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  1. Divine Favor points keep adding up if you stay on the screen.
  2. My version of that PowerPoint presentation was slightly different.
  3. I like reproach for that 25% heal buff on the combo. the paladin passive is useful if you pair it with blast of leaves in the dryad major; makes you get the 25 stack pretty fast for some big crit heals.
  4. "In The Zone" buff comes up as "Blur" on my assassin builds. Tried this on Fae and Half-Elf. The detailed stats show that the correct stats are being applied from the "In The Zone" skill though. Behind bonus damage and power efficiency. Looks like it's just a visual error. https://gfycat.com/cavernouswearydormouse
  5. Seriously, calling them Crowkens is such a missed opportunity.
  6. A map should not take this long to navigate and determine what is going on. It's especially terrible in a high stakes Pvp environment. Tilt and rotate would help, but a simple map where you can tell what is going on quickly would be much better. Also a shortcut key to swap between world and zone map would be nice.
  7. Active engagement in a particular task should boost speed.
  8. Where is the setting for enabling combat log file. Found. You must be in a world. Not on main screen.
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