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  1. The game has jumped the shark at this point.
  2. Pfffttt you sure as hell aren't going to do anything about our stay in CF. ACE will be the one to dictate how long or short we stay. you are nothing more but an annoying little gnat.
  3. so because not everyone can play the times "certain" guilds want to play, it gets changed. Guess if you don't play in their window you get to be a farmer or crafter... way to shoot yourself in the foot ACE. Might as well change the name to winterfall. 3-2-1... whine from fluffernutters...
  4. Apparently you do not even need to have the right body to get all you need. To much crap once again going on. I just wonder sometimes how this game is being run. back when there is an audible pop made.
  5. "in prior campaigns" and "now over 250 graves not one purple item" I am not sure how NOT getting any purples in over 250 graves = a horde of items ??? is there more to this conversation that you went back through hours and days of text to find that was not listed ?? Where does it say there is a horde of blue + items ? and el oh el at going through all that text for days to "try" to find something. but once again... you missed the point and the mark.
  6. A mistake or not, there are those that have pounded this "mistake" 24/7 and will have a jump come campaign time. Not just wiping it to put everyone on an even playing field just once again panders to certain groups. This is becoming apparent. guess ill wait for the next wipe when its even again and not once agianadvantagefall.
  7. thats all it is now Ble.. grind grind grind... you can keep this poorly made socks.
  8. If only this was the only thing wrong with this current patch. what they have done just to the gold coins is a joke. Made it more or less useless. Most of this current patch is a joke.
  9. I have asked this time and time again... there were so many that threw money at this at the kickstarter... where are they ???? I would be worried that after all these years of developing this game, the best you can get is 500 and that's being generous with that total. As for the no-lifers, every game has them, and there will always be them. I doubt this game will be able to combat the no-life situation or the people that just want to win no matter what flying-money-butt is done to do that, be it exploits, cheats, zergs, no-lifing... Some people will always want to have that win, and I doubt this game will find a way to stop most of that. All I know is, the direction we are going is a path i find not wanting to walk down.
  10. This game sure does not seem to be what we were sold on a few years ago when we rushed to give them our money during the kick starter. The game is now a grind fest of pve... a grind fest for resources.. a grind fest of grind. I know I have lost interest in even logging into this version of the game and find it very hard to want to continue doing so. This was sold on a PVP game, yet with the failed faction system and exuberant amount of PVE and lack of making the leveling go fast, this game feels like just yet another MMO with nothing extra or different than the crap that is already out there. I know that if this does not get it self back on track as a true PVP game and centers around that I wont play it, I don't wanna do a grind PVE game.
  11. weaponsx

    Zone Caps

    there no troll here, i believe he is doing the "trolling"...
  12. weaponsx

    Zone Caps

    nah your "tactics" are ones you would never make a video of.
  13. weaponsx

    Zone Caps

    ancient Chinese secret
  14. weaponsx

    Zone Caps

    poorly made socks, funny how you think this is whining, we are laughing in discord at the "tactics" you need to go through to win lol. We all know what ya do.. the experts at the " tactics" BWHAHAH don't make me laugh more son.
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