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  1. Any other LGBT players?

    @dolmar , @Gracen , @Horrible. basically any uXa member.
  2. The store is in a different language.

    My account says I live in Germany and all my store items are in pounds... i live in the USA... how do i fix that ??
  3. maybe some should not mention there is going to be a full wipe and a new patch, until they are sure the patch is going to go when it is said to go.
  4. The UnDeAd Legion

    dear lord.. you need to add a disclaim for the twitch , that it will be a bunch of grumpy old men lol...
  5. The Tenth

    We will be there for 5.3
  6. Time Line

    2018... nothing more in 2017 but 5.3.
  7. The UnDeAd Legion

    We have currently shifted our focus of recruiting... we need more FAE frost weavers with the blue sparkling wings. We felt dolmar would feel left out and alone when the rest of us decided not to take this gay looking character. So if you enjoy frolicking in the woods with glowing blue sparkling wings, and like to contemplate life while under the blue sparkle, then dolmar needs you to join. WE need you to help our FAE not feel alone.. Don't let him be alone in the woods with his blue sparkle.....
  8. Taxes

    Well no gold = blah. I am not saying there is zero reward for killing, I am not saying ALL the dust or whatever go right to the bank, just a taste, like 10%. Nothing game breaking. Its a pain in the ass shaking members upside down when funds are needed for guild projects.
  9. Taxes

    I feel that when there is gold, or a monetary system introduced, I feel there should be a guild tax associated with it. It is far easier for a guild member to kill a mob, loot a mob and the guild get an automatic tax from that loot, to go into a guild vault, than it is to turn the members upside down when the guild needs funds. Nothing crazy, just a taste of the money, like 10% from each kill.
  10. Shade

    Any caster should have to be an elf. Elven lore is rich in magical power. To be anything but an elf would be a dis-service to the years spent building the Elf race as a magic creature. I feel ALL casters should be elf only, female elfs at that. For the males, through out the lore, were hunter types, they left the magic to the women folk. So YES, all caster types should be female elfs.
  11. Soft Launch in 2017 realistic?

    Not a chance that a quality version of this game is coming out in 2017. Maybe some craptasitic version will come out, which is just another form of alpha. 2018 sure, 2017, that is a pipe dream.
  12. Profanity!

    Well look at that.. a European Snowflake... you must be french.
  13. The UnDeAd Legion

    The: denoting one or more people or things already mentioned or assumed to be common knowledge: Compare with a. "what's the matter?" · [more] used to point forward to a following qualifying or defining clause or phrase: "the fuss that he made of her" · [more] used to make a generalized reference to something rather than identifying a particular instance: "he taught himself to play the violin" · [more] enough of (a particular thing): "he hoped to publish monthly, if only he could find the money" Just wanted to make sure they know what all parts of the name mean
  14. Profanity!

    I guess you need two safety pins after being on the forums huh...If you do not like things, do no tread them, pass over a post made by people that make you scared, turn the page, no one forces you to read the banter, no one is forcing you to look, but yet.. yet you feel compelled to look if for no other reason than to complain about it so it fits into your box of how things should be. Grow up, the world does not revolve around you. Banter between guilds / players has gone on since day one of gaming, to take this out of a game because you might become offended, is offensive to us that wear our big boy pants and realize its another aspect of the game. No one seems to have issues when people post up videos of one guild / person crushing others and there is all sorts of insults / " bad words" thrown around, yet not one peep on this, but post something.. WHOA TRIGGER ALARM!!!!!!! It is sad to see that even in on line games we need safe places for snowflakes.
  15. Profanity!

    You made me spit my coffee out with that one...