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Everything posted by Handies

  1. nor did I get an email to set anything up. Who do I need to get a hold of to fix mine?
  2. I'm keeping it updated. Panny smacked my hand when I was posting dates as I updated it. So, I stopped posting date bumps. lol
  3. I feel sorry for whoever houses VN. That house is going to get rocked...
  4. As soon as sub channels show up in Discord, game over for TS.
  5. TS? When are the blades going to get with the modern day and move to Discord?
  6. Now, can we have toon slots back and get rid of vessels?
  7. Don't think of it like a sequel. Think of it more like a stand alone Xpac. Dawn of War 2 did the same thing. You don't need the first or third one to play the second one. However, if you own more, they combine for a large map, etc.
  8. http://store.steampowered.com/app/594570/
  9. Do not fret guys, I am still updating the albums. However, I am not posting the update dates because Pann slapped my hand..
  10. You rolled something other than a cent? What?
  11. I really wished you hadn't. That was a physical reminder to myself to what I had snagged and uploaded, incase I got behind or did happen to miss something as I check. Thank you though.
  12. Crowfalling? Crowcalling? Crowcaining?
  13. We will be back in force once the game goes live. A bit of forumbane is healthy.
  14. Hey! Look at what is back! My computer is back up and life has settled down. Massive update 8/4/16
  15. Do you even realize how much of a moron you sound like?
  16. People dump time into games they enjoy, who knew. *mind blown*
  17. The way he spits out nonsense reminds me of Sabotard. He refuses to provide facts or details to his time of "supposed play". He just talks. Then he always falls back on the same statement, " if you sat at the table of champions, you would understand.). Lol...
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