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  1. Jah you do realize that this is pre-alpha, right?
  2. Swift Pack Pig durability is at 200 instead of 400, and with the current death toll you will need a new swift pack pig every 7 deaths. Can we get some information whether or not that was an intentional durability loss?
  3. I too am feeling like this "intentional fix" breaks more than it fixes. As for the Myrmidon's Berserk Crash prevention, this really messes up their viability in large scale combat, in just about every specialization. As far as Champion Whirling Pain ability... I don't see the point of FORCING me to use some other ability because I'm using an AE power, especially considering that Whirling Pain has a cooldown. Myrm can spam Whirlwind, but I cannot continually cast Whirling Pain. Are there any other channeled abilities affected in this same way? Can we get some clarification please?
  4. After using the Champion Pit-fighter's whirling pain ability, you are not able to attack or use abilities until you either a) buff yourself using Ultimate warrior or Invincible warrior, or b) use a dodge pip. You cannot change trays until doing so. There is also a bug that lowers your health to about 50% health whenever you use a runegate, on Minotaur Champion.
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