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  1. They said by the end of Feb. Wouldn't hold your breath though.
  2. We have no idea. Doubt ACE does and even if they give a date, if it isn't an official public launch date, I wouldn't trust it due to their past promises. Wait for an email, news here, or news on another site. There was talk of a "soft launch" after the final wipe when the game would become final but then a marketing push would follow with a more formal launch. Not sure if this is still the plan since they seem to be working behind a marketing curtain already.
  3. This does worry me as well. They can add in all the bells n whistles they want but if the game runs poorly, it will be a waste. The next big update really needs to bring in more new/old faces and it needs to run well. If not then what is their marketing plan? "Come buy our product, we'll fix it eventually?" Performance is always a big issue, especially for MMOs, and more then one game has suffered because of it. New Dawn hoped to have 10k per server, they are now shooting for 1k. That's a brand new game with a likely huge budget/resources. Most MMOs settle with instanced experiences for PVP and players just accept poor performance in the open world. Ashes and especially Camelot are promising good performance on a much larger scale then we've seen Crowfall able to handle. Back in the day I was playing EQ when Shadowbane was announced. I waited and waited. DAoC came out and I loved it. SB launched, I tried it and went right back to DAoC. Performance and overall game quality matter to some. Back then most games had some degree of issues (DAoC slide shows and rubber banding), but there was redeeming features people didn't want to give up. Jump forward to now and bad performance isn't tolerated as much from what I've seen, unless there is quite a lot of content to back it up. Crowfall doesn't have the content compared to past or upcoming games. Bare minimum content and poor performance won't be a praised recipe.
  4. Caravans sound like timed/triggered escort quest and less free player control. At least that's what I gather from the limited info I've heard. If so, likely will have a relatively known start/end point, timers, paths, etc that will make them good targets for gankers. Actually hope it is like this as will add some much needed risk vs reward to the game. While at the same time, if this is true, those out solo or in groups gathering might have less of a target on their backs and more freedom to gather whatever/whenever without any gamey mechanics to work with (escort quest). Again, risk vs reward. I have no problem with caravans having a higher chance for quantity/quality if the effort and risk are greater then random gamer going out banging on a rock in the middle of a forest. Both have value and a place in the game loop for different types of players. Of course all speculation at this point.
  5. Clearly. That is why I find "P2W" to be silly terminology. One pays for advantage, convenience, power, or whatever of value that might aid in winning but that doesn't get summed up in three key strokes. I see it more as an entrance fee to a competition. Something that is required across the board for everyone wanting to participate in a game designed with guilds as the center. If an individual or group can't afford $5, might need to rethink life choices. Same goes for the outcry against <$15 for a sub. While not exactly a hefty cost, it might keep the 1 member and throw away guilds down a bit.
  6. Will be funny if we can't actually take cities, only damage/loot them. They might have given some recent details but can't remember off the top of my head. Unfortunate there isn't full corpse loot. People don't want to loose their goodies.
  7. "Skill" comes in many forms. Precision aiming and twitch game play are not the only or best forms. If you don't believe player skill matters as much in OW, you haven't played/watched high end competitive players and teams. OW requires a lot more variety of skill IMO. Obviously unlike guns/FPS which are rather straight forward, games with "classes" have a lot of balance factors that screw with everything. People crap all over MOBAs, WoW arenas, and anything else that they likely have little experience with or are poor at. It isn't apples to apples. Crowfall will take skill as everything does, but as the title questions, the ceiling is relatively low in comparison to top MMOs from my experience. Very little to zero of Crowfall hasn't been done and likely better in other games when it comes to combat and the larger group strategy play.
  8. Designing combat around FF isn't easy, but instead of even trying they went full in on mechanics that pretty much reward zerging to fullest. Only thing holding back zergs is the servers melting. As some seem to believe <30 FPS is decent, I guess we'll have zergs, low performance, and low skill ceiling mechanics. We'll have to see how Dregs ends up as it might see smaller guilds standing on their own, but my guess is we'll see a few large alliances basically mirroring factions so same difference. Which I will find funny with all the trash talk of the faction system.
  9. If the characters/game are rated G in your opinion, how would adding an "evil" race (Rated R?) fit into the game at all? Or do you mean make an "evil" race but have it also be cartoony and cute like the others? All of your suggestions can be created to look just as if not more G rated and have been done in plenty of other games. Please provide some examples of races that look evil BUT would fit into this game's theme. Considering your only posts have been about this subject, you might be a bit too fixated. Maybe try a game with the theme you like? Trying to shoehorn in something that doesn't fit doesn't serve much purpose. They certainly aren't going to just go off and make a race just for you but they have said they plan more races/classes in the future. Finishing the game is a tad bit more important then making sure someone gets their "evil" fix.
  10. Most if not all competitive games, especially team based, require all of those things while also having more mechanical requirements or at least a higher skill ceiling overall. Crowfall unfortunately doesn't compensate with one while lacking in the other. Would love for them to making position matter a lot more with actual positional skills along with a more complex character building system. Maybe passive change and eventual Advantage/Disadvantage system will help. Anyone with decent eye sight can see what a game has to offer without ever installing themselves. Not sure I've ever seen a game that I thought looked super easy/hard then tried it and felt different.
  11. That's to be seen. "Massive" battles might mean 50-100-500+ to different people. So far Crowfall seems like it will struggle with larger numbers where other games do as well if not better without needing to compensate with lackluster combat. Camelot Unchained is still a good ways off but they put a heavy focus in making their own engine, while not sacrificing more interesting combat/class mechanic plans. If Crowfall ends up struggling with <200 players and combat isn't overly interesting compared to others, that will be a lose/lose. Hopefully it works itself out.
  12. Believe they've said they can't go past 3x even though it was faster in the past. Not sure what sort of tech/design limitations would prevent such tweaking. For a game supposedly built on the concept of devs being able to tweak everything by turning dials, guess they forgot some dials. Beyond tech limitations, I don't see why they wouldn't/couldn't do this.
  13. It isn't overly difficult to obtain the Disciplines for those, but I wouldn't say you become a "Bard" by equipping them either. At least compared to actual Bard classes from other games.
  14. Vanguard was a FFF game. They had about the same funding as Crowfall (which might have had more value then), but overall was a far cry from what I'd call a AAA game. One of if not the largest flop in MMO history. Wouldn't make it as a crowdfunded, early access today. Not surprising Pantheon didn't manage to crowdfund initially and still looks like yet another attempt to re-do EQ for whatever reason when EQ/EQ2 exist and do it all better. Never tried Pirates or Star Trek. Albion had more content at launch then Crowfall does today or likely will have. Wasn't perfect and much has improved and been added since launch. Not sure how Crowfall lacking optimization, polish, and a good chunk of features is better. Wildstar was a decent game but screwed up some things, not sure how Crowfall is better in any way. SWTOR also similar. Wasn't perfect out the gate and the money didn't match the end product, but it was a full featured MMO. At least from what I remember. Obviously what you consider "worse" is subjective, but Crowfall is not yet a game but a work in progress. Even the next major update doesn't sound like it will have all the systems intended for launch initially. Then again maybe you just didn't like what those games offered? No idea.
  15. What devs have said and what has happened don't match 100%. Much bigger issues IMO, but I get the concern some have on the little things that can potentially keep people from trying this thing out.
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