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  1. I don't know if this idea has been brought up before but the num locking running to a region afk 10 minutes is pretty boring especially with such low population... I believe it would be interesting that PVP captured areas like forts and even towers or respawn points should be teleportable to when you have them captured. This would again give an incentive for capturing stuff and PVPing. I think captured locations should be teleportable to when they are between 50% and 100% captured. When they are below 50%, the teleport option dissapears and the final fight for the location is underway. Thoughts?
  2. I see where the passive skill tree training comes from. It's a great idea, but it needs to be more hybrid so casual players can benefit from it and hardcore players can get more out of it. Hear me out: 1. The passive skill tree should be 50% time based and 50% skill based. What i mean is gathering whatever resource will ALSO give you exploration skill points. Crafting gives you skill points. In this manner, players who are casual will still benefit from a lot of skill points but hardcore players can be rewarded for putting in so much effort. 2. Now, another idea. I think Combat skill points should be earned from 50% time, and 50 % fighting BUT PVP only. The current state of the game doesn't give much incentive for PVP. IF the only way to level up your combat skill tree is PVP, then players will be more inclined to it.
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