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  1. Filed next to mounts, caravans, seasons, CW rule sets, voxels, physics, fealty, promo classes, adv/disadv, thralls, relics, insert whatever else we've seen/heard little to nothing about or has been taken in a different direction.
  2. This is it video - lol!

    He was married to the singer for a moment. At least he wasn't some random extra in such an amazing piece of "art" .... Charmed didn't charm me, but I was a fan of Nip/Tuck that he did afterwards.
  3. Tomes P2W Model

    While true several AAA games have made changes and are still doing well today, they also had a lot of resources to make that happen. ACE might not be so lucky. Not sure what they would change that wouldn't further the issue (advantage for sale) or turn the game into something it wasn't meant to be. You might be right that the majority might not even care about this, but at some point they might and could be too late. CW might be temporary, but stats aren't (thread is about Tomes). Individual power will carry over. On top of that, if someone uses that to win whatever, their rewards large or small will likely impact future gameplay in the same or other CWs as well. No easy fix that doesn't upset someone. Albion Online is a recent example of a game that sold a lot at release, yet those with a lot of money basically "won" the early game and it has carried over. Not that smaller groups or less paying haven't done things, but the huge advantage at launch and after with cash is pretty obvious. Especially when their are leaderboards for lots of categories. Clearly plenty of people have no issue with the game that ruined MMOs (WOW), P2W games (AA/BDO/AO), or insert whatever failure terrible game that still has hundreds of thousands/millions playing. For me, still hoping that one of these smaller studios actually breaks away from being just another game and figure out how to make a quality experience along with not milking players.
  4. Tomes P2W Model

    For now I'll see where it goes but seems like it will be a hard sell. Clearly plenty of people play games many consider to be "P2W" or whatever, but CF lacks the content/support of most of them along with having a heavy loss design. What might let people ignore the model in other games might not translate here. Maybe I'm just a minority that doesn't find joy in throwing money at videos games to have an edge.
  5. Tomes P2W Model

    Anything is possible I guess, but at this point, seems they are pretty set on systems that will directly or indirectly result in players gaining "power" with cash. People throw a fit when companies sell things in the cash shop (Archeage/BDO), yet when they are only the middle man, seems it isn't so evil. Two flavors of the same thing to me. As someone that is interested in no import campaigns where ideally it's player skill vs player skill, people potential paying for stat advantage, be it insignificant or not, isn't something I see adding anything positive to the game or my experience. VIP being expected isn't too bad as I believe players should be giving back to on-going entertainment, but Tomes are a lot more questionable.
  6. Too Much Action?

    If this happens, ACE and the player will have done something poorly. ACE: Creating a decent introduction to the game, ideally through an in-game "forced" tutorial. EK being the obvious option, but some sort of 24-7 "Learning to Play Campaign" wouldn't be terrible either. Basics of gathering, crafting, combat, character building could be covered. New Player: Forums, Youtube, Reddit, Twitch, Fan Sites - Likely to be plenty of info for someone interested or coming in. I have no sympathy for those that blindly purchase a product and then get upset that they don't know what to do or it isn't what they expected. If things go well, there should be established EKs used as social/trade hubs that new players can visit. Meet other randoms, join a guild, learn how to play the game, etc. Maybe kind players looking to make long time buyers will hand out free gear to people? As has been mentioned, less harsh campaigns like the faction based with built in teams would be a good start. Maybe there is some small "safe haven" to at least get a basic set of gear and supplies before skipping off into danger. Depends on how "survival" they want it to be. I have no intention of randomly helping people out in the open CW. This isn't a game where you go out looking to join a PUG to run a dungeon. Be part of a group-guild-alliance or have some sense of what there is to do solo. With campaigns having a win/lose condition, people are either friend or enemy. There is no time to coddle or blindly trust anyone. Someone you are kind to one second could be stabbing you in the back the next. There are no "real" PVPers in such a setup. There is no evil gankers or victims. People are signing up to be in a competitive video game focused on winning, which means others have to lose. I get what you are saying, but better to focus on people not being nasty to one another as "toxic" players seem to be something that drive folks away more than being killed in a game about killing. If anything, slay them, then point them in the right direction. Live (die) and learn. Exactly. Barely trust myself
  7. Tomes P2W Model

    This is already planned. Hence this thread.
  8. Tomes P2W Model

  9. Tomes P2W Model

    My concern is how long will it take a new player, theoretically, to actually obtain the resources needed to obtain gear/tomes (training) to reach whatever percent of what older players are running around in? Why won't people trading VIP and other cash shop items have a hold on the economy? Twinking friends/alts is one thing, or helping out new guild members is organized guilds, but for the random players likely to make up a decent chunk of the population, especially on faction worlds, probably not going to be a quick/easy process. Specifically speaking about new players, not vets and their alt armies, are Tomes and relying on the kindest of strangers the better model for new players to get into the game and "caught up?" If new players are expected to buy the game, potentially pay for VIP, and then put in X amount of time/effort to do whatever task (likely not their main interest in the game) to get decent gear and tomes, might be hard to retain them or even get them to buy in initially. At least if they are selling it as a competitive game that is easy to hop into without the typical grind just to grind. We might not be killing rats, but mundane hollow activities can come in other forms. They've said power will be shallow, but gear and training both look to be typical vertical stacking like any other game. Maybe not lvl 1 vs 100 gap, but still significant enough to matter. With so many games out and others coming that have low to no entry fee and a lack of pay for advantage, CF niche might be following other games that haven't learned what works. Will be interesting to see how Camelot Unchained ends up as it seems like the closest competitor along with Ashes of Creation which is more of a western Black Desert. Can see potential CF players easily playing either of those as well. All up in the air at this point, but if we have multiple quality games to choose from, such things as a hint of "P2W" might be what drags one down and lifts another up.
  10. Tomes P2W Model

    This is why I wonder what ACE considered "caught up" if Tomes are supposed to help new players catch up in training. If to them it is 25-50% of what a top trained player might have, I see them doing okay maybe if the tome cost isn't crazy and they are readily available. Beyond that, don't know. To me, caught up should be at least 75% in a given main role of some sort.
  11. When?

    At least a few weeks from what they said on stream I believe.
  12. I love Tomes

    I don't mind money influencing games to a point. Doesn't mean I agree with devs going out of their way to make sure it does. A catch up mechanic was needed, tomes seem like a poor solution to me and one more way for cash to influence things that wasn't needed. Regardless of all the other factors that go into gaming that just come with the territory, allowing cash to equal individual permanent power seems like a bad plan, at least one that is also coming with an initial game price. Then again CF might go F2P sooner than later if enough folks don't buy in to being at a disadvantage to those willing to pay more.
  13. I love Tomes

    Maybe it's glass half empty or half full, but all I see tomes doing is raising the bar higher for non paying people. I'm all for putting in time and earning tomes, but will be surprised if folks can do so in an effective manner vs those that only drop cash or cash+time/effort. A way to catch up is needed, a way for one account to attempt to compete with alts isn't and even if it was, this isn't it. As you seemed to be saying above, one account with a variety is still less effective than someone with a bunch of alts for various reasons. Tomes might slightly change this, but not to the point alts no longer have value. Regardless of how it turns out, just hope that VIP and cash shop trading is made clear to new players potentially buying the game. Annoying how read between the lines or sleazy some companies are about RMT. "VIP provides no in-game advantage and we don't sell in-game goods.....BUT you can buy VIP to buy in-game goods to pay for advantage"
  14. I love Tomes

    Guess it depends on what you see as "caught up" and if it refers to total account, a node, path, or whatever. No clue what will happen, but having played games where cash is involved, I wouldn't doubt anything at this point. If there is a way, people will take advantage of it. We need more info, but the first pass doesn't seem hugely beneficial to new players vs other possible solutions that don't have to revolve around cash and or older accounts gaining an advantage as well. How do tomes make it better? Tomes change nothing about alts, VIP, or the benefit of cash to spend. Giving some an option to obtain stat boosts through good old hard work in-game doesn't bring them up to competitive level with those going beyond this with cash (who are also likely spending a lot time in-game as well).