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  1. afrrrggggg the party is over.. might as well give me a warning now and get it over with
  2. /agree... new campaign while we wait for your patch... DONT keep us in dregs and no one wants to play test, test makes me sad to see all the goodies we wont get to use for like 2 yrs.
  3. /popcorn... this post delivers..+1. Ban all the ppl that knowingly use exploits to their advantage to "win". Its frikking alpha, your win doesn't mean poorly made dergs. get the bugs reported and fixed so they can move on to other things to get the game released where your non-explicating ass wins and it actually counts as a win... sheeesh.
  4. while crafting "LEATHER PADDING" on the leather bench, using any combo while using any color resource leather other than orange resources produces a fail. I tried with all colors other than orange and every time they failed. Then 2 times out of the blue they completed using green.
  5. You want to stop the 50 man group from clumping up and just spaming their poorly made dergs... remove the AoE from 5 to a radius. The it hits everyone in that area, not just 5. These groups will then spread out some and will be slightly easier to target and kill. When you have just a lump of 40-50 ppl , say inside a fort, you hit the AoE and it hits its 5 and the other 45 standing near it just laugh it off, then zerg just hits buttons on the little group of 20ish and boom game over. The zerg takes little skill, that's why certain guilds use it. They just want to win and bringing 40-50 to a for
  6. <Question> What… is the air-speed velocity of an unladen swallow?
  7. bump one for the good guys...
  8. To any new players, we are still recruiting.
  9. @bARRIAkARL Do you know why you have to go spend hours upon hours farming mobs for crappy gear... because SOMEONE in their infinite wisdom put in a passive system that takes MONTHS before you can craft anything useful that you want. So we have to farm crap useless gear for hours upon hours.... yea great job guys. I'm not sure what braniac you have running the house that thought waiting months to craft was a good idea.... but its not.
  10. WB whined and whined and whined about night capping and then things changed.
  11. Circle standing is the most boring aspect of this game, building buildings just to boost a score is lame. winning keeps, forts, killing people in the field, there is the "win". Circle standing, running packs, turning in trinkets for score is just fail.
  12. The same one where you were cupping with dis against all of the others. You know, the guild you are subbed too,or at least bought and paid for. least that's what I hear. @mando, only fluffers call out the TOS, since when are you from the chilly guild ?
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