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  1. I'd argue this mostly is a question of knowledge. I started playing recently, and sure, the mats i gathered were not very high quality, but asking my guild mates for advice regarding food, potions and decent tools made me get epic and legendary mats a mere day later. I might not be 100% efficient, butyou can't expect that from the get go.
  2. Greetings. I do not consider myself overly clumsy, yet I managed to enter a campaign with an EK-character. Fortunately, it was no big loss as this is still pre-alpha, but perhaps a simple "Are you sure you want to send a character with items in his inventory into a campaign? The items will be lost"-prompt would be reasonable to add? It could also be based on something else than having items in your inventory. Sorry if this has already been suggested earlier, new here!
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