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  1. *tumbleweed* Informing the community what is going on is highly overrated.
  2. People already have secondary, tertiary and so on accounts for crafting, the ability to harvest in complete safety is not to be overlooked in terms of strength. As for not having the passives, sure they won't get these resources as fast as someone highly skilled out in the open world, this would be a resource tap that is unable to be stopped by opposing factions, and again, is entirely safe. The safety is the single largest factor, and was also a pain point with EKs, notably when combined with the infinitely respawning tree. But all the tree really did was highlight how bad being able to pull vast quantities of dust and embers from a place of safety is.
  3. Passives are account bound not character bound - it's quite reasonable to consider a scenario in which a player has XYZ passives, and an alt to stay on the beginning island. You also can't make it an account bound level limitation either, because it's not at all outrageous to consider a situation in which a user has a secondary account, just to harvest from the safe zone. EK's, Faction temples, GR should all have embers disabled, and see a heavy penalty to dust yield applied. And you know what? Even with embers disabled, and a heavy dust yield penalty, you'll STILL see people harvesting in them, harvesting in utter safety is strong enough to justify it, even with these downsides. If we're so enthralled with this idea of a newbie island, then the idea should be to get people up to speed, and out into the world, in the fastest time possible - You don't need stacks of dust, nor do you need embers at all, to get a hold of the basics and shunted out into a world that has actual risk to go with that reward.
  4. The progression system is a time-gated closed-end progression system, after a certain point, all the time in the world won't let the vets get better at a tree. As everyone has been saying, eve has this system; you can achieve depth in a "decent" (we're currently on 3x rate and it still takes while), breadth is what comes with time. It's weird system, and takes some getting used to, but ultimately i prefer not being able to speed my progress, versus having no chance against the guy who plays 18 hours a day. He still gets the advantages of gathering and playing for 18 hours a day, but at least he's not astronomically deep into passives or something.
  5. People aren't screaming for blood, they're expressing annoyance, and no matter how many times you spam the say message of "ayylmao it's just a test why are you so entitled lmao this is hilarious" it's not going to change people's annoyance. And why not roll straight into another campaign, as I said and you entirely glossed over, why should it be the games responsibility to stop content, so that the minority who may be burnt out, can have a rest, I don't know abiut you, but I'd rather say, play the game? Moving forward, dumping us in GR going forward whilst performing upgrades is one thing, just arbitrarily having breaks between the campaigns so that people don't 'burn out' is another. The majority of the player base shouldn't be left high and dry in the name of the minority. "why don't people go to the pvp zones if they want pvp" this ties into the fact that y'know, its a pvp game. Add to this the whole ember/dust debacle and yeah, we're in a whole land of questionability. You ought not be that surprised that people who are playing a PvP game are a bit miffed at the introduction of safe open world zones. As for the stream, you mean that stream which occurs in the middle of the working day, and was however long? If only they had a forum where they could asyncly provide information in a neat and concise fashion. And the live stream was what, 4 or so hours prior to the end of the campaign, sure that's communication, barely. For all you like spouting about the fact this is a test, you seem mightily against people providing their opinion and feedback.
  6. I genuinely wish I had the forethought to craft a stockpile of minors prior to the change, based off feedback from test this was invariably going to happen without significant change. And.. Well we didn't see that change, and the shortage happened.
  7. I'm a new player, I still have little urge to play when we're locked into GR. Test had GR but it also had a campaign. GR will naturally be tested as time goes by, as new players enter the game and organically venture out into the world via God's reach. As for new content, we can't even properly test wbs because of the tier limitation enforced by the fact we're locked into God's reach. The countering burn out 'logic' is just baffling, the honus is on the player to do something about burning Out, all an ingrained mechanic is going to do is disillusion the players who want to, y'know, actually play the game. Crowfall, the throne war simulator you can win! Except for the periods where we lock you an area that is pvp disabled in most areas, and entirely unwinnable. On top of this we received no communication to show this was there intent, they said they were releasing this zone, and in the future they could use it for downtime, and then we got dumped into it, the first we heard of GR being the only available zone is when we got the announcement saying the next campaign was a week away. We hadn't heard anything so I imagine many of us were running on the assumption we'd be flowing straight into the next campaign and would be able to do some sweet sweet weekend harvesting during spring. Instead we get dumped into GR, told there wouldn't be another campaign for a week, and then complete radio silence. Yes it's a test, yes this will likely discover some kinks in GR that might have taken a few weeks to find otherwise, but it still leaves a bitter taste in my, and seemingly a significant other chunk of the communities mouth, to be put into this scenario, especially with the complete lack of communication on ACEs part. </wall of text>
  8. Don't forget selling discs in the vendor, on a cooldown Despite being told if they do this people will just horde them and time the cooldown. Can anyone take a wild guess what's happening?
  9. I used to farm for weeks in Darkfall to fully enchant a set of dragon armor, and r70 weapons - And that was full loot including worn equipment. ... Then again maybe I'm just weird.
  10. If your response came off as any more stuck up, I think liquid smug would literally ooze from my screen. Faction imbalance could drive people from the game, yes - But so could actively driving people away from their friends, and yet your response to that is just "oh well". There's no magical elixir to these situations, if there was, then games would have implemented it already.
  11. Issue with this sort of system is that it always ends up negatively affecting people for not being around for day 0, and wanting to playing with their friends. Similar to how faction locks on game releases tend to do the same. Friend joins a faction on day 0 of the campaign, you can't be around until day 1, by the time you get on, your friends faction is already quite stacked, thus forcing you to take a negative effect if you want to play with your friends. This is even further compounded in scenarios where you're talking about entire guilds, as opposed to individuals. It also effectively punishes players and guilds for being good at the game, if you're a high scoring guild/individual, then your system would end up either pushing you to constantly swap sides between campaigns, or disincentivize people from joining you. Being caused to constantly faction hop also sucks from a friendship/backstory point of view, you can't really build a story of being the hero of balance, if the system keeps basically forcing you to play a different faction else take a huge point hit. It's certainly something that needs to be considered and addressed, but this feels like attempting surgery with a club.
  12. It's painful, if you've ever played EvE Online, imagine EvE onlines NPE, but then take away CCP's misguided attempts to hold your hand, and you've got crowfall. You basically load in, and the game goes "Well have fun" and leaves you to it. I imagine this is something that will change with time, but as it stands I suspect the NPE isn't even really registering on the Devs radar. That being said, even in its current state the depth that crowfall has already is quite impressive, granted, most of this depth is contained within the crafting system. It sounds like what gets said in every game, and it's certainly what gets said in EvE, but finding a guild (murder) is incredibly beneficial, the game has depth; and no real introduction to the depth; but the community is great when it comes to actively helping new players. I picked up the game about 2 weeks ago now, and I'm still spending half my time completely baffled, but I'm enjoying it immensely, well, outside of the season system. But having the resource of a guild available so I can just go to someone "how the custard does X work?" has been invaluable. As a solo player you're going to realise you've got no idea what's going on, to work effectively you need to branch your skillpoints in 50 different ways, and you're still naked. To summarise, The game is still very much pre-alpha, content is at times lacking but regular updates are happening and you can see the progress as it happens. Content that exists is fun, and pvp does happen. The NPE is effectively non-existent, but the community fill in the gaps that hopefully in the future will be filled by a proper NPE. Solo play is likely to leave you confused (or reaching out to the Discord/Forums constantly) and struggling to obtain materials you need from the vastly divergent crafting system, in a scenario where the economy is at best fledgling, meaning most guilds just keep crafting inhouse. (On the topic of the NPE, they actually announced 'Gods Reach' yesterday, which is meant to help with that, but only time will tell)
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