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  1. read my post again friend. I explained exactly what I ment in it
  2. Outstanding, glad to hear. I was taking issue with you all piling on the new guy and basically calling him a liar when he was explaining a very real camera issue that I myself am having. glad to hear your not having that problem.
  3. I disagree with this. They are NOT pretend people friend as indicated by me saying I have had the same issue many times. I have a high end pc and have checked many possible causes on my end and have determined its NOT me and so ya. the game has a serious issue with a camera glitch usually triggered when I am panning the camera quickly. I contribute it to poor game optimization due to the pre-alpha state of the game and as such have not let it ruin the game experience for me but I have come very close to death many many times due directly to that camera bug. hell now that I think about it I HAVE died as a direct result of that bug....
  4. Sounds to me like he is saying the assassin should have high initial alpha damage to sneak behind someone and burn their health down to zero before your opponent is given an opportunity to turn around and kick your ass Oh and he is also saying if you die its you NOT the game lol so funny
  5. yes. its a must "making it work" does not equate to the most optimized use of the class fyi
  6. I disagree with this. I believe black mask has the skill called call darkness which is a buff where all attacks count as if your attacking from behind your target while active. Sounds pretty crucial to me.
  7. Right here brother. I have experienced it many many times and its quite real. I contribute it to poor game optimization due to the game being pre-alpha and no, I won't listen to you cause I have experienced it way to many times and testing many things I can do on my end and have ruled them out. its the game performance.
  8. This seems to be the modern day approach to debate. call the other guy a lier and deny anyone who agrees with them
  9. Its actually quite frequent and usually happens as a result of rapid camera moving meaning I am rapidly spinning the camera for what ever reason and it will glitch and I will be facing a way other than intended and it happens frequently. fyi I have a high end pc I built myself so NOT my pc
  10. Nope. @Soulreaver is NOT right. the camera glitch is real. Now maybe the player is still inexperienced in regards to that maneuver but that doesn't make the camera glitch fake cause its not. I have experienced it.
  11. Its NOT him/her. I have experienced it as well and it is quite real. Its a bug probably related to the game not optimized properly yet since we are still in pre-alpha
  12. the camera glitch is a real and serious issue. I have damn near gotten killed many times attempting maneuvers while spinning camera and it glitches and I am facing a way I wasn't planning on. its an issue and probably a bug and probably won't be fixed any time soon.
  13. I know what your talking about. that camera bug has damn near gotten me killed many times. can't complain though cause games pre-alpha and there are many bugs and such
  14. I do play the game. Hours a day. I find food drops in the wild to be so plentiful that I always have something to eat. Hell, I currently have food sitting in my inventory just taking up space. So ya, I stand by my statement. It was an unnecessary change.
  15. It was an un-needed change. A couple apples a day was all I needed to keep my health up before and I never once actively looked for food. What ever I happened to stumble across was all I needed to keep my hunger at bay which shows how non relevant or game defeating the old system was and how unnecessary the change was in a game with sssooooo much relevant stuff that needs addressing. My two cents. I am not fully buying into the argument that ya'll don't listen to the players but I will say, un-necessary changes like this really add to their argument. Just an fyi
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