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  1. Targeting Reticle Is Wonky Live Test https://youtu.be/YlW65-jgDi8 https://youtu.be/_Sr2wUa_XnY
  2. Seriously, calling them Crowkens is such a missed opportunity.
  3. A map should not take this long to navigate and determine what is going on. It's especially terrible in a high stakes Pvp environment. Tilt and rotate would help, but a simple map where you can tell what is going on quickly would be much better. Also a shortcut key to swap between world and zone map would be nice.
  4. Active engagement in a particular task should boost speed.
  5. Getting stuck at "Unloading Zone" when recalling or using gates. Happens more when going back to temple.
  6. Where is the setting for enabling combat log file. Found. You must be in a world. Not on main screen.
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