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  1. Hi, Regarding the Character Selection Screen, It leaves a lot to be desired in regards to how much information is displayed. I could have sworn at some point in the past that I heard the Crowfall peeps say they had a New Character Selection Screen UI interface they were going to implement but alas, here we are today and I don't see anything New. I'm a nobody so I don't expect my Ideas to be picked up and ran with but I will throw them out there anyway if for no other reason than to get them off my chest..... The Issues: Why can't I name them? I understand the argument that (p
  2. I don't think this is true. I don't believe equipment drops will go away even after game goes live. I remember the conversation leading up to the addition of equipment drops and I don't believe it was implemented as merely a "temporary" solution for prior launch game....
  3. This person doesn't sound like someone who can work with others based on them coming in here after watching a few youtube videos (which if this person actually views that as research, sheesh! they have. LOT to learn about real research) and demanding the entire game change JUST for them (or I guess this person would claim the "others" because isn't there always "others" ??). How very entitled of this person.....
  4. For a pvp game it's all about the kills. Win the campaign?? Meh. Meaningless. Dominate the kill board is the thing. :)
  5. You may not be a fan but mark my words, the path we are on leads to that.....
  6. Your six account may already be assigned a role and therefore can't be able to be utilized as import/export toons but that doesn't take away from the point. People will ( and I haven't decided yet if I will be one of them) buy extra toons used souly for import and export purposes. The point was valid...
  7. As well you should be, glad that is. Lol. Where would you be you ask? Probably in a whole world of hurt. lol
  8. I'm not crying. I was able to import everything I required. I am merely standing up for others right to express themselves and predicting the future. Me thinks they have a stronger case than you since you resorted to demeaning and insults friend.
  9. Am I?? Lol ok sure, there is more to winning a campaign than who has the most resources although the guild who can bring in the most via alts will sure have an advantage.... Just saying.
  10. People, people. The answer clearly is many many multiple accounts. Ever heard of a cino( is that spelled right?) toon in eve online who's soul purpose is to sit in system and light the cino when ever jump freighters, carriers and what not come through? I predict that is how things will develop here with these limited imports/exports. Many many alts who's only role is for import/export... Just saying. The guild with the most import/ export alts wins. Lol. I love it when people attempt to control others only to have it back fire... Lol
  11. No. Anyway, who determines who's concern is legitimate or not? The point, this is their concern and they are expressing it as they have every right to do. It is bad form to demean them for it just because you may or may not agree. Hell, its bad form to demean and put others down in general and quite frankly will destroy any counter argument you may have simply because you lowered yourself to that level....
  12. Its not good form to demean a persons legitimate concerns.
  13. The solution is simple people.... Buy more accounts for anonymous import use only (and export as well). money flows into crowfalls coffers for game improvement and 12 imports become 24 become 48 etc. Win win. who says we are not becoming eve? Lol. Which I am NOT opposed to cause eve is an amazing game.
  14. what ever the in game currency is at the time... gold maybe?? Eve online has a similar mechanic called skill injectors. one player with skill points to spare ( and there are plenty) injects some of those points into a skill extractor and that is how the injector is created. those are sold via the in game economy which is doing well in eve. the notion of "skill tomes" or skill injectors, what ever name you attach to it has been show to work.....
  15. this is not accurate. for the longest time Eve online did NOT have a catch up mechanic and it was highly successful and it has passive training. yes NOW they implemented the skill injectors which is a catch up mechanic but that game succeeded LONG before they did that...... Imagine that. A game with a passive skilling tree outlasting so many of these other MMO's....
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