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  1. It doesn't bother me that infected exists, but it doesn't make any sense from a game design stand point. At least with the whole "risk v reward" world band concept. Safe inventory slots are a further step away from full player looting (gear/inventory) but if that is what it takes to get away from zero risk + reward worlds, then so be it. Lets PLAY TO CRUSH!!!!, but please don't destroy my castle, take my gear, or take what I put in my safe space. Oh and if I could PVE in safety that would be awesome. Thank you. ๐Ÿคจ
  2. Going to be awkward not being able to blame suits on the top floor for rushing launch.
  3. Infected 2.0 (AKA training wheels PVP/Siege) - NPE 3 4 Maps 1 Map for 3 Factions (Order/Balance/Chaos) 1 Siege Map with 3 entrances, 1-2 POI near each side (3-6 total), 1 central castle No Imports/Exports Vendors with Free basic/green gear Vendors with Free resources to craft siege weapons and build up castle a small amount Castle can be sieged every other hour or free siege window No player looting Faction gate is protected so no camping Respawn (no timers) at Siege map gates or Faction temple map LVL 20-30 (or lowe
  4. Wouldn't hurt but with how little sub forums like Classes get used, it wouldn't be very active.
  5. I don't know how development works exactly, but I can't imagine it is overly efficient to build and support a game loop so players can play 24/7 when every single aspect of the game is still being worked on over time. JTC said he wouldn't do it like this again so guessing it isn't the most favored by devs. How many times have they redone systems to make a more enjoyable experience now instead of long term? Passive Training barely changed on the basic level but they redo the nodes, numbers, layout, options, etc multiple times. Now it is gone. Overall it was a complete waste to the fin
  6. Campaigns ending was the big new cool idea but that video and other early talk had a good amount more that played into the concept of getting away from uncle bob: Some of their comments of which some exist, some barely do, and some certainly do not: Intensity of GOT (GOT has a scoreboard?) Allies, enemies, alliances, betrayal, conquest They showed a pretty conquest map animation of forces spreading across the land (Not standing in circles for points n chests) Would be dozens of campaigns with unique maps, rulesets, and victory conditions (players could control outc
  7. Despite making what I consider a big deal about it originally, they've never had anything to deal with "uncle bob" directly. Campaigns ending and having no or low import is about as far as they've gone. Passive training didn't really do much. Now without passive there is even more value and power put into permanent vessels/disciplines, it's a huge advantage for those that have them to bring in. Sounded good but having permanent progression and rewards that carry over pretty much goes against any chance of "uncle bob" not showing his face. Must stick with eSport/lobby formats to
  8. There are multiple ways to handle respawn timers, locations, costs, etc. Despite what it wants to be, it is being marketing with PVP front and center. Territory control doesn't exist unless owning a POI is considered territory which this game doesn't do as well as "themepark" games. Siege is no different. More exciting siege in games 15 years old. I'm not looking for a PVP arena game as there are much better games for that, but I'm also not looking for a PVE grinder (better games for that too) that has limited meaningful PVP. Not sure why everything has to be extreme. Games d
  9. Wasn't the point of spending so much time on procedural worlds with dials and knobs to be able to produce different maps? Hopefully it wasn't to produce maps all the same size that look 2% different. Would be a massive waste of resources. If the population is X currently the map should fit that number. When the population is Y, adjust accordingly. It isn't like today it is 5 and tomorrow it is 1000 and the next day it is 250. It seems to be fairly consistent for the last few years minus the beta starting. Pretending anything about the current game reflects what launch will look
  10. Everyone? I don't understand why only one role would be rewarded. Maybe depending on the exact reward structure it might matter, but a generic system could easily work for everyone. If you are in a group and anyone attacks someone else then everyone gets rewarded. Regardless of KDR, who gets the killing blow, does the most damage, or any of that. Plenty of games work like that. Shouldn't be hard for 3 groups to tag at least one if not every other player in 3 other groups with how AOE and random target spammy targeting and combat are. "Scouts" that are not part of combat at all would
  11. As I mentioned above, ranks and PVP rewards don't have to be fair as they can simply be a form of progression tied to PVP. Titles, ranks, gear, disciplines/powers/passives/talents, cosmetics, etc. I kill someone, I get a point and slowly work my way to whatever reward. No penalties. Relatively simple. There is plenty that could be tried to make it "fair" but any system will have flaws. These games aren't fair so that concept should be thrown out the window. With strong broken classes/builds, zergs running down smaller numbers, people throwing money at the screen, no lifers outpacing
  12. I like PVP ranks or more so any form of PVP progression (titles, cosmetics, ranks, PVP specific powers/passives/gear, etc). I don't see any of that having to reflect "skill" as these types of games require a variety of skills. Defeating someone in PVP doesn't exactly mean I'm better without looking at the list of variables. This isn't a eSport game with attention to balance and making the most fair competitive experience possible. For me, I'd simply like something I could work towards as a PVP specific goal that is mine. Even if it doesn't mean I'm the best gamer ever, at least I mig
  13. I understand wanting a game to focus on a few particular features and a crowd that wants them, but those features need to be top quality. Content being low in quality and quantity is not going to be a recipe for success, no matter how "niche" it is supposed to be. It amazes me that a game hyping up it's combat, character building, siege, world building, economy, crafting, etc has not managed to make one system equal to or better then what others have done before be it with or without more resources. Hopefully the niche Crowfall joins isn't of MMOs that didn't make it.
  14. All likely true, but for someone like me that looks at Crowfall as a PVP game, where is the progress, achievement, and overall content that isn't ganking or timed with neither be remotely complex. They have and continue to focus heavily on character stat sheets and RNG PVE grinds. Which I understand as JTC and Blair seem to be comfortable with and enjoy such things, but for those that actually want to have a fuller PVP experience, I don't know why they'd look at this game. By the time they reswizzle the starting experience and the same few PVE systems for the whatever time, I hope th
  15. DAoC did so many things well for the time and considering the resources that team had compared to Crowfall/Camelot Unchained, it amazes me that neither game is as content rich or launched by now despite all the advantages. Wish I could play DAoC or Phoenix, but tried and the rubber banding and outdated performance gets to me. Usually don't go back to a game once I move on. So many great systems though that other games should of copied. ESO at least got some of the RvR elements.
  16. Achievers will burn through this limited content quickly. How many legendary blacksmith characters does an individual or guild need? What comes next? As there is no full loot and vessels/disciplines are permanent (even more so with 6.4), players will be hitting the content/progress wall faster then before. Which I have no issue with as I believe players should have control of their progress and experience, but there is 20 years of evidence that once players reach the wall, they start looking for something new. The game has to have more to it then casino RNG PVE systems. For those loo
  17. With the removal of passive training players were given control of how fast they progress, the actual process and end goal hasn't changed. Grinding mobs/crafting/harvesting for disciplines/belts and other resources already existed and has not changed, the amount of the grind has simply increased with more RNG drops. Having to do more of the same isn't what I consider dramatic, but I do agree removing passive training does have a large impact on all players and their ability to compete on their terms. The 6.4 changes are in the same boat. Leveling, vessels, stats, etc still function
  18. I understand the distinction between Live and Test, but technically they are both test versions. I don't see any harm in bringing some of Test's tools to Live to improve QOL be it after wipes or overall. Long as Test is where the bugged versions go first, both still have a point. I suggested similar to your comments years ago. Speeding up the game loop by increasing drops, exp, passive training (RIP), or whatever provides the same game experience, just faster/easier which would likely help the game retain and grow during development. My suggestion is pretty easy to do as it is alread
  19. Maybe I'm in la la land, but IMO players and devs are going about it wrong. If wipes need to happen, oh well, wipe and move the game forward. Unless I missed some major upcoming changes that need to be tested for countless hours, level-vessel-stat progression is the only real change. Everything else is business as usual. What would give ACE the data they need for how the new level-vessel-stat progression works and get players back to their comfortable mid-late game experience? Provide leveling dust that can be only applied to starter vessels. Provide crafting/harvest
  20. Spend $1k+ seems to get them to respond to questions sometimes, maybe $1million+ gets them to listen?
  21. I wonder how many SC fans will still be a live by the time it launches. Seems more likely we'll all be living in VR before it does. Still want to play this game if it comes together but I try to think how I would convince someone to play it and I lack the marketing smoke n mirrors to pull it off. Buzz words and superficial appeal only go so far.
  22. Why should they care? (no offense ๐Ÿ™‚) I saw a lot of threats of not playing until 6.4 or even after if there is a wipe. They are going to make the game with or without people logging in. All they lose is free labor and some data collection sources. They already have our money at this point, logging in or not won't change things as long as there are at least a few crows floating around still. They have to be putting all their bets on the finished product at this point and not care about how many play until then or at least until they are testing the launch version.
  23. I played DAoC at the time and most of my time was doing PVP. Barely played SB so didn't realize it was so PVE heavy and makes sense why SB vets that remain don't seem to have issue with how much PVE is in this game. I don't believe many believe it will ever have mass appeal. However the niche appeal seems to be shrinking as time goes on. Can't just pull 100k out of the air. Not sure what games your friend has played, but several popular MMOs took less time with vary resources available. 5 years used to be thrown about as the standard likely because WoW took around that time but
  24. Unfortunately crowdfunding has to do a lot of song n dance to get our money. Promising we'll all be part of the process seems pretty much a must. Going back to the KS video and early promises, a lot of it simply doesn't exist and likely never will or at least not in the form most probably expected. Looking at what was shown off in the promotion videos and what the first playable version was like, clearly there was a lot of hype/marketing running the train and not actual pre-developed functioning product. It's great to have large goals, but they need some foundation in reality. Nothin
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