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  1. I hadn't seen that section before, thanks. I still don't really get why the spirit bank is what it currently is tho. Why have worldwide access if access is going to be extremely limited in the future? Going from mega freedom of access to ultra limited access doesn't seem like the way to go. I'm trying to envision an instance in which the described embargo system sits well with players and I just cant. Put stuff in there and then earn some of it? Why not earn spots to place things? putting things in only to lose them won't go over well, which is probably why it's not currently a part of the game. I'm not a fan of making things easy to appease the lazy player that doesn't want to earn anything, but making things harder on the players just to be harder is never a good recipe. Is there a benefit to a rewards system in which the player is rewarded only with a portion on what they themselves put in the "treasure chest"? The current system paired with actual rewards would be better.
  2. First, I know I'm not the first with ideas on the spirit bank, so sorry for the repeated data, but I wanted to put a few thoughts from different posts and have some questions. I've only been in game a month or so, so most of you know quite a bit more than I do about why things are the way they are and what the plans for the future are. I'll start with the questions. - Why is there a spirit bank import/export limit? Do players need to be restrained from importing things into the campaigns? Has anyone hit that limit? - The export limit is merely an inconvenience in it's current form with players only needing to empty out, unlock, and come back in to the campaign. Inconvenience should not be designed into the game. If the limit is there to actually limit players ability to transfer items from the campaign world, the count should not reset upon unlocking and re-entry. Or the player should not be able to unlock at all. - Many have discussed the spirit bank's effects on ganking, so I'll leave that alone. I'll simply state that limiting access to the spirit bank to the temple, owned keeps, and owned forts could only reduce strain on the system. A quick addition of a box or npc in those locations is all it takes, and then those inventories no longer need to be in that mobile state. - Make stacking and splitting stacks perform in the spirit bank as it does in your bag. - Increase stack sizes of all harvested resources to 500. If the spirit bank is meant as a central repository for your characters, it should behave as such, not as emergency "oh s!*t" storage.
  3. Bazarov

    Guild Bank

    They very well could be working on it but there is no mention of any sort of guild storage now or in the future in the guild store area or any other. I'm not sure if the intention is to have a guild bank or not, but I really think it's an integral part of the game. I can't think of a reason not related to capability limitations this feature would not be in the game already, and my suggested adjustments to the overall system should more than compensate for any increase in database or server load. That, and it improves the lives of literally every player, instantly in several ways with little to no drawback.
  4. Not just during sieges. It's been happening during small scale as well, to multiple people in group on chaos when fighting balance, and it's very one sided.
  5. Guild banks are an immediate need. The interdependence of the professions coupled with the guild-centric nature of the game is why. Having to face to face trade with individual guildmates for resources and then for the different components to finally craft something in your profession is ridiculous. The only thing binding guildmates together is guild chat, and most don't even look at it because they communicate in discord. With the following adjustments, the guild crafting and management of resources would be much more effective and that would benefit everyone. Also, the following should be implemented to compliment or offset the addition of the guild bank. - Reduce player inventory space. a slight reduction in bag space would offset any extra load to the system caused by guild banks. - Increase spirit bank size (slightly), maybe one full row or column. - Reduce access to spirit banks to controlled keeps, forts, and temples. It's been said before, but having a different chest or NPC would be the obvious choice for this. Ideally, a guild should have a guild EK, with some sort of guild hall that has guild storage. Once again, the game is already extremely guild-centric, why not push even further in that direction and make the EK's a guild only thing? This would greatly reduce strain on the system and improve many aspects of the game.
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