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  1. 6 Months gone, coming back, still no guild bank. 👍
  2. Thats cool, whats up with the reward from the first Decapathon ?
  3. "Yeah lets wipe even if there is a full wipe in 3 Months so ive better standing cause iam new" How are you supposed to test new features when everybody needs to build up first and nobody has a crafter anymore... Plus half of the players leave the game until alpha release in 2020. Just to have a slight better chance than when playing on a dead server ? genius.
  4. Will Gods Reach be renewed ? Will there be a campaign or just infected for the next weeks ?
  5. Crowfall Game of the Year - Category: Best Walking Simulater 2019. Spirit Bank goes down, very nice. But as mentioned from other Player: Still no Guild Bank and walking the route again and again when you forget something ? Or when steps drop to a worse quality ? gl hf.
  6. Way too edgy... Nah, more information, or any information at all would be very nice. Never saw an "early Access" game which such a worse communication.
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