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  1. I knew what the spies were but I didn't know everything about them. Also didn't know how serious the whole thing was until someone asked me if I was one. Panicked a bit and made the mistake of playing dumb ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Wrong place, wrong time. And that thing about someone saying my username was similar to another known spy, well... my username is based off of my name in real life. Wrong name, wrong time?
  2. I wasn't sure how to describe the situation rationally so I went with greentext. I'm not really sure how popular it is but here's an example:
  3. You guys were so nice! This was meant to be a funny post!
  4. >Be me >20 >talking to dad about cool upcoming games >find Crowfall and it looks dope >buys the game and downloads >wanders around for hours playing a Cleric Half-Giant making snoo snoo jokes with some people I meet >reads online that the best way to get started is to find a guild >decides to start fresh on Half-Elf Ranger, read they have good racial stats and bonuses >really starting to like the game and hanging with a cool crowd >2 days go by and I'm still a noob >new campaign starts and some people I met earl
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