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  1. well.. considering we have keeps, forts, and outpost.... I would say pretty close to everything. 2 thirds for sure.
  2. there is a difference between creating incentives to work with other players and being against solo players. I personally love the crafting system and think its one of the best I have seen in a game. Its like a mini game all in its own. I also remember them saying they want to have systems in place where one or two can log in and play for a bit and still contribute in a meaningful way to the big picture and also I remember at one time VIP was suppose to give you the ability to train more than just the two tracks we currently do. That would definitely benefit a solo player and while they have kinda walked that one back, they have been pretty tight lipped on what VIP will actually look like. Here is the thing. They are a business and like a business they NEED to make a profit for the game to grow and become better and I am sure they recognize that to rule out the solo player, they would be ruling out a large monetary stream that they would use to help grow the game. Like most businesses, there is the official story and then there are the things they don't tell you. Lets not be naive. P.S. I would also like to point out that NOT being in a guild (which I actually am atm. a guild a friend created though I am the only one who plays crowfall at the moment and will be the only one until final wipe and I think I am the only member besides my friend) doesn't mean I would NOT have friends to run with me to harvest mother loads.. just saying cheers
  3. Who says its rough??? If I find this enjoyable and I love the challenge than is it really a "rough" life for me?????
  4. I won't be buying them right now because we have not hit final wipe and any training I do now is a moot point. There is a strong possibility however that I will give crowfall my hard earned cash after final wipe to get the full experience. I always get a kick out of people who claim to know the intentions of the developers. also fyi. I know of a few people who currently have 8 to 10 accounts just for this purpose and some even have that many to help out their guilds so its not even close to being unheard of even in a pre-alpha model
  5. No I won't. I won't have to do it with crap gear. I will have several options to get my hands on great gear. 1. I will be able to craft it myself (harvest the mins myself etc etc). In fact I am currently learning how. 2. I can commission someone to do it for me. I am confident I will NOT have a problem finding a crafter willing to so for a fee of course assuming I don't want to do it myself. See??? where there is a will there is a way. be wary harvesters!! and those taking a piss!! lol. I may not be winning any major battles or busting keeps and forts and what not wide open but by golly I will be bring the pain to a select few.
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