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  1. The clerics heals, the numbers are very small and sometimes do not show up at all, it would be nice to be able to see how much we are healing for . the chat systems for group chat... who is the one that thought that purple was a good idea.... give us control to assign our own colors to the chat systems.
  2. Cleric heal numbers are so tiny that a microscope is needed to see them, put them back to the way they were in 5.7 Cleric hammer animation works sometimes, its there then its not there. cleric not getting plate... BOOOOOOOOOO killing mobs for 50xp per kill = crap gold drop from mobs = crap, ramp that up to 11 or something. more to come...
  3. Am I just missing it or can clerics not take plate armor anymore ??? also clerics need to have the "green" numbers over allies when healing them, some are still missing. the animation of the throwing hammer needs to be put in.
  4. The throwing hammer animation from the cleric is not there, it just looks like he is swinging his hammer. Also put the green numbers back up when a cleric heals someone, it was frustrating to not know if i cast a heal on someone since the heals in the beginning are tiny I could not tell if I was healing, so just kept spamming the heal button. Bring back the green numbers.... No exp for taking over camps.
  5. This stage of testing has become beyond stale and flat out boring. Its been the same thing for 2-3 campaigns now. The pop is non-existent, no PVP really going on, so we are forced to just farm ?!?!? for what ??? If the rate of speed for training was better than 3x, then we could at least try other things and see how end game stuff is, but nope... training is still at a snails pace, the pop is more or less gone and its now farm-fall. This game needs some caffeine and move it along somewhat somewhere. DO SOMETHING... yea yea.. druid balls.
  6. Jewel Crafting

    Gem gathering is about as fun as watching grass grow.
  7. This new speed is pure crap. What are you trying to test with this ?? our patience ? 3x is so slow that the grass growing goes faster. We get it, you want to test poorly made socks out and see how this speed would play on a live server and see if it is viable... it is not. We can just log in, start training, log out, wait 8 days come back train again , log out wait 8 more days, rinse and repeat till we have viable training and crafting. That's not an MMO, that's a face book app to kill some time. Put the training back to 10x and let us test out how the end game is going to play out. There is nothing to test, except if we have the patience.
  8. Any other LGBT players?

    @dolmar , @Gracen , @Horrible. basically any uXa member.
  9. The store is in a different language.

    My account says I live in Germany and all my store items are in pounds... i live in the USA... how do i fix that ??
  10. maybe some should not mention there is going to be a full wipe and a new patch, until they are sure the patch is going to go when it is said to go.
  11. The UnDeAd Legion

    dear lord.. you need to add a disclaim for the twitch , that it will be a bunch of grumpy old men lol...
  12. The Tenth

    We will be there for 5.3
  13. Time Line

    2018... nothing more in 2017 but 5.3.
  14. The UnDeAd Legion

    We have currently shifted our focus of recruiting... we need more FAE frost weavers with the blue sparkling wings. We felt dolmar would feel left out and alone when the rest of us decided not to take this gay looking character. So if you enjoy frolicking in the woods with glowing blue sparkling wings, and like to contemplate life while under the blue sparkle, then dolmar needs you to join. WE need you to help our FAE not feel alone.. Don't let him be alone in the woods with his blue sparkle.....
  15. Taxes

    Well no gold = blah. I am not saying there is zero reward for killing, I am not saying ALL the dust or whatever go right to the bank, just a taste, like 10%. Nothing game breaking. Its a pain in the ass shaking members upside down when funds are needed for guild projects.