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  1. APE

    1500 Powers?

    Once someone makes a crafting calculator for the public, all the time and effort to make a complex system goes down the drain. I have no interest in crafting and figured out how to make items on the Test server without a huge amount of time or effort. Passive training, RNG drops, and RNG craft results seem to be the largest hurdles once the crafting formula is figured out. I liked BDO for the most part and AoC seems like a Western version so I backed it to at least help it get out the door. Not really looking for another PVE heavy MMO, but it has some potential. I played DAoC/WAR instead of SB so I'm all for RvR. I want Dregs to work, but numerous games trying the GvG design likely paint the picture of Crowfall's version. Got at least a year or more for any of them so we'll see. Ralph Koster is making another game now too so add that to the pipe dream game pile.
  2. APE

    1500 Powers?

    Really hope Camelot or Ashes end of being decent as their character building looks so much more interesting. Crowfall has some decent ideas, but Disciplines, Talents, and Promos aren't close to what the other two games have planned. Which is surprising if SB had as much as you and others have said. Unfortunate that they kind of one and done the whole class design (after re-doing it multiple times) which to me is one of the most important aspects of a game. I don't care if a map looks 5% different every time or if crafting takes 10 or 1000 steps to make a axe handle which seems to have been a big focus.
  3. Thank you, completely forgot about the lake as well.
  4. APE

    1500 Powers?

    FAQ actually was updated somewhat recently with the new look and details within it, however some areas seem rather outdated and less then accurate. Combat being one. They might believe their version of healing isn't "fire hose" because it isn't a literal copy of WoW, but I hope some of us know better. Going by what they've created not by the FAQ nor anything they've said pre-Kickstarter to now, they missed the boat on this goal. While I get things change during development, they seemed to have walked back several of their plans that would of made this something more interesting/new compared to more traditional MMOs. Only advantage I see CF having over other games I've backed is it likely will launch first. Beyond that, other crowdfunded games seem more interesting on paper and in their current development stages. Hoping Frostweaver has a healing option to add variety but the class role design is out of whack even then. Just another DPS heavy game cause pew pew pew is the easier way to go.
  5. Do you remember where this was shown? I don't recall seeing it.
  6. Not sure if these would be considered core, but seem important to me: Advantages & Disadvantages UI overhaul (especially Crafting) Thralls Mass crafting production Campaign rewards EK being more then glorified housing for a handful of people at a time While plenty of games launched with "core" features and grew over time, they likely launched with a lot more in comparison to what Crowfall has or will have by launch from what they've announced. Some believe the current version is launch ready, doubt the larger gamer pool agrees.
  7. APE

    1500 Powers?

    Why do you have to bring a healer, this isn't WoW. The FAQ clearly points out there isn't fire hose healing and... deadly game because of light on in-combat healing support classes have key buffs/debuffs at a cost to damage and defensive capability healing requires aim moved away from healing adding a multiplier to a players hit points based on healers resources Just run without a healer, everything will be fine
  8. APE

    1500 Powers?

    I was curious if anyone knew where then number came from. Several folks on here have shown their enjoyment of looking at the numbers and data. I saw the number and it just hit me as very high, which it is unless the term used is encompassing more then is easily seen. Their gaming site articles are a form of marketing and shouldn't have any details that might give a false impression. Would be better to say there are tons, hundreds, over a thousand, insert whatever to give a more vague description that leaves more for the individual to find out about. Like using Disciplines as a form of "sub-class" is fairly misleading to me as I doubt the average gamer would agree. Same goes for other common terminology they use but in a CF specific way. When I read "game has 1500 powers" I expect the game to have 1500 powers that I can play with in some way or another. ACE's choice in terms has always annoyed me, but can't change that. I'll just accept them for what they are.
  9. I've yet to see anything that thwarts uncle bob much more then any other game. Campaigns end and there are import restrictions, that's about it. Small guilds will always have a place but I highly doubt small guilds will achieve greatness on their own. Which is how it should be. However their proposed reward systems might allow smaller guilds or even individuals to reap some rewards, but numbers will likely always rule. Open world PVP is home to the Zerg. Like uncle bob, I haven't seen anything that will keep this down more then any other game. Besides maybe poor performance and the literally inability to zerg because the servers will melt. I don't see it being poorly implemented in of itself, but the greater design as whole doesn't seem to be the magic bullet they somewhat promised at the start to fix the issues of similar past games. Uncle Bob, Zergs, Grinding will weigh heavily on outcomes.
  10. "Forcing" people to play a mode they don't want will likely not go over well. Large part of why I backed them was the plan to have multiple ways to play as rarely is it one size fits all. If people wanted to play XYZ, they would be. If ACE wanted players to play/test one option more then another, they'd simply not have them all going at once. We are at a point where they are trying out different options while the population is tiny and the result is what it is. They announced a big update and total wipe months in advance so likely the pop will remain the same or even drop until then. The next update brings the incentives to do things besides circle stand and keep fight. I'd rather they just copy over the TEST server stuff to LIVE and let everyone have unlimited access to making/creating whatever they want and just enjoy it while it lasts.
  11. This depends on what is considered a core system currently. Some things I consider "core" haven't been discussed at all for a good while and weren't mentioned during the latest Q&A. Beyond needing to push it out because of lack of resources, not sure how this will be good for the health of the game and its future.
  12. APE

    1500 Powers?

    When I did my estimate I gave every class 75 powers to account for them double dipping powers modified by talents. Believe Champ Base + Promos is <30 powers/passives and they are one of the more combo heavy classes. I'll maybe hop on tomorrow and check, but highly doubtful there is close to 1500 without ACE being generous as to what is considered a power, at least what we have access to.
  13. APE

    1500 Powers?

    That's understood. Maybe I'll waste a few more mins and do a better count, but even counting every combo step, passive, and double counting powers altered by talents the result will still likely be far from 1500.
  14. APE

    1500 Powers?

    That would make more sense as we've seen plenty come and go over the years and they might just use a running total which is a bit misleading to use as marketing. Is what it is, but can't help being irked when companies use buzzwords and inflated numbers that tend to be thrown back at them negatively.
  15. APE

    1500 Powers?

    The comment seemed to be specific to players and the numerous options we have. Even with mobs, there isn't 100 mobs with 4 unique powers or anything crazy. Most seem to be using player powers. the incredibly deep character advancement system (we have about 1500 unique powers spread across thousands of unique race/class/sub-class combinations).
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