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  1. Majk


    BTW, Love the game so far got MASSIVE potential too ben the best MMO since Ultima Online. (Best game ever before then patch I try too forgett xD) ❤️ Love what you are doing! Thanks for finally making a non-wow copy thats legit.
  2. Majk


    Thanks for the reply Kraahk! I Agree and like everything you said exept drops on mobs, sure no rare weapons or armors. But like, rare items for the house, rare materials och something. That 0.001 chance of finding something that will make you rich! Best Regards Majk
  3. Majk


    Good point man:) My lazy side got the best of me in my thinking!!
  4. Majk


    1.Mass make for example bandages and food. 2.Automatic stacking when right clicking from your bag too your bank or loot too bag etc. 3.Add a minimap!!! 4. Add drops on mobbs, rare drops that are worth alot of gold or are good weapons/armors // Majk
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