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  1. Talents: Talentwise, this build is solid choice. Majors: Fortifier: does fit the profile, works well in smallscale or large fights. Force Mage: The ability push does not benefit the secutor, the minor upgrade is not relevant matching fortifier. As a melee player, why do you want to push targets away from you? becides the class is based on pulling targets to you. Minors: - Illusory Shield - Phantom Armor Both are excellent choice. I would strongly recommend to change Force Mage for Shieldmaster. The Secutor build is a shield based class, using shield based abilities, the Shieldmaster Major will enhance the class to be a viable choice. Shieldmaster is what makes the class shine in what the class suppose to do, locking targets down, enforcing their position and being a strong force of interruption.
  2. Its not about the pixels, but the experience
  3. When @Gastro finds a golden apple to claim a keep!
  4. Organized PVP, theorycrafting classbuilds and performing in combat
  5. Now I can sleep again Thank you MR @thomasblair
  6. As a paladin I dont use execute, before this patch i had no problems casting any skills, I have been playing the paladin for last 6 months and never had an issue with it. Now i feel like that the PIP generation has decreased and makes it barely playable during pvp. As far as i know my paladin friends share the same problems, not sure if this change is intended or bugged.
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