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  1. Ok first things first, to clear up any confusion, Willie is the name of our mascot. Second, please join us! We are a Chaos based guild, NA and EU players are all welcome! We have a private discord server that I regularly update with news and info such as the patch notes. We're all pretty friendly and looking to help players learn and learn a little something ourselves. We aren't "hardcore" like some of the other guilds out there but we are trying to put forth the effort to boost Chaos into being close to if not better than Balance usually is. If you're looking for a fun, chill place to hang and talk to other players, or just wanna get organized feel free to ask for an invite or apply directly via the guilds page!
  2. Honestly as a crafter I don't want to hide out, I wanna leave and farm and build things and generally help my faction but not in a world that's 100% against me when I'm absolutely not set up to be able to fight, its just dumb to intentionally go suicide. So I still prefer the non-claimable settlement that's out in the dangerous pvp enabled zones. This way when we go out to farm we can be taken out, but also it incentivizes us to leave by offering some form of safety net with the lure of better crafting mats.
  3. But again its just an unneeded hassle, like why choose loading screens when it could be better? I know with myself and a ton of other people if something takes too long, especially when it should be something basic, it's enough to send the ADHDs into maximum overdrive. Like I'll spend HOURS doing something boring like modding Skyrim and when I'm finally ready to play if loading screens last too long I'll just immediately go into shut down and swap to League of Legends as if I hadn't been wanting to play Skyrim for the last two hours. Same basic issue here. It's a minor inconvenience, I know, but its enough to make some people lose interest at times which really only makes it worse for the faction. Vicious cycle and all that. Besides, functionality shouldn't be an argument against improvement.
  4. As the title says I think each temple should have access to each of the crafting table types OR each faction should have a small un-siegable settlement in the adventure zone nearest the temple. Sorry in advance for the rant. To be honest I mostly want this because I get a little insulted(I guess the forum has a cencoring program that detects derivations of booty pain) about joining a faction and then going to bed only to wake up to a rival faction owning 90% of all settlements and the other rival faction owning the remaining 10%. Not having access to crafting within the campaign completely cripples a faction without a settlement. And of course there's always the people saying to just go to an EK but really no one wants to go through the inconvenience of logging out of a server, back in to a new server, back out and then back in to the campaign just to get some tools or armor. Hell, if anything it discourages people from wanting to keep going, your faction doesnt have a beachhead to plan and organize for a battle, they just have an empty building full of greedy vendors and useless items so why bother? If the temple had all the crafting stations at least you dont have as much inconvenience and youd have a better place to gather for a fight. Or, if there was an un-siegable settlement (that of course doesnt contribute points to winning) in the first adventure zone there would be an immediate staging hub for players to group up and ready for a battle. Honestly I feel like the settlement being there could provide an avenue for an otherwise losing faction to come back from the brink of defeat.
  5. Isn't this the factories thing in the professions trees? That's a couple months worth of passive xp gains down the line. I meant mass crafting for reaaallly minor yet tedious things that don't interfere with the flow of the game like specifically stone-masonry. Not for simple stuff like standard item crafting. As it is now, normal crafting is fine and I can see the blueprints being a boon to it, but stone-masonry is a borderline punishment for anyone that wants to go into it and making people spec into that profession line is kinda...ugh.
  6. Howdy, Recently I've been doing a lot of crafting to make the capital for my EK. Normally I don't mind the crafting in this game but wow does building a parcel suck. To make one soil you need 6 mulch, 6 ore concentrate and 6 gravel. These each require either 2 non-basic wood, ore or stone to make 1 unit of mulch, ore concentrate or gravel respectively. This isn't the problem though, I think the grind is fair and makes completion feel great, up until you find out the parcel is bugged. The problem is the clicking. It is BEYOND tedious to click mindlessly for an half an hour just to make like 20 soil. It takes 1,350 clicks of pure drudgery to make 15 soil, which makes the smallest parcel. Including crafting times and latency this can take up to 22 minutes, It's brain numbing and horrible and I actively dread crafting for the EK. I don't mind having to wait for it but the monotony is extremely off-putting and really puts a stopper onto the flow of game-play, same goes for basic food crafting. TLDR; It SUCKS to craft stone-masonry stuff and basic foods like meat and anything with a similar crafting system to these. Please add in a basic auto-crafting or bundle crafting system and just let the crafting time compound instead. NOTE: I'm not asking to change armor, weapon and tool crafting. Those are fine.
  7. Re-posted this in the testing feedback area as I'm sure this is a bug, don't know how to delete my post though Curious if I'm just an idiot but I just managed to build the capital parcel and it says I cant place anything due to not having the correct tokens. Here's and image of whats goin on https://imgur.com/AllMExW On top of this after I place the capital parcel I cant place any other parcels. Keeps telling me that they're in the wrong place even though they're connected propperly. EDIT- After messing with it a bit I found out its only the capital parcel that I cannot build in AND the invalid placement issue only happens while the capital parcel is placed. Kinda sucks considering how long it took to make.
  8. Sorry for the mega bumps, just responding again to say I've figured it out, had to be in the EK as well.
  9. Oooook I just tried a stonemason's table and all I have access to is general deeds (the general table and stonemasons table) and stonemasonry components. (image included, for some reason I cant insert it through the button included) https://imgur.com/oDJAJH5
  10. Ah I see, thank you! My lvl 20 guy hasn't even looked at a stonemason's table, the guy that's in my EK is only lvl 8. Thanks for your help!
  11. Hey all, Im pretty new and decided I wanna be the stonemason and runebuilder for my group but I cannot for the life of me find out how to build the other crafting stations (already have general and stonemasonry) in my EK. All I've been able to find on it in the forums is "level up stonemasonry" but nothing more specific. Does anyone know what nodes to level? Unlike some earlier nodes in exploration the stonemasonry nodes dont seem to say anything about giving recipies. Oooooor am I just working in the wrong direction? Thanks in advance for any help.
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