanting to be able to multi-task to make up for lack of population, economy, catch up mechanic, and other missing future features seem to want it. Testing wise it should allow more players to do more aka provide more data and possible encourage people to actual log in and play/test instead of not and providing zero data. I don't see the cons outweighing the pros in giving everyone maxed training. Why not?
  14. Believe some are looking forward to Campaign rulesets that change how a campaign works from start to finish. The actual game and how we play changes. Different win conditions and ways to reach victory together, not just individual trophies. The Bloodstone Ruleset from 4 years ago would be a good example of what I assume we as a whole would enjoy more then the slight variations of individual point gain options. Bloodstone would change how we play towards victory of the Throne War, not just maybe change our individual actions to game the system for the chance to be one of the ~20% that get a prettier participation trophy. Is there any plans to add larger ruleset options prior to launch? Or is point accumulation from circles/siege going to be the gold standard for the foreseeable future? I'd like to see limited race/class, no magic, only range, no healers, different campaign length options, but those are rather minor and more of limitations then larger Throne War level ruleset options. As a side note, why do gods care about point accumulation before a world goes poof? Which one is actually counting the numbers? Using lore to justify game mechanics can be interesting. @thomasblair
  15. VIP does nothing currently that I know of. No longer does anything for passive training. This patch had a fresh character/item wipe but passive training has been going on since last year. Lots of things in to make leveling and getting a character going fairly quick. Depending on when you were last here or logged in there likely is a lot of changes and additions and changes to those changes. Definitely getting closer to what I consider a "game" but I'd like to see most if not all the remaining missing features make it in so it isn't as bare bones. So I don't log in much anymore even for the participation trophies. If they aren't going to be heavy in the content as "we are the content," then the planned features need to at least be in for me.
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