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  1. Besides companies that froat load more on marketing, isn't that how all MMOs operate regardless if small or AAA? Launch something usually unfinished, hook as many possible to pay for further development, market the new content that likely should/could of been in during launch, fix things, break things, repeat. Usually games have much larger starting populations along with resources and the cycle works itself out. Never seen a remotely popular MMO made by actual known devs launch like this. Guess they'll be the example going forward if it works or not. What happened to making a game on their terms and launching when it is ready? Not just follow the same cookie cutter industry mess?
  2. Do you believe this is a "sandbox" and why is that? Seems to be a selling point in the Crowfall sponsored comparisons to New World.
  3. That's what I assume, but beyond dumping a ton of money on ads, I don't see how it is going to expose "new" people to the game at this point. 100s of thousands signed up, 10s of thousands own the game. Popularity plays a big role even if a game is subjectively better at certain things compared to another. I've followed guilds/friends to new games despite enjoying the current game still. Seeing 200 views vs 80k on Twitch sends a message to folks looking at such things. Regardless if popularity has any connection to game quality. Maybe plastering websites with Crowfall ads will get a few folks to take a look and a few of them to play, but it doesn't seem like the 100ks of folks that actively signed up, and 10ks that actually own the game care.
  4. Point is to get the game in the eyes/minds of customers. Sending out emails is very much a form marketing and why people usually have to sign up/accept to receive such things. I've asked this multiple times but what else can ACE do that will actually make a difference? Emails, google targeted ads, twitch tournament with cash and prizes from popular companies, twitch/youtube sponsored content, typical social media stuff, gaming sites doing paid or unpaid news relatively frequently, pre/post launch interviews on those sites, etc. Then there is simply word of mouth and using us with friend codes. Not exactly marketing, but a few larger name Twitch streamers tried it out for a play session which got a lot of eyes on the game. If they have done very little, I am just curious what a lot would look like that goes beyond what they've been doing.
  5. I use adblockers so usually don't get many for anything, but I still get Crowfall ads on my google feed and youtube despite my activity favoring NW a lot more currently from playing it, watching vids/twitch, searching for info, etc. That site has done 7 Crowfall and 10 New World articles this month. Covering population of each, launch, new and upcoming features, NW melting GPUs and standard gaming news fluff.
  6. I'm curious if the "marketing push" is just paying small youtubers and an invite a friend trial slash further discount on the already discounted game price. Read many comments about the population was low because of NO marketing and it being a soft launch. Less then a month in and now they are doing REAL marketing and this is it?
  7. Typically the less known brand has an similar quality product. Now apples to oranges. Not sure I've seen any MMO companies go this route as it's strange to be promoting competition. How so? I don't doubt you as Amazon is Amazon, but I don't see it myself. Overall I get the same amount of marketing for both. Except I get more updates/emails from ACE compared to Amazon.
  8. I'm confused what you meant here. This game doesn't allow 500 people to interact with each other however, whenever they want.
  9. Those doing the comparisons have been okay, but clearly there is a sponsored or simply fan bias at play. The whole Crowfall is a sandbox where you can do whatever you want spin is great until someone realizes you have to do quests (DF), timed siege, and specific tasks to win campaigns. I can run around doing whatever I want in NW too, but if I want to progress to impact faction war, gotta fall in line. Like the one that says there isn't leveling bars but then says there is leveling. 🙃
  10. Save yourself the time. Youtube.com
  11. Inventory UI is near the bottom of my list of issues with this game and it's funny that LP's mention of it is the thing some are focusing on. ESO inventory does have the same basic list design, but looks cleaner, is smoother, and has more sorting options. As you mentioned, there are a ton of addons for ESO like many MMOs which allows players to keep the simpler layout and function or make it their way. Most game banking UI shouldn't be a priority, but it adds up with all the other little to large aspects about a game. The less features and content a game has, the more such things stand out. The bank UI is functional, but some expect to have something slightly better then functional.
  12. Long as a game is still online or actively being developed it has a chance to do something. I haven't backed any of these projects expecting them to be the greatest thing ever, but with the names behind them and on paper ideas, I did expect more overall. So far Ashes looks like the one that might reach the closest to the content quality and quantity they have planned. In the end though, crowdfunding might simply not be financially viable if the products don't attract a large enough crowd. At this point I have more faith in Corepunk or even Riot's MMO even though it doesn't even exist publicly. Maybe I'll just play Palia with my wife and spend my time moving furniture around in our virtual house. 😄
  13. If/when CU releases it should have decent performance (at least better then Crowfall) but overall they aimed way too high feature wise with the team they have. It's too bad these smaller studios get in their own way and don't accept they can't do it all with less. At least not without a very clear design and devs that can make it happen. "Redefining" MMOs is not something a small studio should attempt.
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