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  1. I liked the original combat model, it was just the first draft and needed some work. Got a little criticism and they went in a different direction, which was be more like other MMOs. IMO several tab games require or allow more mechanical skill, rotation, strategy, using terrain, etc to perform compared to this one which rode in on the "action combat" hype and misleads because it has a reticle. MOBA combat is typically more like what they originally planned I guess. Skill shots, strategy, less is more, aim, knowing what the enemy is doing, even left click spam has to be thought out. It can
  2. "Good" in comparison to what? Someone that wants to play a polished MOBA, Battle Royale, or instanced MMO PVP have plenty of options and likely many that will try Hunger Dome will have those experiences to compare to. HD is a newish take on the format, but simply being new will have to do a lot of heavy lifting considering all the things it will lack in comparison to other products. Polish, performance, leaderboards, good match making, cosmetics/rewards, in-game social tools, combat with a high skill ceiling, balanced options, no power coming from spending time/money in another game mode,
  3. What matters to me in a "PVP game" is the PVP first and everything else second. I don't care how great the PVE is, how many skins I can unlock, how many dailies I can do, or anything else if the PVP is lackluster. I can deal with all the secondary and fluff being mediocre if the PVP is great. Which it is isn't IMO. I don't believe this is a "PVP game" as PVE is the core content and drives any PVP if it even exists. Winning campaigns can technically be done with zero PVP. Never won a MOBA, FPS, MMO Arena match that way unless the other team instantly gives up for some reason. Calling
  4. I meant "resources" as in dev time. With a relatively small team, any work being done on Hunger Dome specifically or their Artisan Engine (if that is still a thing) is time not working on the MMO. Things such as in-game assets, UI, backend systems, and even marketing. Looks like some time has been spend on such things while the MMO could of used that attention. Doesn't matter to me where the money is coming from but if the team is focused or split across multiple projects, how will any of them receive the attention they deserve? Might overall be one project/product with shared everything, but
  5. Not sure what the current policy is but seems like providing 100% what was promised doesn't apply to Kickstarter projects now or ever. Even if it does, believe it is up to the creators to offer refunds. If you scroll down re-read everything, they haven't delivered several relatively key items from the core game plan before even looking at stretch goals. Where is VR support, combat pets, and all the other fluff from stretch goals such things matter? ACE going to be offering refunds? 😄 I have no issue with Hunger Dome or any sort of Tournament system as I like such things, but I quest
  6. Someone necroed an old thread that got me thinking. H1Z1 (Just Survive) - H1Z1 King of the Hill AKA Z1 Battle Royale Everquest Next - Landmark Camelot Unchained - Ragnarok Crowfall - Hunger Dome Ashes of Creation - Apocalypse Why did it become standard practice to throw together a side game/mode when the core game isn't doing as great as the hype expected? I can't tell if it is because they really think it will pay off or it's grasping at anything hoping it will pay off. What sucks is there are so many good ideas across these games that will likely n
  7. That was John Smedley referring to H1Z1. 😄 When the larger more complex MMO vision doesn't pan out, make a battle royale. Apparently ACE took notes in class.
  8. You are doing it wrong. This isn't a PVP game. Should be out doing escort quests (pigs), standing in circles, banging on rocks, and face rolling packs of mobs.
  9. People have to put their marketing degrees to use some how I guess.
  10. So if I buy a 3090 I'll have 300 FPS? Heading to ebay to drop $3k on one now!
  11. I agree. However if "things" are few and far between and or aren't entertaining then finding people to do them along with fight over them is going to be challenging. The systems not accounting for the each other where doing XYZ and have little to no value at all or after a given time period, isn't good for a PVP game. Which seems to be the issue. There are things to do in this game outside of timed events, but it doesn't appear to be fun, challenging, or frequent enough to be the means to the PVP end that ACE intended. I'd prefer PVP be rewarding for the sake of the activity its
  12. You must of missed Caravans and all the chests they've added. What else could someone want from a "PVP" game? 😄
  13. Satisfactory bare minimum performance with likely decent gaming machines with relatively low numbers in a fight and very low numbers actually on a map/server is unfortunate at this point. I'm still waiting for the "optimization comes later" and all the wishful thinking to be realized.
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