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  1. Hello all, I have been streaming Albion Online quite a bit recently and they have a referral system in place which is quite nice. Any time somebody buys a founder's pack with my referral link, I received some extra gold. I was wondering if Crowfall was planning on implementing a similar system. Crowfunded titles are one of the highlights of my channel and I enjoy introducing people to new games. If they decide to back a game because of that, it's nice to be acknowledged. I would be very much interested in receiving items that I could regift as giveaways to my viewers. What would you all like to see as referral rewards? Regards, The Purple Polo Player P.S. Please forgive me and let me know if there's a system already in place. I did a forum search for 'referral' and checked out my account page for a referral link and came up empty.
  2. Greetings fellow Crowfall fans, It looks like Crowfall's development is coming along quite nicely and I've decided to play and stream the hunger games this evening. I can't wait to try it out. So who the heck am I? I am a 40 year old PC Gamer and avid supporter of Kickstarter titles from Denver, Colorado. My original MMO love was Dark Age of Camelot, and I've been hoping and waiting for an equally enjoyable fantasy MMO with a focus on PvP ever since I stopped playing. My main stream game is Armored Warfare by Obsidian Entertainment. If you were a World of Tanks fan or you merely want to check out my channel, I encourage you to stop by. My channel highlights gaming comapanies with a reputation for excellent service, fair monetization, and community interaction. My channel excels at providing an excellent sounding stream with smooth commentary and excellent music. Many of my current viewers will listen while they play. Whether you're a lurker or a regular chat participant in our awesome, tight-knit community, I encourage you to stop by and have a look. I will update future stream times in this thread. In the mean time, I hope to see you this evening from 6:30pm MST (1:30am GMT) at Twitch.TV/PurplePoloPlayer. I can also be followed on Twitter @purplepoloplaya.
  3. Cheers mate! I want to stream some Crowfall this evening.
  4. Hello all, I received the email for pre alpha testing and it mentions that servers will be open tonight, Wednesday Dec. 2nd, from 5:30pm to 8:30pm. It didn't list a time zone for these times. Do the emails automatically adjust the server times for my local time zone? Thanks for clarifying this for me. Regards, The Purple Polo Player
  5. I have been having a look at this game and I've decided to pick up a founders pack. I really like the combat and the fact that traditional leveling is tossed out the window. It should hold me over until Crowfall is fully released. Anyone else going to give 'er a punt? Toss me a PM if you're looking for a guild to hang with during OB4.
  6. I just don't think that I could ever identify with a non-humanoid class. I am glad that many of you plan on enjoying this archetype though.
  7. I just upgraded to Amber. That tier seems like the best value with the long VIP status term.
  8. I'm not feeling it. I think would use a lot of funds to develop that. Use TS3, Vent, or Mumble for now.
  9. I'm still trying to get my head wrapped around this EK concept. I do appreciate the information that has been put out. Simply asked, if everyone has an Eternal Kingdom, how do they become special? Eternal Kingdoms seem better suited as part of a guild structure. Thing is, everybody is going to want their own Eternal Kingdom, so who are going to be the people that populates them? Not to mention, characters will be spending most of their time in campaigns. So are EK's merely a glorified housing system? I'm all right with that really. Housing has been largely ignored by MMO developers. One of the game's biggest goals is to remove building items from the Campaigns and take them to the EK's, so I'm hoping this system is engaging. Also I'm wondering if weapons and armour crafted in the EK's can be imported in to the next campaign.
  10. It depends on the quality of information that the devs give out in the next two weeks. If we get some nice reveals then I predict... ...2,043,950 United States Dollars.
  11. It is a classy thing to do and it's good business to support other Kickstarter projects. Chris Roberts even offers an in-game item for the support of other games. The devs of Star Citizen and Kingdom Come have offered to exchange technology. They understand that competition is good for the industry and good for business.
  12. I backed for $30. For me this is almost like not backing because I spend a poorly made socks-load of money on Kickstarter games. I want to see more of what's under the hood.
  13. I really like the 5+ years of VIP that the Amber level offers. I would like to see a similar tier without the unnecessary cost of the 'Physical Collectors Edition'. This edition will no doubt cost a lot of money to manufacture and ship. I suggest doing a $215 to $225 Amber Digital Edition that offers all the same benefits of the Amber tier without the 'Physical Collectors Edition'. This would compete nicely with the $225 pledge tier that Camelot Unchained currently offers.
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