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  1. Cannot "clear" a keybind. The system goes unresponsive and then even hitting escape won't work to get out of the keybind window.
  2. relogged several times becuase NPE bugged. Can't chop a tree for the "Gaea Provides" quest despite having the axe equipped.
  3. Interesting take on things. Was definitely a fun campaign and -W- a worthy adversary.
  4. When dregs releases from test to live server will there be a skill and bank wipe?
  5. Looking to acquire a blue vessel, contact me on discord Dozer#8417
  6. I second this. Inflated HP's and Hit & Crit #'s only take up valuable screen space. The lower the better in my opinion. When you start dealing with thousands and tens of thousands it devalues each individual number.
  7. Thank you all for the great feedback. It has been resolved. AnsheX sent the wrong package. Both AnsheX and ArtCraft were very responsive and ultimately Anshex had me send the wrong package back and then then they sent me the correct one.
  8. Could someone answer this for me? I purchased a 2015 kickstarter gold package (+20% increased account bank space) from the trusted trader AnsheX. I logged into my account today to see that I was sent a 2016 Gold Patron Level package. I'm no rocket scientist or anything, but these are not the same things correct? I paid for the 2015 kickstarter gold package for the perk of the +20% increased account bank space. When accepting what they sent me it does not list that perk in the consumable section. Am I missing something or has a mistake been made?
  9. Or maybe some of us were ruined years ago with character customization by some of the creators of this game. After which, some of us may have searched high and low for a similar game with as many character customization options only to be let down with every single mmo since.
  10. How do I get in touch with you LoD guys? I remember you all from Shadowbane and am interested in joining. Also, I noticed you said you had a small group of guys playing Smite. I've been playing Smite for a while now just in limbo until a real PvP game shows up. Hoping this one will be it!
  11. I would give a left nut IRL for a true pvp mmo similar to Shadowbane where you can kill anyone, any time, for any reason. If a friend of mine is having a bad day and gets mouthy, I'd love to kill his ass too! A game in which you are careful how you say what you say and to who you say it. Player driven politics > any cheesy pve raiding mmo. I am a lifelong gamer from back in the dial up days of calling into BBS servers and playing turn based games like Arrowridge and Legend of the red dragon, and to this day I am still chasing the Shadowbane high. Shadowbane by far was the best concept for a game I have ever seen. I just wish it was developed and worked properly. SB.exe Another game I thoroughly enjoyed was Darkness Falls: The Crusade. The solo pvp of riding on a boat over to hostile territory was amazing. Heart pumping, adrenaline filled, pvp where the enemy was tracking you and persistently hunting you. Picking one off at a time and moving on to hide out and recoup, rinse and repeating. I actually have given up on the idea that anything would ever cater to the type of game I have been longing for. I'm very excite to see where this goes.
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