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  1. just proving the point further that legends/epic gear is in circulation. even if you only have chest/weapons thats still better than 80% of other players and 100% better than anyone joining thats "new". and again thats not my issue here. my issue is free embers with 0 risk.
  2. my problem so far has still been free endless farming of embers with no consequences. either in the EK's or GR. unlimited farming of the most coveted resource currently in the game will mess up the economy in the long run. only reason gear was posted was to proves that its out there.
  3. this is true, but if GR stays how it is embers wont be an issue... ever. we would have the mats way before actual training to craft said items.
  4. Well there's 3 examples without scrolling to far into discord. and mandalore also had an example of a legend chest.
  5. Not true. Last campaign alone we geared out legends/epics. And that's 1 campaign length of time of casual farming R10's for high rank ore and farming low rank nodes for dust/embers. the rumor is there for a reason just because you yourself don't have epic/legend gear doesn't mean others don't.
  6. Why not have actual training inside GR? new players still have 0 clue on.... well anything that involves PvP and sieges. No Help learning siege equipment, how they work and how to buff/heal them. No help on how to successfully take a fort/keep. No help learning how to craft or where to farm certain mats. If your focus was truly on helping new players maybe some tool-tips would help, maybe an area to attack a fort/keep with test siege equipment. Not an entire server with no PvP or consequences. How will they learn how cut-throat the game truly is by sitting inside Carebear world? There are so many ways to help out new players other than how GR is currently set up. oh wait i forgot, put guild access in game! That might help.
  7. WHAT?!??! Thats what it was before and people liked it. Maybe your gear doesn't drop on death but the wrest of your stuff does. (minus whatever you spirit bank before death >.> ) People Still played and enjoyed it. new players are coming daily and vet players are staying to have good and challenging fights. Now like mandalor said, we have a free space to do exactly what was being done in the EK only on a much larger scale without consequence. may not be an issue right this second, but farming until the 2nd of April when this new campaign launches i plan on being in all legendary/epic gear if things don't change.
  8. what sold me on the game was PvP free loot and open world. now its just carebear land for the harvesters. guess ill go play ESO, WOW or BDO......
  9. still i go back to this not sure how u think it wont be abused to death
  10. Embers are how u craft the High Tier gear and should be the bottleneck for everyone. Farming R3 nodes, Thundar was able to get 2 Embers within 2 minutes and now doesn't have to worry about being 'ganked' and looted. So he is free to choose a rotation of low rank nodes and farm to his content thus constantly supplying a vendor or guild with embers. now that's just 1 guy in 1 little area. Imagine all the vet players who are about to break their purple gear and need embers. why would they buy them when they can do the same thing? Within a day they can have a completely new set of purple or better gear because they can farm the Reach endlessly for embers. Because that's what they where doing in the EK. If God's Reach is for new players to learn the game. Then removing or significantly lower the drop of embers from God's Reach server is the only way this doesn't get exploited. Basically guilds can give recruits 'plethra of dust' gear and send them to gods reach until they have the embers for higher tier gear. no harm no foul am i right?!?!?
  11. Most significant problem: 1. the EK tree exploit allowed players to farm forever without the threat of being ganked while farming and a random chance for embers. 2. Gods Reach allows players to farm forever without the threat of being ganked while farming and a random chance for embers. curious if you see the problem here or not?
  12. I like God's Reach and the concept behind it. Trust me i hated starting this game too, between constant ganks and no tips online to help, i was lost until i joined a guild. But my problem is not with the Reach itself but with the CHAOS EMBER EXPLOIT. You may have removed the issue in the EK (not sure cause i honestly have not done it nor have desire too) but now its persistent in the Reach.
  13. This account is only a few days old, 30% into excavation tree and not much else. using green tools acquired from an EK vendor (anyone can buy even noobs) and have been farming for about 2 hours or less. Also it shouldn't matter if it was a noob or not. do you think Vet players wouldn't abuse the poorly made socks out of this?!?!?
  14. @KrakkenSmacken And how is this not a problem to you?
  15. did u miss the part where i said i have farmed 22 embers already in God's Reach
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