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  1. Risk vs Reward. The game is far from finished and doesn't exist. We have one campaign type with one rough draft version of a ruleset. Beyond them having a lot hidden away in the studio, I don't see much need to redo anything. They actually need to make it and do it well. Albion Online is fairly similar in many ways and I wouldn't mind them taking some inspiration from them, however, it also had/has major issues that likely still persist (haven't played in a while). They too have ways to "win" be it small or large scale matches that impact land control which influences resources and all that comes with it. Simply having Campaigns go poof doesn't remove Uncle Bob. Snowballing seems a live and well. A player driven economy and vertical power system is hard to balance but hopefully they manage to make the power curve shallow while still rewarding players for harvesting/crafting and putting in effort supplying themselves. Reaching X tier shouldn't heavily sway things too much where active combat skill is a non factor, especially if vessels/gear can't be looted. When it comes to zergs, cross faction play, or whatever number advantage, I see no counter. If it's just swarm or be swarmed (if the servers don't melt), that's what people will do. Until only the strong survive and find themselves occupying one server holding each others hands in a circle singing. Or likely off to play the next thing like usual. Dregs and low/no import is a solution but we've yet to see how they plan to do that and again the faction issues apply there just without the pre-made teams. Win trading incoming. People already gave up day 1 of a pre-alpha over a gold badge. If that happens at launch, the game is over. There are things they could do such as not rewarding players taking unguarded POIs. Give the team with the most camps captured a +10% harvest bonus in that zone. Let siege and actual PVP or two+ sided events run the scoreboard. Albion has leaderboards for crafting, harvesting, solo/small/large scale PVP, etc. All of which ACE could do and reward players for the time/effort across multiple ways of playing. They are far from release and this thing is far from finished. My hope is what we have is the get something out the door to keep people occupied and not what they envision the game being like.
  2. Having played Albion in beta and at launch, it wasn't surprising to see things go the way they did. The first couple days with guilds basically zerging/buying their way to own everything and continue to dominate was silly (was part of one such guild). Devs tried to please PVE and smaller groups/soloers but it wasn't a cohesive package that worked, but a bunch of bandaids on top of a good concept. I don't see Crowfall going in a much different direction unfortunately. Some fans believe it will work itself out over time, but beyond wishful thinking, there is no evidence of that. I hope ACE has some ideas that they can actually implement properly prior to launch, but I have no clue what they are doing. They mentioned Alpha (feature complete to some degree) happening end of last Summer... Don't believe they should be too focused on individual or large group experiences currently. They need to finish the major systems. Wasting time balancing and fine tuning little things to make a couple hundred testers happy is a waste. However, I don't believe they should offer launch rewards with the current state of things either. If they don't see soloing as a realistic way to play even in factions, that should be spelled out on the site so people don't waste their time. IMO, soloing shouldn't be a focus. This should be a social game and experience. Doesn't mean people can't play a lone or in small groups, but they should need to be part of a larger entity to progress and do anything worthwhile. Joe 1 hour a day or 4 hours a week shouldn't be the target audience, doesn't mean he can't still have a good time within his limitations.
  3. ACE shouldn't artificially control campaigns or police us in that way. Guilds can do whatever they want within the rules provided. If getting a particular color border on a small item on a character is that important to people, wait and join the winning side. Not sure why people are upset about losing or taking pride in "winning" a pre-alpha campaign in the broken unfinished mess that it is. They are giving out participation trophies to show how meaningful this is 🤣 What this shows is how simplistic the campaign design is and how far they have to go. If they don't get more creative down the line, all people will have are their memories of winning/losing pre-alpha campaigns.
  4. I trust they will do what they believe is in the best interest of the company/game which hopefully means a quality experience. However, if they take it too far (or we do), very possible people won't stick around. Plenty of games have suffered due to the payment model. Their definition of P2W is clearly not the same as everyone as it is doesn't mean one thing. Paying for convenience and advantage seems present and that seems to be more of what people mean when it comes to P2W. Offering a form of RMT and items in the store that can potentially influence game play when they specifically said they wouldn't sends mixed messages for those paying attention. They aren't going to put a banner up saying "You can buy stuff in the store and trade for in-game goods to help you win." That's just bad marketing, but seems to be the truth. If this was the reasoning, they could of simply provided everyone with a basic mount at creation. Running around is a chore in such an environment. Believe I read that some were able to keep mount speed while fighting and stay invis while mounted as well. Maybe that was also part of the issue? I doubt the majority of testers didn't understand what mounts were. To me it doesn't matter what the resource cost is. Legendary gear might become trivial, I don't want to see it sold in the store. The "I don't have time to play, but have money to spend" reasoning doesn't work for me. To me this is no different then using a cheat code. If people want to skip playing a game to win on their won, awesome, in a social competitive game this is a different issue. Unfortunately companies see the $$$ and it's hard to resist. Beyond profits/funding, they have no reason to sell what they are as it doesn't improve game play for the whole. Is what it is. Personally have no sympathy for those that don't have the time/effort/skill to be successful. Gaming isn't for everyone. Same as I have no sympathy for myself if what I put it is destroyed by a larger, organized, well skilled group willing to put in the time/effort to win more than I am. At least both of us are playing the game and not looking towards our bank accounts. At this point though, who knows if any of this matters, far from release.
  5. Why not? Having things instantly without in-game time, effort, skill seems like a difference. Those of us that have lots of EK stuff already are many steps ahead of those that come after unless they change up how it all works. This is yet to be seen. ACE seems to have a vision of an EK economy going hand in hand with Campaigns depending on the ruleset. With faction and less harsh ones being more EK friendly compared to the Dregs. We are still missing a lot of details about import/export/banking/embargo and all that to know what will happen. As is, seems guilds aren't having a huge issue gearing themselves without outside trade. Once Disciplines and training aren't so easy though this might be much different though. MMOs, especially these kind are far from fair. However someone spending more time in-game actually playing is rather different then how much money they throw at the screen. Players seem to go for the path of least resistance and for some that means cash. With ACE opening this up, I don't see it not becoming an issue to some degree. People already team stack in pre-alpha 🙄 Guess for me, having a better PC, more time, larger guild, etc are more of the unavoidable variables while companies providing means for players to use cash to influence things is 100% avoidable on their part.
  6. Like the new look but FAQ could still use a bit of updating as well.
  7. While all classes could use a few more powers IMO, Duelist seems like the most if not close to the most limited in variety. Melee and Range powers go on the same tray. One race with one buff power. 5 stealth powers, 3 of which are meh DPS and 1 requires Rapier. 6 melee tray powers, 1 requires rapier and 1 requires dual pistols, 2 are spender buffs. If someone is running any anti-stealth, essentially removes half powers. Even if other classes have the same total powers, without the racial diversity, multiple trays, or simply more variety on the main tray, Duelist is rather one dimensional. Few Disciplines add any more variety that can't be also done on another class. Assassin are also rather one-dimensional, but at least most of their powers are on one tray, 3 choice of Toxins, multiple races, different weapon choices (sort of), bit more Disciplines variety, and the class just does what it does well (or not). Duelist has been my favorite on paper since they were announced, but kind of meh currently. Maybe I'm spoiled after playing the Thief from GW2. Hoping Frostweaver is more interesting.
  8. Believe it was reward for Kickstarter Gold and higher backers. It can be "Gifted" to other players so you could potentially trade for it. Or just wait until it most likely ends up in the store and just buy it.
  9. Mounts, Pack Animals, Relics/Artifacts will likely impact Campaigns and not be EK only. EKs are glorified housing, but they are supposed to house the greater CF Economy and Campaigns that support it. The bigger/better an EK be it for a player or guild, the greater potential they have to craft/trade and then import. Even if 100% of the store items can be obtained in-game, being able to input a CC# sure is a lot easier then whatever time consuming and likely risky activities are needed in-game. Buying a mount or parcel of land isn't going to magically allow someone to win a Campaign, but put enough of those elements together in the right hands and it can give people a competitive advantage. I didn't buy multiple KS packages just for the love of giving my money away... I believe P2W is a meaningless term but buying convenience and potential advantage is real. ACE doesn't seem too against this. Hopefully they keep it mild, but compared to some other games, they definitely aren't as strict as they could be.
  10. Pay once with optional Sub (VIP) that will offer unknown rewards. ACE has claimed it will not be P2W, but that depends on what they determine is P2W. In the past and currently, they've offered what I see as game impacting items. Maybe not literal, buy-equip-instantly win, but potentially advantageous all the same. Relics: From what ACE has said before, Relic/Artifacts placed in EKs will provide buffs not only in the EK but in Campaigns as well. This can change and might not be that significant overall, but even if it's 1% chance to harvest better or whatever, that is still paying for an advantage. Mounts/Pack Animals: Skins are for sale BUT they list that a Mount Figurine aka a Mount is part of the purchase. Mounts provide a fairly decent advantage in-game. I don't see anything that says these are EK only. The mount system as a whole isn't finished so this could change to be skin only, but they are selling them with a mount currently. Obtaining one in-game might be trivial eventually, but once again, provides advantage through cash. VIP: VIP tokens are said to be up for trade. These like other store items could be used as a form of currency like other games with similar options. Buy 5 VIP, trade for 1000 wood or 2 epic words or 1 legendary human vessel. Basically allowing players to use cash to buy virtual goods in the store and then trade for in-game goods. What they buy and what value store items have is unknown, but it definitely opens up a market for paying for advantage. Eternal Kingdom: They sell land parcels and structures. More land you have the more structures. The more structures the more crafting/vendors and other such place able things. While the EK is a separate part of the game, with the potential to import items crafted, bought, sold, traded, stored in the EK into Campaigns, this opens up more opportunity for those playing in Campaigns that allow imports. For those doing everything in Campaigns this isn't an issue (No import Dregs), but will be interesting to see how the two work side by side depending on Campaign rules. While EKs might be glorified housing, they open up another part of gameplay that likely will impact Campaigns. Skins/Decorations/Cosmetics: Hopefully just show off who backed earlier or paid more and nothing more. As most current are backer rewards, I don't see them being obtained in-game. Not sure this game will benefit from a huge skin market, but if it brings in money, people can buy all the silly looking stuff they want as long as it doesn't impact performance. Kickstarter Rewards: Increased bank size (20%), more character slots (1-3 extra), Forum badge skins. Wouldn't be surprised to see these show up in the store as typical convenience options. With however player storage ends up, things like 20% extra bank could be huge. Overall, yes you can buy stuff in the store that will directly or indirectly influence campaign outcomes, but how much is unknown. They need to finish the game first. Nothing planned AFAIK, but anything is possible. Cosmetic only boxes in some games are huge money makers and I wouldn't be upset if ACE did something similar if it made the game have more funding without impacting gameplay.
  11. Clearly they are different types of games, but even within the MMORPG genre, older/traditional MMOs overloaded players with abilities and seem to have done fine. Games have tried to streamline it more over the years (GW2, newer WoW), but still, I don't believe we need our hands held this much. Especially in a game like Crowfall that at least on the surface seems to be geared towards a more mature/experienced community. We can handle more than 1 power to start with. If we can't, how will players handle the politics and larger scale strategy? Overwatch you start with everything and even MOBAs that unlock over a match, it is still done within a match. Some of these games also have tutorials, AI only mode, or whatever systems to actually teach and let players learn how to play at their pace. How can ACE believe we can only handle 1 skill to start, yet after a few minutes should be fine trekking down to gank central to level? BR in comparison should be overwhelming to players with the amount of stuff available. But with APEX reaching 25 million in a week, seems some can figure it out. This is a BR with actually classes and a bit more depth then pick up a gun and shoot. Fortnite of course continues to expand with whatever crazy features, but they managed to tack on harvesting/building into a genre usually just about the Pew Pew and it too is doing amazing. Players want to have a good time, quickly. Even dying quickly is fun in comparison to the mindless grind that MMOs seem to embrace as the greatest thing ever. Guess from what they initially hyped Crowfall to be or rather NOT be and what we have now, I'm not thrilled. Sure I can go play any number of lobby game for an instant gratification experience, but I can also go play countless MMOs that do so much more well. GW2 for example has great PVE, sPVP for quick matches without the PVE, and WvWvW for the more larger scale. I'd hoped Crowfall would take good qualities from both MMO and Lobby games, but seems to be going for the less fun stuff more so.
  12. What's the difference between starting with full talent/stat points to spend vs grinding out 30 levels in 2-3 hours or considerably more with higher quality vessels? What entertainment value does the mob grind provide that will make this game successful? Those that actually enjoy mindlessly grinding mobs can do so for much needed resources. They initially sold/hyped this game to have mobs that were environmental danger and for resources. Believe the FAQ still states that they aren't doing "Kill mob = Exp = LvL." (oops) The mindless grind for levels is a bolted on system that is independent of the rest of PVE and the game. Problem is, if you remove whatever hours it takes to grind out levels, what do players do? Currently the game loop and lacking features make for a meh experience. So they add the wonderful carrot on the stick of every other MMO and now we have to go out and grind just for the time sink aspect. There's also a divide between new/less successful and those that have been around and doing well. New players will be competing for ideal mob camps from friendlies looking for resources and avoiding being ganked by enemies. Along with being under geared, lacking skills on their bar, disciplines, and just being new. If leveling was done in a safe area as a tutorial, whatever, but it isn't currently. Makes for a poor new player experience. Vets have an easier time obviously so there hopefully once the initial grind/pain is over it gets better, but how many non-die hard fans will get that far? I'm fine with there being a cost for higher quality vessels, but the initial one should either come maxed out or be leveled relatively quickly in an environment conducive with learning.
  13. Which is fine the 1st time, but beyond that, there is no point. Even Overwatch, MOBAs, and BR have more faith in their player base that they give them a handful of powers all at once. Most provide some sort of tutorial though and walk players through the basics of combat and class design. Crowfall powers and classes aren't exactly drowning in complexity. With 8-15 or whatever the average number, it isn't crazy to learn relatively quickly. 95% of the time a Crowfall power is likely going to do DPS of some sort anyway...
  14. Do you have an estimate? Even if it isn't days, it's still a matter of what's the point? Why are we spending hours (a lot for higher vessels) to mindlessly grind just because? Seems for every time someone has called this a "PVP Game," the devs have thought up ways to make players spend more time doing PVE. Maybe if we start promoting it as a PVE game they will change it?
  15. Test server (most recent version) is changed.
  16. IMO, if we are locked into a promo path, we should get the final passive free. If particular passives aren't worth slotting, they should be reworked. They should be build defining and part of the promo base kit. With the recent change to make Sanctifier free, I don't see why they didn't do the same for all. Regardless if it has a negative aspect or not. I've been waiting for Advantages & Disadvantages since the start and hope we see more character diversity at some point. Freeing up a passive slot would at least leave a little bit more room.
  17. APE

    Duelist in 5.8

    Why is there no pistol version of the "Capo Ferro" buff?
  18. APE

    Duelist in 5.8

    Was curious so did a little run myself with trash gear. Would need more from you to get a better comparison. Assuming no Disciplines? Slayer passive? Your crit damage is twice what I saw with just Inconceivable and your regular shots seem a bit higher as well. Glass Cannon and Careless Whisper are common for added DPS so did a run with them. My damage range is rather large so whatever Glass Cannon adds and the 9% dmg from Inconceivable aren't really noticed. Crit damage Min seems low being about the same as Max regular damage, regardless of buffs. However Crit Max does go up a decent amount with Inconceivable, Glass Cannon, and Whispers buff active. Didn't do Glass/Whisper only. Pepperbox 5 pip tooltip was reduced from 285-430 to 90-135 at some point. At least looking at the SS Tinnis has posted from early 5.8. Assuming this was besides the bug and seems about where it really should be if not higher when factoring in all the various defense players have (barriers, armor, HP, heals). The full damage and CC vs 3 targets is maybe holding it back? Maybe have high main target and lower 2nd/3rd, while keeping the CC on all 3 or even just 1? 50-75% of main shot? With full buffs, multiple Pepperboxes relatively quickly isn't hard to do. No way it is going to be high damage, with CC, at range going off every few seconds. Something needs to adjusted. Vendor gear and crafted advanced pistols for laughs 48-65 DMG pew pew, 327 AP, 137 Crit Dmg, 26% crit chance, 18.5 dmg mod Basic 373-604, Crit 478-781 Base Basic 347-444, Crit 583-721 Inconceivable Only Basic 356-685, Crit 534-841 Glass Cannon & Whisper Buff, No Inconceivable Basic 379-715, Crit 522-1137 Inconceivable, Glass Cannon & Whisper Buff Base 391, 373, 402 442, 422, 463 458, 466, 443 391, 387, 478 (crit) 506, 604, 536 511, 480, 488 522 (crit), 496, 522 (crit) 603, 781 (crit), 724 (crit) Basic 373-604, Crit 478-781 Inconceivable Only 347, 599 (crit), 583 (crit) 416, 444, 412 671 (crit), 698 (crit), 401 377, 377, 385 412, 412, 721 (crit) Basic 347-444, Crit 583-721 Glass Cannon & Whisper Buff, No Inconceivable 455, 415, 376 386, 538, 567 (crit) 356, 642 (crit), 534 (crit) 528, 376, 752 (crit) 626 (crit), 481, 533 776 (crit), 685, 841 (crit) Basic 356-685, Crit 534-841 Inconceivable, Glass Cannon & Whisper Buff 715, 631, 565 658, 640, 1082 (crit) 900 (crit), 1010 (crit), 646 381, 656 (crit), 522 (crit) 827 (crit), 383, 445 1137 (crit), 605, 958 (crit) 383, 445, 473 494, 693 (crit), 431 379, 429, 669 (crit) Basic 379-715, Crit 522-1137
  19. It should be quick and painless to level a basic vessel. By the time a player reaches the gates to open pvp aka "the end game," they should have a lvl 30 vessel in basic gear for that class/promo. This could be done "easily" through the tutorial system. Open a chest, eat an apple, make a tool, make a weapon, kill a mob = gain a level each. This would allow players new and old to try out a wide variety to see what they actually want to spend tons of time advancing and mastering. Beyond that, make higher tier vessels have a hefty cost that goes with the benefit. Those seeking purple vessels should have the resources, know how, and means to level them up. Provide multiple ways to gain experience, preferably doing things players actually want to do throughout the game or why they are interesting in the first place. PVP kills, turn in heads, capture POI, defend POI, tier based gathering/crafting, kill mobs, run across the map 10000 times, whatever. This is pretty standard in MMOs and if ACE has ditched the "we don't do kill mob = exp = level" concept, might as well embrace some of the better aspects of PVE games. Bit misleading to promote a game as allowing players to choose/play how ever they want and then offer two poisons to suffer through. Having a billion combos is pointless if players can only reasonable ever try, let a lone get proficient with a small fraction. A new lvl 30 basic character has a long way to go still assuming the player doesn't plan to be a free kill forever. However, it gives new players a chance to participate in whatever role they wish without missing large pieces of their build. From there players can dump time/energy into getting better gear, leveling better vessels in whatever way, along with the risk of "screwing up" through talents (they should of tried on a basic vessel) and disciplines which should have their own cost/benefit and potential risk. If leveling up was engaging and more of an experience like PVE games it would be a different story, but it isn't. There is no lore, quests, NPCs of note, variety of towns/landscape/mobs, etc. Seems many fans of this type of game don't want that experience in this game, yet we have what I consider worse version. Just a mindless grind as a means to an end without any fluff to make it at least pretend to be fun.
  20. They need to update the FAQ on this topic.
  21. Why can't they do that with the game design currently in development? This isn't too far off from what they've described to want. However, that doesn't mean every campaign will be the same. The different rulesets are what can set Crowfall apart from other PVP MMOs. There doesn't have to be one way to play. With the Dregs being GvG and not factions, they'll have to figure out mechanics that allow a single guild or whatever group format to win. Having the last remaining tree/stronghold could be an option. They've talked about having an elimination style ruleset. Which could be like your guild loses it's castle/tree and you lose. What they manage to launch with can be built upon as long as players enjoy what is available. Expecting everything now is not realistic. Wanting them to do exactly what you want when you want isn't realistic. Things will get done as the are able to.
  22. Do you understand live = test currently? The game isn't finished or launched. They plan to build out the Hunger mechanics. Why wouldn't it be important to create guilds? This is supposed to be a Throne War Sim. Did you expect it to be a BR where one player wins a campaign? In your interpretation of what they said before, how does a faction win a campaign? A guild? An individual? What should the Hunger do? What do you envision the game to be? You're doing great at quoting what they've said, problem is none of it is very specific and seems to be pretty much what they have been building. How does a faction win a campaign? A guild? An individual?
  23. Campaigns, win/loss mechanics that have multi-campaign impact, various rulesets and ways to play the core game, player looting, different take of class design and progression, less focus on PVE dungeon grinding and quests, player run economy, EKs, blah blah blah. If there was only one way to make a game, we'd all be playing the same thing. If you don't like what they are doing or how they are doing it, you'll be gone shortly. You aren't going to convince the devs nor fans with differing views that you are right or know better. If you believe you will, good luck. Maybe swing around in a few months or when they announce alpha/beta/soft launch. Until then you will probably be frustrated. Please post your teams build and the enemies. This would be at least a little evidence that what you commented on is due to game design issues and not lack of game knowledge and build choices.
  24. Trust me, I am not a spy.
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