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  1. This is a MMO/RPG with character progression, no different then any other. Start weak, grind XYZ, get stronger, repeat. The bigger issue is the lack of economy, hidden game knowledge, and limited campaigns. New players shouldn't be going head to head with organized guilds that have been playing for years. This is easily avoidable if ACE makes campaigns with this in mind. Ex: White Starter Vessel Dregs. The entire game is built around grinding and progressing. If someone is looking for a instanced 5v5 "fair" PVP game, this isn't it. I have to question the logic that believes
  2. Seems they made several Promos hot garbage to drive this point home. Too bad 6.2 seems to be changing direction once again. Trying to make more options viable is not what I backed this thing for. Give me bad choices to pick. 🙃
  3. Telling me Unity isn't a MMO engine? Next going to tell me that it will deliver performance that games with in-house engines and limitless resources can barely manage? I'm still confused why they brought in people to help work on performance. Isn't it the "last" thing that is done?
  4. Changing one system isn't going to make this game more accessible or retain more players. It's a far reaching issue that will require some big brains to figure out.
  5. I don't know why. ACE said it would be a niche game. Surely 200 people playing will be fine at launch.
  6. Refresh my memory, what have they tried/experimented with over the years that is greatly different then what we have today and or anything like what I suggested? We've had GvG, 3 Faction, and whatever the 3 Faction Tug of War format was. They've done no or X import/export. Trial variations rewarded top faction/guild/players for doing whatever activity. Beyond that I don't remember much difference between one campaign to the next. Now with the card system it is do whatever they tell us (very sandboxy) to get the most points before time runs out. No Bloodstone campa
  7. By design it can do whatever they want 10 player guild limit Friendly fire outside of group Blue only vessel, gear, resource import and drops 100 import, 20 export Winner 50 Export, Loser 0 Export 100k gold admission fee Guilds that don't control a stronghold within last X hours are eliminated Risk v Reward: a huge thing missing from this game Campaigns that restrict accounts to 1 character in use total Tournament system where guilds get more points the more they accomplish with fewer people, not part of an alliance, less they import/
  8. Would be interesting if there were a lot more stats/augments that could be applied to body parts from Necros that then any player could use to combine for themselves. For me it is kind of lackluster for someone else to do all the work for MY character. There isn't really a rewarding feeling like "Ding" from leveling up or getting some rare loot drop in other games. Player could put all the parts into a coffin/tomb or whatever and then have an actual process of leaving their body (crow form) to inhabit the new body. I like Necro for what it does, but it is very limited stat
  9. Pfft we have 100+ major/minor disciplines now, clearly character building will be way beyond what Shadowbane had. 🙃
  10. Did you miss @Jah showing the Throne War in action... 😭 Clearly this is as complex such a game can get. No way games almost 15+ years older did it more interesting.
  11. I agree, but what rewards can they offer that will break up number stacking, make siege and non-siege PVP more rewarding, and not feed into uncle bob? Even though I hope they figure out a decent reward system, the problems people are discussing go game wide and rewards for a small number of guilds/players isn't going to fix that. Or maybe I'm wrong and we'll see guilds standing on their own at some point? 😄
  12. We had rewards for top 3 guilds during the Trial campaigns. Same behaviors, even with factions instead of dregs. JTC has mentioned scarcity of rewards, but if the goal is just to win, rewards won't change that. Unless the rewards are overpowered/uncle bob type things which bring about another set of problems. Seems guilds would rather stack to the sky just for the win, regardless of anything else. I'd like to see rewards and hope that changes things a bit, but I doubt it. There's no risk vs reward in this game, so path of least resistance wins out.
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