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  1. WB whined and whined and whined about night capping and then things changed.
  2. Circle standing is the most boring aspect of this game, building buildings just to boost a score is lame. winning keeps, forts, killing people in the field, there is the "win". Circle standing, running packs, turning in trinkets for score is just fail.
  3. The same one where you were cupping with dis against all of the others. You know, the guild you are subbed too,or at least bought and paid for. least that's what I hear. @mando, only fluffers call out the TOS, since when are you from the chilly guild ?
  4. Nope poorly made dergs game kicked everyone out, sent us zones away after taking a few minutes to log back in. The only black eye was from the server. I expect better trolling mandalore :P.
  5. First off, your meme game needs improvement. Second, this isn't hate, this is friendly banter. You will know if it ever comes to hate Now get good with some good memes.. ENTERTAIN ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. showing up late with strung out ppl all over a zone and getting only a fraction.. but hey jah, you are the best at playing with guards and of course playing while out numbering ppl. YOU are the best of the best at it LOL...
  7. Oh I don't craft grad, the crafting here is crap. Its alpha so my care of any keeps / forts is less than zero. All i am saying is, grats on taking a fort from the A.I. that's all.. great job.. A number one. One a side note, the fact that a keep can be torn down with in 7 minutes with 22 people when its upgraded a decent amount is pure poorly made dergs. Add that to the list Jtodd of things that are crap. This test shown me a lot of where they are after 5 years, not impressed. But I digress, Grats Grad, you are the best killer of A.I in any game I have every seen, you must be champs in WoW.
  8. Only way they can win a fight against A.I. guards how else ???
  9. uXa had all of us DC. There needs to be a 5-15 min grace period. OR let us be able to bind somewhere else, a keep or a fort, a claimed respawn outpost. The current way it is done, the defender gets the best advantage to a server crash. Also there needs to be some sort of siege declaration against a fort/keep other than BAM everything is open for whom ever to start attacking the fort/keep. It needs to be like shadowbane, someone drops a rock, the defenders get to set the time that WORKS BEST FOR THE DEFENDERS, and the attackers need to place a stone and pay for it. Not this manbie pambie crap of everything going off at a time that benefits the west coasters the best.
  10. uuggggg how many winterblade fanbois can you fit into one post... sheesh. Is this game still around ? I heard it went vaporware?!?!? HI DROGAN hows it going bro?!?!?
  11. The game has jumped the shark at this point.
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