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  1. 6 Months gone, coming back, still no guild bank. 👍
  2. Thats cool, whats up with the reward from the first Decapathon ?
  3. "Yeah lets wipe even if there is a full wipe in 3 Months so ive better standing cause iam new" How are you supposed to test new features when everybody needs to build up first and nobody has a crafter anymore... Plus half of the players leave the game until alpha release in 2020. Just to have a slight better chance than when playing on a dead server ? genius.
  4. Will Gods Reach be renewed ? Will there be a campaign or just infected for the next weeks ?
  5. Great work with the statistics and list of all participants 👍
  6. Is it on purpose that combined dropped Majors loose their bonus on stats ? Or new feature ?
  7. Cant quip anymore three rings with hamster. edit: Same with second Necklace on High Elf
  8. So, we make vessel in campaign, use the expert token for it, level than the better vessel in gods reach until lvl 20 (hehe) and then enter campaign ? iq300.
  9. Crowfall Game of the Year - Category: Best Walking Simulater 2019. Spirit Bank goes down, very nice. But as mentioned from other Player: Still no Guild Bank and walking the route again and again when you forget something ? Or when steps drop to a worse quality ? gl hf.
  10. Way too edgy... Nah, more information, or any information at all would be very nice. Never saw an "early Access" game which such a worse communication.
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